So I have stopped writing my stories for awhile. I realized that I had to no clue where my stories were going and I decided to think about it and write out my ideas. I think I have a better hold on what I will write about now and if anyone has any suggestions then please feel free to tell me them cause I appreciate you taking some of your time to give me feedback. Now, on with the story! (Cues curtain rising) hehe

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The sky darkened as thunder started to rumble in the distance. Clouds rapidly filled the sky and silence filled the air, which crackled with energy.

Ten tall pillars circled a large patch of dead land. The grass was long gone leaving only ashen dirt in its place. On each pillar was an iris, the All Seeing Eye. All of them faced towards the center of the circle like guardians over their prisoner.

A hooded figure stood just outside the circle, his hand holding a silver dagger. Silently he drew the dagger across his palm, causing blood to flow from the new wound. Walking towards the closest pillar he drew the evilest symbol on it.

The upside down cross.

Continuing to the next one he drew the same thing on that one. After every pillar had the upside down cross in blood on it the hooded figure returned to his spot and started to chant.

"Αύξηση δική μου Κυβερνήτης—" the hooded figure's voice rose in volume with each chant. Translated, it meant 'rise my master'. The roar of the thunder in the distance drowned the chant out. The wind picked up, forewarning the incoming storm's fast arrival. Forks of electricity touched the ground around the hooded figure, but never inside the ring of pillars.

The ground inside the pillar started to shake, the rocks shifting and rolling around. Mounds of earth were heaved up by an unseen force. The hooded figure's voice somehow came through the roar of thunder as he screamed with all his might.

Crack. Shift. Rise.

A hand shot out of the ground, its nails caked in dirt from hundreds of years of being surrounded by it. The hand twitched for a moment before it dug its figures into the ground. Slowly the hand rose to reveal an arm, then a shoulder. A pile of dirt was pushed aside as a head finally came to the surface.

"Master, I am here to serve." Pure black eyes stared up from the head, directly at the hooded figure. A smile appeared on his face as his face twisted up into a wicked laugh, his silver hair curtaining around his face to give him a look of pure evil.

He looked skyward just as a bright flash of lighting struck right where he was. A second later, when the light had cleared, he was gone.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I awoke with a start, my heart still pounding from my dream. What was that about? Not only had I been having these weird dreams since my twentieth birthday, but they had recently been coming into my conscious moments too.

The sheets started to get too hot and I pushed them off my legs, seeking cool air. My thoughts drifted off as I absent mindlessly ran my hand through my pink hair. Strands laid around my shoulders and face, creating a pink halo in the dark.

"What is wrong with me?" I whispered to myself, trying to figure out for the hundredth time why I was having these dreams. The only thing I could come up with was some stage of my life that I was going through. Maybe it was like puberty only mentally? Not only did that sound creepy, but it sounded like I was going mentally insane, one dream at a time.

As my body cooled down and my heart finally came to a slow throb my eyes started to drift close again. I welcomed the sweet darkness as my eyes closed and my mind stopped working.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The grass rushed by, its tips tickling me as I ran. My laughter rang through the meadow as I played, my hands lifted to the sky as I twirled. My pink hair trailed behind me as the wind blew my sundress every which way.

I stopped and looked back at my father. He motioned for me to come over to him and I ran happily to where he sat on a rock. Once I was standing in front of him, he slowly brought up his hand, his fingers uncurling to reveal a yellow daisy.

"It's so pretty! Thank you Daddy!"

He smiled down at me, caressing my hair as I climbed up onto his lap. My little hands held the flower as if it was the most fragile thing in the world as I stared at it.

"Sakura, there is something important you need to know…," Toyushi Haruno said as his sorrowful eyes looked down at me.

"Daddy, it's so yello—DADDY!" I screamed as my father's face started to fade. I fell off his lap and sat there, tears running down my face.

The world around me turned to black, the daisy the only colorful thing remaining besides me. The world around me almost looked like a dull black, like a black cloth draped over a light. Little threads of light shone around me and slowly the world started to take on more color. The meadow started to form again, only my father wasn't there this time. The rock where he had say was empty, without his presence the meadow felt cold, empty.

