Authors note: This is only a two-shot and not a new story. Am Writing this so it gets out of my head and I can move on with my other stories, because right now I am unable to cure my writers block with this story in my head. NaruIno Enjoy.

The sun rose lifting the shadows from the dark room. Pale blond hair lay sprawled on a pillow. Elegant locks framed bare shoulders of a slender figure, the bed sheets showing her every curve. The light finally made its way up to the face that lay on the pillow.

Her eyes shook under closed lids as she began to awaken. "It's to early." said one Yakamana Ino. At that moment a strong bare arm came up behind her and wrapped itself over her bare shoulder. The hand went under the sheets and got a firm grip before dragging her into the owner of the arm. Ino snuggled into the warmth newly created for her.

"If its so early…then don't wake up." said a voice from behind in a tired lazy manor. Ino snuggled even deeper in the exposed chest behind her. She let out a small humming sound as she felt lips on her naked shoulder.

"Maybe I will just stay in bed all day." she said.

"MOMMY!!!!!!!!!" was heard being shouted from a spot in the house.

"Never mind…do you want breakfast?" asked Ino to the man behind her as she got up.

"uh." Was all she got in reply as the man grabbed a pillow and snuggled with it as her substitute. Ino let out a sigh and put a robe over her nude form. She exited the room heading towards the kitchen yawning. She went down the stares with her eyes closed and turned into the hall. She suddenly came to an abrupt stop.

Ino cracked open an eye and looked down and was greeted to the sight of a pair of bright blue eye. A four-year-old girl stood there quietly looking up at her, like her mother and father she had blond hair. The little girls expression was blank as she stared up at Ino.

"I called for you." said the girl looking into Ino's eyes with a slightly deadpanned look.

"I know…both your father and I heard you." said Ino with a small smile as she bent down to the girls level. She patted her on the head and began messing with her hair.

"Is daddy going to eat breakfast with us today?" asked the girl. She tried to hide it but there was a deep undertone of hope in her voice.

Ino's small smile widened. "And lunch and dinner to…he has the day off today."

"YAYYY!!!!" she shouted throwing her hands in the air. However she stopped half way through and blinked. The little girl cleared her throat and composed herself. "I mean…that is great."

Ino let out a laugh as she walked past the girl for the kitchen. She didn't know why or when her daughter had decided to act the mature role in the family. Ino strolled over to the refrigerator and opened it up. She bent down and her hair fell in her eyes, she wiped it away with her right hand, one might observe the gold band on her ring finger as she did so.

She soon began to cook breakfast at trained speed. Delightful odors began to fill the air. She heard a noise of stumbling behind her. She turned to see a blonde haired man in the doorway carrying a brown haired boy in his arms. The boy was no older then one.

He placed the child in a baby seat and went to the fridge. He pulled out mashed peas and began to struggle with opening the jar.

Yakamana or rather Uzumaki Ino laughed at that.

Sakura stood in front of the gate a smile on her face. "How long has it been since I've seen these gates…three years…no it was more like four." thought Sakura. "Naruto…how long has it been since that day?"


Sakura sat in front of the grave crying. He was gone, the boy she had spent so many years trying to save was gone, Uchiha Sasuke was dead. The final battle had been tough, and Naruto had been forced to kill him when Orochimaru took over his body.

They were only seventeen now, yet they had bore witness to death countless times. This time however it was just too much, his death changed everything.

Sakura sat up and wiped her tears as best she could from her flushed face. She had been crying for weeks…the tears didn't once stop. She immediately headed towards the Hokage tower, her mind made up.

"You're sure about this?" said the busty Hokage. Sakura gave her a nod in reply and Tsunade let out a sigh.(a/n: rhyme unintentional) "Very well then…I can't blame you…I did the same thing."

"Thank you." she said.

"Haruno Sakura…in light of your skills and past services I grant you the title of Sannin, you are free to come and go as you please." said Tsunade. "Please come back…he'll miss you."

"I know…but I can't stay…it's just to painful." said Sakura on the verge of tears. She turned and left the office to get ready. She didn't know where she would go, or what she would do, but she did know she couldn't stay in Konoha any longer.

