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Chapter Fourty-Three: Going Away

"You stole the Impala!"

"You got possessed and could have been killed!"

That was my uncle and Dad. Mom wasn't as angry as them. Jason was sitting in the living room on the couch and I was being yelled at at my family for saving him. God, what a weird family I had.

"I didn't steal the Impala, Uncle D," I explained, once Mom calmed them down enough so that I could tell them my side of the story. "I just hot wired it because Dad here, won't get me a car. And Dad, I can't get killed. Like seriously. Haven't you learned?"

They stood there, gapping like a bunch of fish out of water. Uncle D finally broke and pulled me into the hug. Dad grounded me for a week. Yes, a week. Dammit. Ah well. At least I would be heading to Yale sooner than later.

Jason was allowed to sleep on the couch that night and I snuck down in the middle of the night and slept next to him. I didn't care if I got yelled at the next morning, I was just nice to finally have someone who would be there.


Two weeks later and things are changed. Uncle D got me a truck for my graduation gift. A '83 Ford Pickup with faded red paint. I didn't care, it was fantastic! Parked on the street in front of the house with a white and orange U-Haul trailer attached to the bumper and Jason's Harley in the truck bed. I cared over the last of the boxes and put it into the trailer, afterwhich, Jason closed it and locked it. Yes, Jason and I decided to drive to Yale together. It would definately be a fun trip.

Next was the goodbyes. Hugs from Mom, Dad, Uncle D, Jo, Gramps and Bobby. I only cried over leaving Duckie and Doggie, but Mom said she'd be sure to take care of them. Jason got a hug from the ladies and hand shakes from the guys, all threatening--friendly of course--to kill him if he let me come to harm. He chuckled and agreed to watch out for me. I heard him close the passenger side on the truck and I turned back to my family. I was leaving everyone I had grown up with and everyone I loved to start a new life with someone else I loved. It was a tough time.

"I'll come back to visit on holidays," I said as my sight blurred a little. "And whenever I have time off. Be careful on hunts. I want all of my family here whenever I come back."

With that, I gave them all one last hugs and then jumped into the truck behind the wheel. Excitement now flowed through my veins. I was off on another adventure. Another state, with another person I love. I was sure things would work out. I turned the key in the ignition and turned to Jason as the engine started.



Now that I think of it, I've done a lot of changing and growing up this year. I fell for a vampire before killing him. I got a nose ring. I got myself my very own pet duck. I got my Uncle D and his one true love, Jo, back together. I met a hunter my age, fell in love, almost killed him and am now going on a road trip to college with him. I finally had my very own car. And let me just say, I think I've grown up a lot.

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