I slowly got up, the daisy clutched tightly in my hand. I clung on to it, the last reminder of my father and the once wonderful meadow.

Slowly the river at the edge of the meadow turned black, the rest of the world following it. The sky turned dark, stars appearing as a moon rose to the center of the sky. The grass took on a dark tint and the forest formed shadows.

Slowly I walked over to the river and gasped. The river was like a mirror, reflecting the sky and the stars. I leaned farther over the river, trying to see more of the world's reflection.

My own reflection stared back at me, along with two dark black eyes and a pale face.

The reflection slowly smiled cruelly.

Whipping around, my heart pounded as I looked around the empty meadow, trying to find where the source of the eyes was coming from. Glad that I didn't find anything and just thinking it was my imagination I turned back around. Glancing back at my reflection in the mirror, I tried to calm myself when I saw only myself

"Sakura, my little blossom…."

I whipped around again, only to be met with the same cold black eyes. A scream tore from my mouth as I took a step backwards. I felt my foot slip on the river's bank and before I could regain my balance I felt myself fall backwards into empty air.

Cold water surrounded me. Ice prickled my skin and water filled my lungs as I tried to breathe. My body sunk downwards to an unknown place. I tried to get my arms to move but they refused to move, my legs refusing to kick me towards life. The world blurred around me as I slowly surrendered to the blackness.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A light buzzing rang through the room as my eyes blinked open. I could hear the birds outside chirping their morning calls, and as much as the sound was pretty, it was also annoying.

My head spun as I sat up, my hand reaching for the alarm clock. Quickly turning it off, I got up from the bed and went into the bathroom, starting up the shower. As I got in, the water soothed my muscles and gave me time to think.

Why was I suddenly dreaming of my Dad? The last time I had dreamed of him was when he and my mom had died thirteen years ago.

Thirteen years. Why had they died, out of all the people in the world? There were so many worse people out there that had wasted their lives away and didn't deserve second chances. I felt my eyes tear up as I remembered that night. It had all been a blur and I couldn't remember anything. None of the police officers would tell me what had happened or how they had died, but I bet they didn't know themselves. The scene had been blown to shreds and everyone had been surprised that I had survived. It was a freak accident, even if they wouldn't say it to my face I knew they were all thinking it.

Stop it, don't be a crybaby, I told myself sternly with a deep breath.

I quickly stopped thinking and pushed the tears away. Why was I crying? It had been thirteen years and I was doing fine, so no need for drama and a breakdown.

The water ran down my back and I immediately felt soothed by it. For some reason water had always felt comforting to me. While I was in high school I had been on the swim team and had always looked forward to practice. It may sound weird but the water made me feel empowered but at the same time made me feel safe.

I laughed at the train of my thoughts as I finished my shower. Who thought about water at eight-thirty in the morning? Clearly I was going a little whacked out in the brain, but it was probably just the lack of sleep.

Getting out I looked in the mirror as I combed out my hair. The pink strands stuck to my neck and back and my green eyes were a little dull from the lack of sleep. Walking into my room I put on a bra and panties before I slid on some jeans. I grabbed a random shirt which was lying on the back of my desk chair and slid it over my head.

"What time is it?" Mumbling to myself I glanced at the clock. Great I was going to have to skip breakfast again. I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day but seriously, who has the time in the morning? If someone had to choose between sleeping in and eating breakfast, I'm pretty sure sleeping in would win by a land slide. Going into the bathroom and brushing my teeth came next then I was out the door, shouldering my bag as I approached the elevator.


The doors opened when I was only half way down the hallway. Two strangers stepped out that I had never seen before. Both had long silver hair and pure black eyes. They looked like fallen angels and rejected devils all at once.

"Hello." I greeted them as I got closer, a smile on my face. My smile faltered as they looked at my from under their lashes, not saying hi back. It seemed like slow motion as they walked by, them staring at me till I stepped into the elevator. They turned back around, their silver hair falling down their back, and continued to walk down the hall. Finally the elevator doors closed and the sight of the odd people disappeared from my sight.