She packed lightly only carrying money and a couple changes of clothes. She was ready to leave, and so she did. She didn't know why she had waited tell night to head for the gate. Perhaps it was somehow reminiscent of what he had done, the boy that broke her heart.

She headed quietly towards the gate not making a sound. She didn't know why she was doing so; she had gotten permission from the Hokage to leave. Leaving in itself was becoming harder for her. Sakura was leaving in a way that suggested she would never come back. Truth be told that is probably what would end up happening.

She was almost there, only a couple of steps away. However her march to self-exile came to a halt when a voice called out that froze her solid.

"Sakura-chan…why…why are you leaving?" asked the voice of her blonde teammate. Sakura turned around and looked at him, or rather his eyes. Unending sadness seemed to be held in the blue orbs. His face was that of confusion, he had obviously been told she was leaving; most likely for good, how else would he know to go there.

"I'm tired…so tired…of it all." said Sakura looking down, her bright pink hair covering her eyes. "Everything reminds me of him…it hurts…so much."

Sakura soon found herself placed in a deep hug. Naruto embraced her with both his arms in a comforting matter. "Please…stay." He said with all the warmth he could give. "Sakura…I…I love you!!!"

He embraced her even tighter not wanting to let go. Sakura soon began to shed silent tears. The two involved were different, the words were different, but the same feeling Sakura had the night Sasuke left was there. The seen was identical only now she was the one leaving…and leave she would.

Being reminded of the Uchiha in such a way brought even more tears to her eyes. She shook her head in Naruto's chest and pushed him off with all her strength. Naruto was sent off her landing on his back, his body remained still.

His expression was blank as he just lied there on his back staring at the sky. He blinked a couple of times not looking at her, however Sakura got the impression that what just happened he was expecting.

She looked back down at her feet and shut her eyes. Her hair cast a shadow over her faced and small trails of tears began to fall down her cheeks. She began to tighten her fists and they shook with rage.

"Naruto…I don't…I don't want any of this…I just want to leave." her voice was serious but on the verge of cracking. "Leave everyone…Ino, Kakashi, Shizune, Tsunade-sama, and…you."

She looked back up at him; he still lied on his back looking at the sky. She saw him blink again on the same expressionless face, but she knew…she knew he heard her words and accepted them. He wasn't going to move or say anything. He was going to give her what she wanted.

He was going to let Sakura leave.

She turned around and ran off without another word. She missed the moment where tears began to fall down Naruto's still expressionless face.

End Flashback…

Sakura looked up at the monument, Tsunade was still the last face up on the Mountain. Which meant Naruto had not yet become Hokage. She looked down again hoping to find him.

She knew the second she went through the gate that night so long ago that she to was in love with him. The pain was there, and the grief had still been present. She had left to find her place, to get over her loss.

Looking back on it she realized she was in more pain then she needed to be. She had loved Sasuke…but that love was never returned or even hinted at being possible. His death had affected her like it did all the others, the only difference being she had wanted to be something more then a friend to him. But in the end that's all he was, his death was merely the death of a friend, and had affected her the same way it had Naruto.

However, she was to weak and blinded at the time to see that and had left him. She had missed Naruto probably the most, however she missed everyone else as well. Sakura let a smile adorn her face. She wanted to see everybody and finally…tell Naruto how she felt.

Sakura wondered up to the Hokage tower to see her old mentor. She entered the office in an instant and was greeted to the sight of the Legendary Tsunade…asleep and drooling on her paperwork. She walked up and gently nudged her to wake up.

"Tsunade-sama." said Sakura. The blond woman opened her eyes and was up in an instant. Shock was plastered on her face and she stared on unbelieving.

"Sakura…your back."

Authors note: Ended it here because the last thing I want is for this small story to be put in a large chapter. And when I say a short story I mean it, this will only have about one or two more chapters left to it. I wrote this on inspiration to write one story where Naruto is married and has a family…and I thought you know what would be interesting. And well here you go. Don't give me reviews saying to update my other stories instead of loading this sappy crap. My stories get updated when they get updated. But for those of you who actually read this because you are a fan of NaruIno all I have to say is hope you enjoyed.