It's Time To Talk

Eddie Guerrero. Latino Heat. Mr. 'Lies, Cheats, and Steals'. One of the greatest superstars ever to be part of the WWE. He was also a married man, and a father. Even though everyone knew about his young daughters Shaul and Sherilyn, very few knew about his oldest daughter Liana. She was 18 years old and had just finished high school, ready to go off to college in the fall. Once summer had started, she decided to spend it with her family. Even if her father had his work, she was happy to be with them.

Eddie would come home occasionally and spend time with his wife and children. Though, ever since about early April, he had been acting different. He seemed to be becoming more distant and much more focused on his career. Liana could very well understand that, and respected how much he loved his work, and how good he was at it.

Liana loved her father with all her heart, and was heartbroken when her parents had gotten the divorce. But when she heard that he had fought his alcohol problem, and overcame it, she found a new respect for him and welcomed him back with open arms. Liana also loved watching her father on Smackdown, especially the beautiful low-riders he would ride to the ring. She laughed at the memory of when she had asked him when she could drive one of them.

Eddie simply gave her a look, crossed his arms over his chest, and said, "You can drive them as soon as I stop lying, cheating and stealing!" Liana just laughed at him, even if he was serious. He always made her smile, and made everything better. When she was having problems at school, he was always there to comfort her. He had even taught her a little bit of wrestling, to help make her feel better about herself. However, all of that changed that one fateful day, when she turned on the tv to watch Smackdown.

Their mom was at work as Shaul, Sherilyn and Liana sat on the couch to watch their father. As soon as his entrance song came on, they would jump off the couch and try to shake their shoulders like he did. After the good laugh, they all sat down again, ready to see their uncle Rey come out. Shaul and Sherilyn tried singing the words to his entrance music, but Liana had given up a long time ago. She laughed at their great effort, but finally covered their moths with her hands. They were going to team up against the new Tag Team Champions MNM. God they're irritating, Liana thought to herself. "Come on dad! Come on Uncle Rey!" Liana cheered as the match started. Shaul and Sherilyn cheered with her throughout the match, until they all noticed their father acting strangely. He actually started walking away from the match, but ended up back on the apron. What's going on? Liana wondered.

"What's daddy doing?" Sherilyn asked her.

"Oh you know dad, he always likes to joke around," Liana replied with a chuckle, hoping her sisters would buy it. Liana could see the look on her father's face, and didn't like it at all. Dad, what's wrong? "Hey girls? Why don't you go on and get us some sodas?" Liana suggested.

"But we're watching daddy!" Shaul whined.

"Oh come on! You know dad and uncle Rey are going to win!" Liana laughed weakly. Both girls shrugged their shoulders and walked off to the kitchen. Liana scooted closer up to the tv to watch the match. As soon as she had turned to look at the screen, her eyes widened and her mouth gaped. Eddie refused to tag himself into the match, and simply watched as Rey Mysterio was being beaten mercilessly by MNM. "Dad, do something!" she whispered loudly to the tv. Then he did...he walked out of the match completely. MNM won the match and left a battered Rey Mysterio in the middle of the ring. How could you? Liana thought sadly.

"Aw! We missed it!" Sherilyn pouted and sat on the couch. "Liana! We can't see, move out of the way!"

"Oh, sorry," Liana said a bit distracted.

"So did daddy win?" Shaul asked. Liana opened her mouth, but didn't know what to say.

" MNM won," was all she said. She could hear both her sisters whining in disappointment. "How about we watch a movie instead of Smackdown?" Liana asked. "You know since dad's already done and everything. We could watch whatever you guys want." Liana didn't want them to see what she had, knowing how much it could possibly confuse and hurt them. They both agreed and decided to watch Emperor's New Groove. Once the movie was over, their mother had come home.

"Hey sweeties!" she greeted happily as she walked in the door. Both Sherilyn and Shaul jumped to give their mother a kiss hello. "Did you guys eat already?" she asked.

"Yep! We had macaroni and cheese!" they both cheered. Vicky laughed at their excitement about mac & cheese. However she noticed the troubled look on Liana's face.

"How about you two go on and play, okay?" Vicky said as they raced each other to their room. "Everything okay honey?" Vicky asked Liana.

"Yeah. You want me to heat you up some dinner?" Liana didn't wait for a response as she went to fix her mother some food.

"Honey you look upset. And how come you guys aren't watching Smackdown? You three always love watching your dad on tv," Vicky stated.

"Well, we did watch some of it. But after dad's match I thought Sherilyn and Shaul might want to watch a movie instead." Liana replied sticking of bowl of mac & cheese into the microwave. Vicky knew then that something was definitely wrong.

"Sweetie what is it?" Vicky asked wrapping an arm around her daughter's shoulders.

"It was just what I saw on Smackdown that's all. Dad didn't help uncle Rey out, and simply walked away from the match. He just left him there, mom. How could he do that to uncle Rey?" Liana asked getting more upset with every word. Vicky was confused to say the least at what her daughter was telling her. Liana then shared every detail of what she witnessed on the television. "Then I got those two to watch a movie so they wouldn't have to see," Liana concluded.

"Well, we don't know all the details about this. So all I can say is don't jump to conclusions. Maybe we should just wait and see what happens next. He won't come home for a while, so let's just wait a while before asking him about it okay? Hey, for all we know he might apologize to Rey next week," Vicky told her daughter.

"You're probably right. I'm sorry if I worried you mom," Liana smiled and hugged her mother. Then they both sat and talked about their day, leaving Liana to continue thinking about her father. God I hope she's right.

A/N: I didn't plan on posting this story right away, but when I saw what day it was, I felt I should. I had started writing this before Eddie had passed, and I felt maybe it would've been a bad idea to post it. However a good friend of mine, Queen Li said it wouldn't be offensive and that I should do it. She was even kind enough to allow me to use one of her character's names from an awesome story More For Their Money. So thank you Queen Li!!! Liana is the only character I own, and I hope you all enjoy this story. VIVA LA RAZA:)