I walked out of the elevator and greeted the doorman as I went out of the door. Ahh Yokohama, my hometown. The city was huge and consisted of over five different universities. It had been hard to pick but I had finally chosen the one I was currently going to. I looked up at the sky and sighed as I saw the clouds approaching. Although I was tempted to go back up to my apartment and pick up my coat, I knew I didn't have time. I hurried across the street, careful of the cars of course, and towards the university.

"Please don't rain, please don't rain, please don't rain…" I muttered to myself as the wind started to pick up. I could feel the air moisten as the clouds settled overhead. Finally I made it to the university just as the rain started to sprinkle. Five minutes later it was pouring as I looked out from the window of my course classroom.

As the class dragged on I started to drift off into a daydream. I imagined myself home sleeping, the soft pitter-patter of rain soothing me into a deep sleep. I could almost smell the rain is I lay there in my bed, all warm and comfy. As much as I wanted to just walk out of the class I couldn't, unfortunately, or else I'd fail.

My thoughts drifted off into other ideas. Slowly I faded into a daydream of war and glory. It was weird since I rarely ever daydreamed about things like that, not that I daydreamed much unless in class, but I found myself wielding a katana and wearing armor.

I was standing on a hill, staring down at the battlefield and watching my country fight. Feelings of courageousness and fear ran through my at once, the feelings almost real.

The next second I was on a pure white horse and was racing into the battlefield, the one I had just been looking down on. I glanced to my left and right at my comrades. Under my helmet I nodded to them and whipped my katana forward, signaling for us to ride to either our glory or our deaths. I faintly heard a screaming noise and realized it was my own war cry, blending in with my comrades' around me. Their various weapons were also raised, ready to attack.

The sun shone off my katana and blinded me for a minute. As my vision cleared I saw I was almost to the battlefield. Blood was everywhere, along with mutated bodies from both sides.

As I got closer and closer I felt a surge run through me and I felt the scene shift.

I was standing in front of a large pool of water in the middle of the night. I could hear the crickets chirping and could feel the moonlight on my skin. In my mind I stepper closer to the surface of the liquid glass I realized what I was going to do.

I tried to stop myself in my mind but my foot reached out and touched the surface. I was going to sink and drown, in my own mind, how pathetic. As my weight shifted onto that foot I expected my leg to sink into the water, but my foot connected with a solid surface. Looking down I realized I was still standing on the water, but it was almost like cold cement rather than water.

The surface was cool under my feet and wet. My feet advanced without me thinking and I soon found myself in the middle of the pool. The sound of a waterfall in the distance made my eyes droop and before I knew it they were closed all the way. I felt that strange surge around me again but didn't acknowledge it. The feeling got stronger until it felt like there was a humming in my veins. It didn't hurt but felt oddly familiar.

I felt the wind shift around me and I slowly opened my eyes. Lazily I looked around me till my mind started to click.

There was a dome of water around me, creating an encasing ball of liquid. The moonlight still shone through the water but made it seem like I was underwater. I reached out slowly towards the wall of water. My heart raced even though I knew it was just a daydream, and an odd one at that.

Cool and wet was the sensation that met my hand.

"What the. . .?" the words escaped my mouth before I could stop them.

I continued to stare at the dome of water, breathing in moist air. I wondered how the air got into this pocket of water, but quickly pushed it to the back of my mind, not wanting to jinx myself and suddenly suffocate. I could feel the mist making my hair curl and frizz around my face and neck. Great, even in my mind I was having a bad hair day, typical.

Still caught up in astonishment at the sight I screeched as a hand grabbed my ankle. A searing icy coldness spread from the hand into my ankle and up my leg. At first the water continued to support me and keep me above the surface but another hand clasped onto my other ankle, spreading more icy coldness up my other leg. The icy coldness spread up both legs into my chest and erupted in pain.

My solid surface under me vanished and the water went back to being liquid. I felt myself being jerked under the water and as I struggled to fight the pain in my chest and reach the surface again I saw the thing that had yanked me under.

All I could make out of it was the black eyes that starred back at me, the moonlight having failed to reveal anything else.

The screech of chairs brought my out of my daydream, or more like nightmare after that last scene.

