It's endearing, how quickly the mimics catch on to Vaan's treasure lust.

It's charming, positively so, the way Vaan is so betrayed when the treasure chests turn out to be monsters in disguise.

It's cute, the way Vaan glances back longingly to the dark corners, as if he expects to see some miniscule sparkle of silver or gold.

It's beautiful, the way Vaan runs his fingers over the smooth edges of the loot.

It's gorgeous, the way that sly smile spreads across his face as Vaan dances nimbly away from a beast, freshly foisted treasure clutched in the palm of his hand.

It's lascivious, the devious way Vaan laughs, staring down at the wounded creature whose pelt he is about to steal.

It's arousing, the way Vaan covets the Strahl, touching the outer shell as if it's finely woven gold fabric, real gold, the sort that little Giza children go blind stitching together.

It's irresistible, the way Vaan's garnet eyes simmer out of the shadows.

It's intoxicating, the way Vaan's mouth quirks in the face of danger.

It's far from surprising, the way Balthier's own avarice is surely piqued.

It's open for display, the way Balthier hungers after him.

It's most certainly gluttonous, the way Balthier takes to watching him as he hordes his treasure and smiles his hot cinnamon smile.

It's almost definitely criminal, the way Balthier dogs his steps through the blistering sandy alleyways of Rabanastre.

It's quite suggestive, the way Balthier is certain his target knows he's being followed and heads down without a backwards glance into the cool of Lowtown.

It's terribly amusing, the way the grubby children with their swift hands wail out catcalls at Balthier, just as aware of his presence and where his sights are set.

It's oh so horribly rewarding, the way he waits for Balthier in the dark.

It's positively divine, the way his capricious mouth feels against Balthier's own.

It's not so startling, the way Balthier tastes the metal stud in his tongue.

It's wonderful, the way Balthier pushes Vaan up against the wall, attacking his mouth with slick and wet.

It's electric, the way Balthier's amber meets Vaan's damask and holds in the way of hot wanting gaze.

It's wicked, the way Vaan's nimble fingers fiddle at the brass clasps of Balthier's belt.

It's reassuring, the way Vaan pockets the gil he's already slipped from Balthier's waistcoat.

It's mutual anticipation, the way Balthier pushes off that leather vest, letting it slither to floor, forgotten in favor of browned flesh and the tang of sweat.

It's reciprocal impatience, the way Vaan sinks down to his knees, taking Blathier's slacks along with him, letting them bunch around toned thighs, letting them release flushed skin.

It's satisfying, the way Vaan freezes up and stares at the glittering rings in Balthier's cock.

It's stirring, the way Balthier smiles down at him and Vaan leans in to lick the pearl decorating one end a steel barbell, and then tongues the golden loop around the head.

It's musical, the way one piercing clinks against another and then one moans…and then the other.

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