Just a sieres of short stories/scenes focusing on the game hop-skip. This is the first segment/chapter. I don't know why I cut this story up like this but... it's short, almost flash fiction, yet it isn't

Hop Skip

Intro: Yuan and Colette

Surreal, so much so it resembled a dream that was the truth of the reality before him. His –for once- clean and clear desk was covered in a travel worn and frayed cloth, small stones were piled before him, and a die was set in front of him by his "guest". Reaching out. Yuan picked up the clay die, and tossed it. It's rattle and path were stunted by the impomptu board.

"Five." He noted.

"That beats my three, I guess you go first." The blonde girl conceeded with a sunny smile.

Was there ever a time she didn't smile? Rare were the instances in his memory. Picking up one of the smooth stones symbolizing a hare, he considered his stratagy. He was allowed five hares, Colette would take three. A hare could go either forward or back, but only in a straight forward manners. Where the rabbits were only allowed to move at a diagonal, and they could only go forward. Of course there was the matter of promotions, if a hare survived it's soujourn across the board it became a Lord Hare and could then move from left to right as well as forward and back, if a rabbit made the trip than it was considered a Lord Rabbit and could go back and forth in a diagonal fashion.

Of course considering that the hares and rabbits of his side were going to meet head on with the Chosen of Sylvarant's, he had very little faith that they'd survive. Kratos had told him time and time again of the girl's skill with this "elementry" game. Wondering how -and even if- he was going to win. The half elven stratagist who had challenged the Lord Tyrant Yggdrasil set his smooth and rough stones across the square patterened cloth, and watched with glittering saphire eyes as the Chosen did much the same.