A Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic by shrimplyirresistable

Welcome Back

The phone pierced the silence, and a hand reached from the floor for it. "Hello? Ed? Here he is."

A gloved hand grabbed the receiver. This hand belonged to Edward Elric, known as the Fullmetal Alchemist in Amestris, normal teen in Germany. "Hello? What? Get over here now! I don't care, do it!" Ed slammed the receiver down.

"Who was it brother?" Ed's younger brother, Alphonse, asked confused.

Ed paused, "It was Noah, and she was in Winry's mind before we left Amestris."

"So what brother?" Al said in a dull tone. Ed grabbed Al's shirt and picked him up off the floor. As he did, he had to look up for Al was a bit taller.

"So what? So what? You don't even know what she said!" Ed said angrily.

"Oh yeah, I forgot you liked her," Al said proudly.

Ed swung his arm back then his knees buckled and Ed fell to the ground.

His eyes rimmed with tears he screamed. "Why?"

Ed looked up at Al. "Are you crying brother?"

"No!" Ed said turning away from Al's out stretched hand.

The door swung open and there stood Noah. "Come on."

Ed said starting for the basement. Everyone followed, and Noah wondered why Ed wiped his face on his sleeve. "Okay Al transmute your soul into the armor that was yours in Winry's shop." Ed said looking to Al.

"First tell me why we're doing this?"

"Because." Ed replied pulling out scissors.

"What are those for?" Noah asked. Ed simply cut half of his ponytail off. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and pulled out a hair scrunchie. Ed quickly twisted his hair into a braid and flipped it over his shoulder.


Back in Rush Valley Winry is working in her shop when Al's old suit of armor starts talking. She immediately recognizes Al's voice. "I don't have long Winry but Ed says to go to Roy and tell him to open the gate."

"But I thought the gate was forever sealed." Winry said as if she would have opened it sooner.

"No only a permanent one can't be remade. Oh yeah did you know that…loves…so…. your wish…will…true."

"Huh? Al?" Winry shakes the armor. Assuming it is empty, she heads to Central.

"Lieutenant Hawkeye, I need to talk to you in private." Riza grabs her gun off the desk and leaves the room. Havok and Breda follow curiously.

"Where is Roy? I have to see him." Winry said as Riza put her gun in the holster.

"You know…I do to!" Riza proclaims pulling Havoc out from his hiding place.

"Ow okay, if Winry wants to see him it has be important. Roy is at a cabin in the mountains." Havoc said as Riza and Winry ran out the front doors.

"Crap I lost it!" Al proclaimed angrily. "

Roy is receiving the news now though." Noah said. "He says that the Gate has offered to use the leg that was never used toward your mother whatever that means." Noah continued.

"Make the gate now!" Al said anxiously.

"Noah, this never happened!" Ed said cutting his finger and putting his hands on the chalk circle. The Gate appears as Ed and Al travel through with no trouble.

Winry anxiously waits for the Elrics to burst through the Gate. A blood red coat appears through the Gate's doors. Winry stands frozen knowing it is not Ed but Al. Not soon after Al appears, a golden blond cowlick appears through the doors. Ed fully appears as Winry stands mouth agape.

Ed's eyes soon become moist and runny. He breaks into a run and hugs Winry tightly. "Welcome home Ed." Winry whispers in his ear. Winry slowly sits down as Ed puts his head in her lap. He gazes into her eyes and a tear drops on his cheek. "Don't cry. I'm here." Ed says putting a hand on her cheek to wipe a tear away.