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Chapter 3

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The room came to an awkward silence, something the blond haired blue eyed woman that was Uzumaki Ino didn't pick up on. "Isn't this great Naruto?" said the woman. "She made a surprise visit."

"Yeah." said Naruto. His eyes were focused on Sakura who at the moment was staring at the ground looking embarrassed. Little Akane who was still in her father's arms looked up at Naruto awkwardly.

"Can we go to the park please?" she said. Naruto looked down at her and did his best to give her a smile.

"Okay…just give me a moment." said Naruto. The little girl nodded with a blank face, but she was beaming on the inside. "Sakura…it was great seeing you again."

Naruto left to go upstairs and change. Ino looked at his retreating form before she called out to him. "Hey I'll go with you guys. We'll take Shikamaru as well." she said happily. "And Sakura, why don't you come with us. We can catch up and everything."

Ino said all this while still remaining oblivious to the tension that was in the air. Sakura looked behind her at Naruto's retreating form. She saw the little girl in his arm's staring back at her. The little girl seemed a little frightened and she wrapped her arms tighter around her father's neck. She hid behind his shoulder and continued to stare at Sakura secretly.

Sakura looked back at Ino, finally deciding to answer her question. "Sorry but I can't I have a lot of others to go see…why don't we have lunch together tomorrow." said Sakura with a fake smile; Ino smiled happily and nodded. She picked up baby Shikamaru and went upstairs.

Sakura stood there silently in the room looking down. Her bangs shadowed her eyes as one tear escaped. She left the house soon after.

Ino chirped happily as she changed little Shikamaru. Not far behind her was her husband changing out of his shinobi attire. Ino never did ask him what the Hokage had wanted.

Ino decided it didn't matter then gave a mischievous grin. She changed her son into a little pink bunny suit. She didn't knowing full well that it would get a rise out of her husband.

"Oh Naruto doesn't little Shikamaru look so cute?" said Ino waiting to see his face.

"hm." was all Naruto said not turning around. And as if a switch went on in Ino's head she finally noticed something was bothering him.

"Naruto is everything allr-"

"Lets get going." said Naruto walking out of the room, picking up their daughter. Ino's eyes widened as the man she loved and trusted brushed her off before they could talk.

"I'm coming." she called down the stairs as she picked up her son. They were out the door soon after.

Sakura trudged through the village at a sluggish pace. She was currently staring at her feet, which she seemed to find very interesting. She wasn't looking where she was going so it came as no surprise that she bumped into someone. Sakura looked up. "I'm sorry." she said.

"So it is true you are back." said the person she walked into. Sakura blinked and realized she had bumped into Shikamaru. Beside him was Chouji who was unsurprisingly eating some chips.

"Oh hey Shikamaru, Chouji." she said cheering up a bit. "How have you been?"

"Good." they both said in unison. "So have you caught up with any of the others yet." said Chouji.

Sakura couldn't help but feel that he had asked that question knowing full well that she had seen Ino and Naruto. "Yeah…I just saw Ino."

"Oh, so you know." said Chouji with a smile. Sakura nodded.

"How…how did it happen?" she asked.

"Hmm, well let's see…" said Chouji trying to recall the information.


Team 10 walked calmly down the street from there afternoon lunch. They had just come from there favorite barbeque, and they all looked satisfied. Chouji patted his belly happily and cheered for the invention of beef.

Ino laughed heavily as Shikamaru talked with his normal lazy attitude. She suddenly separated from the group as they continued to walk. She was frozen as something had caught her eye.

Shikamru and Chouji had stopped at realizing she was no longer beside them. They turned and found her staring down the grassy hill they were by. It led down to a lake and there was currently someone in it.

They watched as Ino went down the hill towards the docks that led out to the lake. They both raised curious eyebrows.

Ino's feet sounded off with a series of thuds as she walked out on the dock. She drew closer to the figure who once again resurfaced to the top of the water.

The person had blonde hair and Ino was sure she knew who it was. "Hey Naruto." called Ino.

The boy who was now sitting on the dock panting, tilted his head her way. He gave her a nod before he turned his head to stare out at the water. Ino's face grew curious at the boys less the enthusiastic attitude towards her.

"What you up to Naruto?"

"Training." Was his response. Ino sent him another questioning glance. Even though he didn't turn to look at her, he felt her question. "I'm swimming to the bottom of this lake and letting my body adjust to the pressure."

Ino gave a whistle as the lake was a couple hundred feet deep at its deepest point. However she still didn't get it, sure it would toughen the body up but that kind of activity seemed more like it just hurt the body rather then help it.

She sat beside him and lowered her head so as to get under his eyes and stare at him. "Are you okay?" she asked.

Naruto turned to her a bit more and put on his usual toothy smile. However it lacked its usual energy something Ino noticed immediately. Naruto realized that his smile wasn't fooling her so he sighed.

He leaned against the dock post looking very tired. "I'm just a little…depressed." he stated.

Ino nodded. "Does it have to do with Sakura leaving?" she asked this as soft as possible being sensitive to the fact of how Naruto was feeling. Naruto gave her a nod. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Naruto shook his head. Ino was growing worried; she had never seen the blonde act this way before. She put a hand on his bare shoulder. "Are you going to be alright?" she asked.

