Chapter 6: Time to Talk

The next few weeks, Eddie tortured Rey Mysterio with this big secret he knew about him. When will this all stop? Liana begged in her mind as she just watched another grueling Smackdown with her father beating down Rey Mysterio, making him beg. Liana had no one to go to, to vent out her anger on the events that were happening. Everything was kept bottled inside, causing Liana to eat and sleep less. The only thing keeping her going, was knowing that she had to keep her family together, help them be strong. Even if that meant for her to start crumbling from the inside herself. Liana decided that this had to be stopped, even if she had to do it herself.

She waited for her mom to come home that night to tell her what she had planned to do. Shaul and Sherilyn were over at their grandmother's house, who was also aware of the situation. Liana heard the door open, and her mother coming into the room. "Hey sweetie," she said sitting next to her on the couch.

"Hi mom." she replied as her mother gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Hey mom?" she asked. Vicki looked down at her to continue, "I wanna go see dad." Vicki didn't look too happy about what she had just said.

"Honey I don't think that would be a good idea. With the way your father is right now, I don't know what could happen." Vicki said.

"But mom you know this needs to stop, and we're the only people that can actually talk to him. Maybe we can get him to go back to the way it used to be, maybe we can stop this," Liana replied practically begging her mother.

Vicki looked away, in thought. "Let me think about it." was all she said as she stood up and went into her bedroom, leaving Liana alone to think about it as well.

The next morning, Liana sat at the kitchen table eating her breakfast, when her mother came in. "I've thought about it, and you do have a valid point. Your father...this has got to stop. But I don't want you going there by yourself. The next show is in the next town over. So you, me, and the girls are going there to see him." Liana smiled as she slowly got up and hugged her mother tightly. "It's going to be all right," her mother told her as she held her tight.

"I hope so," Liana replied.

Vicki told the girls they were going to visit Eddie that Tuesday night. The girls were more excited than nervous, which put Liana to some ease. She had no idea what would take place that night, but she hoped and prayed only good would come of it.

Vicki and the girls got into her car, while Liana would follow in her own car. Liana could barely stand to be in a car unless she was driving, and Vicki had no problem with her bringing her own car. It was about a three hour drive to the arena, and Smackdown had already started by the time they had gotten there. All four women ran to the curtain, hearing Eddie's voice from a microphone. Vicki went out first, as all three daughters followed her. Liana looked around the packed arena, with all the 'Why Eddie Why?' signs in the air. They were all cheering for their mother, knowing that she was here to talk some sense into their father. A stagehand brought Vicki a microphone, as Liana held the girls' hands in hers, telling them it would be all right.

Eddie looked up the ramp, to see Vicki, Liana, Sherilyn, and Shaul standing there. "What are you doing here?" Eddie demanded as he slipped through the ropes and headed towards them. Vicki kept the girls back as Liana kept the little ones behind her. "Vicki, why are you here with the kids?"

"Eddie, this has got to stop. This whole feud between you and Rey Mysterio, it's hurting your family and Rey's," Vicki stated. Eddie stopped and seemed impatient as to what she was telling him. "Whatever this secret is, keep it to yourself. Rey is a good man and–" that was when it appeared that Eddie had heard enough as he grabbed Vicki and started taking her to the back, telling her to take the girls and leave. Without even going five steps, Eddie felt someone push him from the side, off of Vicki.

Eddie turned to see that it had been Liana. She had a look he had never seen her give him before, like pure hatred. "Liana..." he started, only to lead into yelling at them to get in the car and leave. Vicki had taken Shaul and Sherilyn's hands and were leading them to the car. Eddie and Liana followed, seeing Vicki get the girls into the car. Liana looked to see how upset the girls were and came up to their window.

"It's okay girls, don't worry," she told them as her mother started up the engine. "I'll get my car mom, you go on ahead." Before Vicki left they both heard Hardcore Bob trying to talk some sense into Eddie, when he simply shoved him. As Eddie turned his back on him, Bob shoved him into the car door, barely missing Liana.

"Get the hell out of here!" he yelled at Vicki who told him how disgraceful he was acting and drove off, telling Liana to hurry and grab her car. "What are you still doing here?" Eddie yelled. Liana didn't say anything and started getting into her car. Eddie didn't even check to see if she had driven off or not. Liana locked her car up again and walked out through the curtain, to see him standing in the middle of the ring. The audience started cheering, drawing Eddie's attention to the top of the ramp. Liana stormed down to the ring, intent on telling her father what was exactly on her mind. Eddie stood there surprised to see his eldest daughter slipping through the ropes and walking over to be handed a microphone. She stood there before him, that look still apparent in her eyes as she stared into his confused ones.

She slowly raised the microphone to her lips, and calmly said, "Who the hell do you think you are?" The audience went wild for her comment. "I don't care who you are, or who you think you are, but no one and I mean no one, touches my mother like that!" Again the audience cheered for her, as Eddie seemed to look down in shame. "Look at me dad!" Liana shouted, only to see Eddie close his eyes. "¡Míreme papá!" she demanded. Eddie slowly opened his eyes to see the tears building up in hers. "This family has stuck by you through everything, and you have the nerve to touch my mother like that, to yell at her like that! We came here to try and help you, to talk to you, and this is how you treat us?"

"Liana you don't–" Eddie started only to be cut off by his angry daughter.

"I don't what, dad? I don't understand, is that what you were going to tell me? Because you're right, I don't understand. I don't understand why you would do this to uncle Rey. Why do you insist on hurting him and his family? It's funny you say that I don't understand, when really you don't understand either." Eddie looked at her still confused. "You don't understand what this is doing to uncle Rey's family, or to your family," she said as Eddie's eyes widened a bit. "In fact, you don't even know what it's doing to me! I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't do anything without the images of what you've done to uncle Rey running through my head! Dad, you practically abandoned us just for this sick pleasure of yours to torture uncle Rey."

"No I didn't sweetie, I didn't–" Eddie said.

"Yes you have! Dad it's been up to me to make mom and the girls smile! It's been up to me to keep them from losing hope! It's been up to me to keep them safe, to wipe the tears! But no one has been there for me," Liana stated sadly as tears came down her face. "No one has been there to wipe my tears away, to make me smile. I've been broken inside dad, and I don't know what to do anymore. I just feel lost, and want to give up. But I know I can't do that to mom and the girls. I want so badly to help you, make you realize what you're doing and stop it. I want my papá back." Liana couldn't even stand up anymore as she collapsed to her knees crying in the middle of the ring. Eddie knelt down beside her and took her in his arms. Liana wanted to fight out of them, but couldn't find the strength.

"Honey I'm so sorry," Eddie said into the mic. "I had no idea, what this was doing to you. I'll make you a promise right here to you, your mother, and the girls. I promise, that if your uncle Rey beats me, at the Great American Bash, I won't tell the secret, and we'll put all of this behind us, okay?" he asked her. Liana didn't even think about if her father won and nodded. Eddie held her close and kissed her forehead, telling her that he loved her. Liana hugged her father with all her might, as he told her it would all be all right. He walked her to the ropes and sat on them to let her slip through more easily. He jumped down and helped her off the apron as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and walked her backstage to her car. Eddie even opened the door for her and gave her another kiss on the forehead before he closed the door and watched her drive off. Liana failed to see the dark smile on his face as she drove off.

Things are definitely going to get better, Liana smiled to herself as she called her mom letting her know she'd be home as soon as she could.

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