"Enjoy the rest of your day, and please don't forget about the paper due next week…that means you Toshi," the teacher announced as he looked at boy heading down the isle. The boy scratched his head and started to bicker with the teacher.

"But I do do my papers!"

"Don't kid yourself…"

"What's that suppose to mean teach?!"

"Exactly what it sounds like. Now get going and don't forget that paper."

I sighed as I walked out of the classroom, a smile on my face at being free. I stepped out onto the pathway while trying to avoid the huge puddles of water. I glanced up at the sky, thanking those up there for not making it rain again. Although the sky was still dark and people were clutching their umbrellas as if it was going to rain again, I had faith it wouldn't.

Finally my apartment building came into view and I slowed my pace, relishing in the moist air. The smell of fresh air and rain disappeared as I entered the building, the doorman greeting me like every other day.


The elevator's perfect timing put me in an even better mood. It was odd how rainy days always made me feel happy, considering rainy days were meant to make you feel bored and well, not happy. As I arrived at my floor I got this weird gut feeling.

Something's wrong. I glanced down the deserted hallway. In my mind I imagined it like the movies, a broken down hallway with worn away paint on the walls and flickering lights. Shaking my head I ignored my gut feeling and approached my door. Nothing could be wrong; this is a normal apartment building like any other, with good security. I thought back to the security guy, Bill, who clearly looked like he had a daily habit of stopping for donuts. Okay maybe not that good of security but he keeps it safe around here.

It was silent in the hallway, too silent.


I felt my heart leap in my chest and I felt like I almost peed myself. Okay maybe not pee myself but it was still pretty close. I looked down the hallway towards the elevator and sighed in relief when a little girl ran out with her daddy.

Smiling as they passed I opened my door and quietly closed it and locked it. I turned around and dropped my keys in shock.

The room was trashed, the sofa torn to shreds and everything that had been on the coffee table was scattered around the room. I walked carefully over everything into the kitchen. Everything was trashed in there too. Who could have done this? It clearly wasn't a normal break in, they would have just taken things, not ruined the whole place. On that thought I went into my room and checked in my closet for my safe.

My heart slowed down a bit as I opened the safe and saw my credit cards and money safe, along with other valuables. Without thinking about it I placed them in my bag. No way was I going to leave it alone when someone has just broken into my apartment. It was better off with me than with a safe, I could fight at least a little bit to protect it.

With my most valuable possessions in my bag, I got up and walked out into the hallway.

"Hello my little pretty." I felt the air burst out of my lungs as I stumbled back into the wall. I hadn't even heard them come in, had they come in? I didn't have time to think about it before they were advancing on me. I tried to think of what to do but the fear made my mind go blank.

"Where is it pretty?" Where was what? I didn't have anything worth value, unless you counted my crappy furniture set worth value, which they clearly didn't since they'd trashed it.

"Where's what? I-I don't have anything—"

"Don't lie! We know you have it, just give it to us and we might be nice and turn you into a mindless servant." I felt myself freeze and my mind finally started to work again. Where had I seen them before? Trying to remember while under danger wasn't the easiest but it dawned on me then. The silver hair and black eyes were the same as those that had been in the hallway.

Shit, had they broken in then? Had they been here all this time? My mind came to a halt when they started to walk towards me again. I glanced around and realized it would have been better if I was in the kitchen, I could use a knife right about now. How unfortunate.

"Maybe if we just, you know, cut her a little bit, she'd tell us where it is," the one on the left said as she slowly advanced on me. I felt my heart hammering in my chest so hard it hurt and my body took over when one of them reached for me. I jammed my fist into her nose and then swiped her feet out from under her.

She swore and clutched her nose while the other pulled the biggest knife from the rack on the counter. I reminded myself to never keep the knives in plain sight again as I backed away, turned, and ran back into my bedroom, slamming and locking the door.

"You can only run for so long!" I stumbled backwards and fell over one of the tipped over lamps, slamming into the floor. Not only did it hurt, but it made me realize that this was a painful reality and not a dream.

I reached for the phone and pressed the talk button, quickly dialing 911.

