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"I...no, that just isn't such a good idea right now," Lily managed to choke out, "I really don't have...space...in my life for this," she gestured at the two of them and their close proximity.

"Every human being has space in their life for this," he gestured at the two of them again.

"No they don't! I could name tons of people who don't have space in their lives. I, for one am sooo busy right now...what with interning at St Mungo's and going to school and trying to keep a social life..." she trailed off. She didn't know why she was saying what she was saying, she knew very well she had no social life and she would like very much to spend more time with James.

"What social life exactly? I'm pretty sure last night was the first time you'd been out in months. You took a while to loosen up and- stop biting the inside of your cheeks every time you're nervous! You did it yesterday too." he snapped.
"You have a problem with my personal habits?" she snapped back. They were doing enough snapping to make a turtle jealous.

"No, I just don't want the inside of your mouth to start bleeding," he replied calmly.

"Since when has the inside of my mouth ever been any concern of yours?" she demanded haughtily.

"Since now," he said with a gleam in his eye as he pulled her closer and kissed her softly. Lily's mind was frazzled, but she seemed to lose all thoughts of caring about anything when James kissed her. Now she knew why all of the girls at Hogwarts used to follow his every footstep. God, to kiss like this was a sin!

Someone clearing their throat behind them interrupted them. The fat nurse was standing, holding the curtain that separated one patient from the next.

"Ms Evans, I would like to remind you that this is indeed a hospital and not a kissing booth," said the nurse with all her usual bluster, "Now if you are done here I think you should get back to work." And with that she was gone. Lily pulled hurriedly out of his hands and coughed awkwardly at the silence. James just sat there grinning

"So, you free Saturday?" he asked.

"No! What? NO! This is not a good idea; I really don't have time for…for fooling around…" she finished softly, looking around to see if anyone was listening. Heart racing she looked up at James then and saw a flash of anger in his eyes.

"You think that's what this? That I'm fooling around?" he stood up and stepped away from her. Lily's heart sank; she hadn't meant to say no, it just…happened, instinct she supposed from having to constantly push men away because her excuse was she never had time. She didn't like to see him this way, accusing her, angry with her. Indulging him wouldn't be that bad, would it?

"I…meant to say I don't have time on Saturday," she smiled at him nervously, trying to cover and then continued, "But Sunday is wide open! You should really let me finish my sentences James, how rude."
He laughed and Lily mentally reminded herself to make him laugh again just so that she could hear it. It was very masculine sounding and it thrilled her.

"Sunday is it? Well I've got a pretty busy schedule but I'll try to pencil you in," he smiled.
"Don't make fun! I really am busy you know. Just because James bloody Potter has time to waste at pubs and harassing nurses at hospitals-" but she was cut off.

"Right, Sunday, see you at eight then? I'll meet you at your place," he gave her a quick peck on the cheek and was off. She stared dumbfounded at his retreating back.

"Well that was just…I can't believe the …and to think…well AUGH!! You know what I'm trying to say?" she asked the nearest patient who just nodded and went back to trying to pull out the golden harp that had been shoved down his throat. She stormed off looking for Cass and hoping she was still on break.

She found a very stressed out Cass, surrounded by three people she had never seen before, at the table in the cafeteria where Lily had left her. At the sight of Lily she shooed them away.
"What was all that about?" Lily asked sitting down and noticing her tea still remained. She sipped it and spat it back into the cup. Eugh, cold tea.

"Oh that, is just my mum being batty as ever. She's very uptight about all this wedding rubbish since I'm her only daughter and all. They," she said nodding over to the three people with clipboards that she had just shooed away, "Are the wedding planners that she has hired to "help" me plan my wedding. They really know how to kill a person's sense of fun. They won't even allow the bloody birdy-dance."

Cass had been engaged for almost a year now and her fiancé and her had finally set a date deciding that now was better than never. Especially in light of all the recent disappearances and murders. The wedding was in two weeks and in Cass's mind everything was already done. But her mother had other ideas, she wanted to plan every little detail and have it dance the cha-cha by the time she was done with it. Lily was, of course, the maid of honor.

"I just think that by worrying too much about the little details you kind of miss the big picture you know? I think people just immerse themselves by planning every little detail of a wedding because they don't want to have to deal with the fact that they're actually committing themselves to a lifelong relationship," said Cass eyeing the wedding planners with distaste.

"Speaking of dealing with facts," Lily said giving her a pointed look, "Have you told him yet?"

Cass sighed, looking defeated. "I will…but I've decided to do it after the wedding."

"I don't think that's such a good idea. What if after you tell Ian you're a witch after you're married and he thinks you've "bewitched" him all along to get him to marry you? Things like that do happen! Muggles can be like that sometimes." Lily said, full of concern for her friend.

"I know Lily, don't you think I know? But the truth is I haven't used any magic on him and I don't know why I'm keeping this from him. I trust him to keep it secret but…I don't know! And on top of all this," she looked around quickly to make sure no one was listening, "I'm pregnant," she whispered. Lily gasped.

"AHH!! Cass that is so great! So...so that's why this is all so rushed? My god, who else knows?" Lily tried to restrain herself from jumping up and down.

"Shut up! No one knows but you and Ian and no one else is going to know if you just keep quiet about this for me?" Lily nodded and mimed zipping her lips closed.

