It Started On a Train

Painted Raspberry

Chapter One

A/N: Just to be clear, there are two of us writing this story. We wrote it through emails, I hope it flows nicely. POV shifts from 1st person to 3rd to give better insight. And because we like being different...

It was a typical Monday in London… it was raining. There had been a sunny spell that didn't last and then the clouds came in. I didn't expect I'd need an umbrella today and then I experience all three seasons in a matter of minutes.

My hair is probably pouffy now. That's fine, that's just how I wanted my mother to see me. Disheveled, unprepared…and unattached. That was bound to be a topic to come up at lunch today. She might've been married at my age but it certainly doesn't look like I will be.

That's just not something I have time to think about right now...I'm going to be so damn late. The train…where is that blasted train?

Ah…there it is, late as usual. I'm now wet and cold.


Her train was now well on it's way now and it was two stations away from her destination when a man walked into her mostly empty compartment shaking off the rain. He grumbled loudly then sat down and tried to flatten his hair.
Mumbling something about 'Stupid Black', the man finally sighed, relaxed back into his seat, and looked around.

There really weren't that many people in the compartment, so there wasn't much to keep him entertained. He liked to people-watch for fun. There was an elderly woman reading what looked like an erotic romance novel with her hand on her crotch. (a/n: haha sorry for being graphic. But I've seen this on the Sky Train here in Vancouver) There was a teenager brooding in the corner, probably playing hooky from school. And directly opposite him there was a woman about his age, nervously biting the inside of her cheeks. She seemed familiar, had he seen her before on this train?

At that moment she looked up at him with her startled green eyes and asked, "Potter? James Potter?"

Of course, he heard none of this. The train had just reached another station and people filed in filling the compartment and blocking her view of him. She was certain it was him but…what if in the middle of all that chaos he had left the overcrowded compartment?

But wait a minute. This was James Potter here. Sure they weren't enemies, but they didn't exactly know each other too well either. Besides, that boy had been a lot more popular than she ever had. And Lily wouldn't be surprised if he was already married happily and living in a giant mansion somewhere in the country. With a big backyard too.

Sighing, Lily sat back, crossed her arms and sulked. The train stopped again, this was her station. She got up and pushed through the crowd to get to the door but by then the doors had already closed and the train started to move.


She was sure that wasn't her voice. Lily looked over, and noticed that, just as she had confirmed before, James Potter was standing next to her. He was running a hand through his messy hair, and looking down at his watch.

'He must've missed the stop as well...'

Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, Lily thought of all the possible ways she could start a conversation with him. Here was her golden opportunity to see everyone again. James was probably still in touch with Sirius, Remus and everyone else... If she played her cards right, maybe she could get a few good connections going for her. Somewhere high up in the Ministry would be nice.

'Though I wouldn't want to be an auror. Maybe a desk job...'

The train began to slow to a halt, and while Lily was still caught up in her thoughts, James Potter left the train.

And Lily went after him.

There was no question about it, London rain was absolutely miserable. As soon as Lily stepped off the train, she felt a cold chill run down her back, and as she walked out of the train station, the downpour started. Cursing her forgetfulness for not getting an umbrella she hurried after James. Peering through the sheets of rain, she finally spotted him on the other side of the street, wearing a black jacket to blend in with everyone else. But there was no mistaking that walk… or that hair.

She started after him at a fast trot. She felt too much like a stalker now. Ducking in and out of people's ways, weaving through the crowd, keeping him in her sight. She wasn't that desperate just to say a quick a hello was she?

He turned a corner and she sped up. She was desperate. She turned the corner too and to her dismay he was nowhere to be seen. She went up on her tiptoes to catch a glimpse of him but couldn't see him anywhere.

Anxiously, she turned around and there he was grinning down at her.

"Following me were you?"

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