He loves to talk to me like a friend, even though we're more.

He loves to show me His masterpieces, the ones He paints daily.

He loves to hear what I have to say.

He loves to give me advice.

He hates to punish me, for He loves me so.

He hates to tell me what to do, for He loves to give me free choice.

He hates to see me stumble, for He wishes me to stand tall.

He hates to see me hurt, and doesn't waste my pain.

He is my Friend.

He is my Father.

He is my Advocate.

He is my Light.

He is my Lord.

He is my King.

He is my God.

And He is my Savior.

He is Jesus Christ, my Messiah.


Hey!! I hope you enjoyed reading my poem! Jesus is amazing and he keeps showing me that daily. I don't know what I'd do without him. Please review and let me know what you think!! God Bless to all who are moved, or not, by this poem. -Jen