"Shit, why won't you work?" The phone fell to the floor as I looked around the room. Should I fight them? Should I run? Figuring that the running would be a better option, I looked at the only other escape route in the room, the window.

Get out of here. My mind was screaming over and over at me and I gasped for breath as I stumbled over to the window, nearly tripping on all my things scattered on the floor. I willed my hands to stop shaking as I unlocked the window and climbed out onto the fire escape.

I glanced back for a second and felt my heart stop at what I saw. The two girls were coming out of the shadowed corner. They looked like a misty version of themselves then they slowly solidified until they almost looked real.

And they were staring right at me, with their blackened eyes and cruel smirks. Instead of testing my chances of survival, I decided that I would like to live, which kick started my legs.

I want to live, I want to live, I want to live. I tried to think of a plan but my mind was a buzzing mess. I jumped onto the ladder and let it slide down. Forgetting for a moment that there were still a couple feet to the ground, I jumped off and fell. I struggled to get up but I stopped when I felt a cold edge press against my neck.

A cruel laugh rang through the gloomy alleyway. I glanced up to find the two silver haired girls right in front of me, one of them holding the katana at my neck. They stared down at me with hatred. I couldn't even imagine what I'd done to create it and thinking back, I knew for a fact I hadn't done anything. Then why were they glaring at me with such exhausted anger, like they'd been waiting for this moment for years?

"Just give up blossom, you are powerless against us." I clenched my hands as the truth sunk in. I was going to die, whether it was sooner or later I didn't know, but the evidence was still there.

I could feel the blood coming out of my scraped knees as it mixed with the puddle I was kneeling in. I could feel the misty air around me as it started to lightly rain. I could feel my pink hair curl and frizz around my neck and face. I could feel the dread and fear course through myself as the cold edge of the katana slowly lifted in one final cut, straight for my head.

In slow motion the katana came down, its edge glinting. I felt the air rush from my lungs in a scream but I barely heard it as I realized this was finally it. My hands raised in a useless defense against the sharp edge.

I want to live. . .my eyes closed as I tried to block out the fact that this was probably the end of my short lived life. Tears filled behind my eyelids.

Twin screams tore through the air around me. I heard the katana fall to the ground and that rang along with the echoes of the screams.

My eyes opened and I felt my jaw drop at what I saw. The two girls were ice statues there, right in front of me. Their faces were frozen in shock and fear. Some clear substance covered them from head to toe, encasing them. I crawled over to them and slowly raised my hand, hesitant to touch the clear substance. Would it encase me like it had them? Would it kill me too?

I reached out, my hand shaking, and slowly touched it with just the slightest of fingertips. It was ice cold and slippery. My eyes widened with I realized what the substance was.


But where did it come from? Fall had barely arrived and some days still reminded her of summer. And why had it only encased them when I was so close?

I slowly got up and realized something was off. Glancing around, I tried to figure out what it was. Ignoring the fact that ice just appearing out of nowhere was really weird and most likely impossibly, I surveyed the alleyway. Not being able to find anything I turned back to the two encased-in-ice-evil girls.

I caught sight of my bag out of the corner of my eye and went to pick it up. Suddenly it dawned on me what was wrong. The puddle I had been kneeling in was gone. So were the others in the alleyway. It looked as if it hadn't been raining at all, except for the misty rain coming down at that moment.

I glanced back at the ice statues and realized that I had some of my answers, but not the ones I really needed. Like how had it turned from water to ice? I pressed my hand against the ice again and thought about how it was the puddle.

That can't be it though, right? The water was clear and pure looking; none of the little dirty specs were in its surface. It looked like it had gone through a filter, which I knew it hadn't.

I knew I had been bleeding too, right into the puddle, yet there wasn't one drop of red anywhere in the ice.

My hand started to turn numb from the cold but I ignored it. My gut was also telling me this was somehow right. What was right?

Before I could think anymore one single word went through my head.


The ice statues suddenly melted into water, flowing down around my feet and soaking my shoes. The two bodies thudded to the ground and I stumbled backwards, fearing they would get up and resume trying to kill me.

"What the…hell?" Too shocked to think in my mind, the words escaped my mouth. "Did I do this?" Then I turned and ran.