"Good, now tell me why you came in here looking as if you'd just killed a kitten but were happy about it?" asked Cass cheekily.

"Is it even possible to show that on your face?" Lily asked, shocked. She explained to her friend all about what happened with James and how she had agreed to go on a date with him. Their break was over by the time she was done her story and they were walking out of the cafeteria when Lily turned to her friend and asked in a hushed tone, "So what are you going to name it?"
"Well we agreed that if it's a girl I get to name it and I've chosen Isobel and he gets to choose if it's a boy and he's got his heart set on Seamus. Seamus Finnigan, I ask you! The poor child will be bullied to no end with a name like that."

"Good day at the potter's wheel today?" asked Remus quizzically over a newspaper as James walked into the apartment with a large smile on his face.

"Have a good spin with the Potter's wheel? Eh? Eh?" coaxed Sirius from his place under the couch where he was supposedly looking for sunglasses.

"You fail at sexual innuendos," said James as he kicked Sirius further under the couch, "It just so happens that I have a –,"

But the rest was cut off by a cry from Sirius. " Bloody fuckin' hell! There's a massive bloody spider down here and I'm stuck!" he wailed as he scrabbled to pull himself out from under the couch. Which he was finding increasingly difficult as both Remus and James had moved to sit on the couch so that he couldn't get out.

"You were saying Prongs?" asked Remus still trying to read the Prophet as the couch bucked under him.

"Merlin's pants! There's an effing spider's nest down here!!!" screamed Sirius who had managed to get his legs out from under the couch but was still stuck from the torso up.

"I have a date for Sunday-," started James.

"I found your bloody wolf treats under here Moony," yelled Sirius throwing the bag of treats across the room.

"Was looking for those, thanks. Ah, look an advertisement for a new wizard hair stylist. I'm getting really sick of this ponytail, I've had too many drunk guys hitting on me lately down at the bar thinking I was a woman," said Remus still pouring over the newspaper.

"As I was saying, I've got a date. Sunday. With Lily," said James finally.

"Nice one," managed a muffled Sirius who had just begun sneezing from the dust.

"Maybe I should start growing a mustache too, my mother always did say I had delicate features. I just never knew she was calling me a girl," continued Remus pulling out a mirror and stroking his face, imagining facial hair.

"Moony, if I wanted to hear from an ass, I'd fart," said James.

"For the love of me and the spiders down here, please don't," pleaded Sirius.

"Lily actually said yes? To you? What did you use? A bear trap?" asked Remus incredulously.

"You didn't see the way she bloody behaved around him at the club last night Moony, I'm guessing he simply had to pull off a Number 32 from the 'Marauder's Guide to Dating' and boom she-bang he was in the game," said Sirius.

"Number 32? Euch, I wasn't that desperate; a Number 24 worked well enough. 'Find out where she works and then give her a relevant workplace visit'," quoted James.

"You two sicken me sometimes," said Remus

"Aw, ya' barmpot," said James grabbing him in a headlock, "Only sometimes?"
"Oh bugger off, I'm getting some tea," sighed Remus pulling himself out of the headlock, then he pretended to walk away and when he was far enough away he pantomimed something to James, which left them both laughing silently. James did what Remus told him to do and they both left the room.

"That is not funny! I want my effing pants back, its cold in here!" yelled Sirius still stuck under the couch

Lily walked through the door to her shared flat, and dumped her keys on the side table beside James' chocolate ridden jacket. Looking at it gave her a whole boatload of conflicting emotions. She felt happy that she actually had a date with someone she sort of liked but angry that she felt like she'd been tricked into it and confused because she was feeling happy and angry at the same time!

She ripped her jacket off, stalked into the kitchen, and put a kettle of water on for tea. Jean Bob was at work at the hairdressers until 8 o'clock and then he was going to a "friend's" house so Lily had the flat to herself for a while. Time enough to dirty it up a bit so that she could actually find things in it again.

She loved having the flat to herself; she could loosen up when she knew no one was watching. On a whim she changed into whatever clothes she found at the back of her closet that were so weird she'd never wear them in public, heinous fashions of another decade, put on the muggle radio, put on a pair of electric blue high heels that she never got to wear and started cooking her dinner. Lily wasn't an artist, but she liked to feel like one sometimes.

Singing along to the radio, she felt relaxed. She kept running over the events of the day in her head even though she tried not to. Her mind kept wandering back to what had happened in that obscure ward in the hospital between her and James.

Come to think on it, what had she agreed to by saying yes to him? He must have loads more experience in the dating field than her, what if she made a fool of herself in front of him? Or with him? On the date? She groaned and stopped cutting her vegetables into tiny bits

She hadn't been on a date since, well since Hogwarts. She didn't even remember any dating etiquette! Hogwarts was easy, everyone was inexperienced and new at it, and you had an excuse. But now? Nothing! Bollocks!
She was freaking out. There was no way she could go on this date. She would have to owl him and tell him she had Spattergoits and was highly contagious. That would be perfect! She kept stirring the soup and staring at it intently as if hoping it would reveal some answers.

How dare James set her up in such a situation. After being kissed like that how was it even possible to think straight? Unless he had already known that and had just used it to his advantage. When she got her hands on that blighter next she would… well she'd probably have to…no, not that, too painful. Well, she'd figure something out.

Lily's hands curled into fists and she felt her nails digging into her palms and swore loudly. Her soup was burnt.

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