Naruto gripped his head and shook it. "I…I just don't know." was all he said. Ino didn't know how to react towards him at the moment. She nudged on his shoulder telling him it would be okay.

"Hey come on now cheer up." she said putting her usual zeal into her words. "Moping doesn't suit you man. Tell you what why don't you cheer up while you escort a lady to a night of fun."

Naruto looked at her confused. "What?"

"Well I'm free tonight and if there is one thing that will annoy me it will be you depressed butt." she said this with her largest grin. Something that could rival Naruto's own.

Naruto looked at her before his eyes smiled and he gave a small laugh. "Yeah…whatever." he said looking a little cheered up.

"Great!!" she said with enthusiasm. She got up and began walking away. "Pick me around seven okay."

She saw Naruto smile and looked back out at the lake and soon became lost in it.

Ino smiled to herself. She was no closer to Naruto then any of the other rookie nine but that didn't mean she wasn't concerned about him. She hoped that she could get him out of his funk with this one night of fun.

She soon returned to the top of the hill and found her teammates waiting for her.

"Hey guys sorry for the wait." she said.

"So what were you doing." asked Shikamaru with lazy tone.

"Just cheering up Naruto, I'm taking him out for a night on the town." said Ino.

"You asked him on a date?" said Chouji.

At that Ino froze her eyes going wide. "date?!" she said in a voice that was directed at herself. Ino herself had not realized it but that had been what she had done. She suddenly looked a little embarrassed; Ino stared back at the form of Naruto. And couldn't help but notice he was rather handsome.

It had started with the purest intentions; all she had been doing was trying to get Naruto out of his funk. Now they were going on a DATE.

Ino shook her head clearing her thoughts. "It's not a date." she told her teammates. "I'm just going to cheer him up, that's all."

"Okay then, see you tomorrow." They both said as they left.

"It's not a date, it's not a date, it's not a date…"

End flashback…

"So what happened?" asked Sakura.

Both Shikamaru and Chouji looked at eachother. "We don't know, but they went on a date the night after, and then again the next, and then the next." said Chouji.

"They went out on a date everyday that month." said Shikamaru. "Next thing we know we hear Ino is pregnant."

"What?!" said Sakura shocked.

Chouji smiled. "It was quite interesting, she was still so young and though it was an accident she was extremely happy."

Sakura looked very surprised at that. "Happy?" she questioned.

"We don't know how it happened but in that short amount of time, Ino had come to absolutely adore Naruto." said Shikamaru. It was slight but Sakura heard a tinge of envy in his voice.

"Next thing we knew they were engaged." said Chouji.

"ENGAGGED!!!!!" shouted Sakura in absolute shock. "But…but…WHAT!!! Isn't that a little fast."

Both Chouji and Shikamaru laughed at that. "That's what everyone said…that their was no way the marriage would last…that it would end in tragedy…but they proved everyone wrong." said Shikamaru, Sakura once again noticed the small envy in his voice. "Four years and anyone can see they are still very much in love, they have two children, and Naruto is quickly becoming one of the wealthiest men in Konoha. It is expected that he will soon start a clan that will rival the Hyuuga in nobility and wealth…of course that will take some time."

"Hahaha Yeah it was sure something interesting. They are still talked about as one of Konoha's hottest couples." said Chouji. "Believe it or not Ino is three weeks pregnant with another child."

Sakura held her head feeling a dizzy spell set in. "Well…a lot has happened since I've been gone." She said. Chouji nodded absent mindeldy. Shikamaru however stared at her noticing the far away look in her eye.

"Well I got to go." said Chouji. "I'll see you guys later."

And with that he left the two of them. Both Shikamaru and Sakura were silent for what seemed like an eternity. "You love him…don't you." said Shikamaru. Sakura's eyes widened and she looked Shikamaru.


"Let it go." said Shikamaru. "Your love for him…let it go."

Sakura looked positively outraged at what he had just said, but then something clicked in her head. She thought about his tone towards the subject of Naruto and Ino.

"You love Ino don't you."

Shikamaru looked down and nodded. "I…remember thinking how outrageous it was…the two of them…together." said Shikamaru. "When I first heard she was pregnant only a month after they had started dating…I was mad…mad at Naruto for everything."


Shikamaru walked into the hospital. Ino had called him and told him that she was pregnant. They were currently running more tests on her.

He asked the nurse what room Ino was in, and was soon on his way. He opened the door and was greeted to the site of Naruto leaning over her hospital bed giving her a passionate kiss.

"I'll see you later." he said with a smile. He turned and saw Shikamaru. Naruto gave him his trade toothy grin. At that moment Shikamaru had never hated it more, but his expression didn't show it.

"Hey Shikamaru." said Naruto as he walked by. "do me a favor and look out for her will ya. The Hokage wants to see me…something about a position in the Anbu."

With that he left without another word. Shikamaru looked at Ino, and she smiled at him. It was so beautiful and happy he felt himself blush. He quickly covered it up with a bored stoic expression.

"If there are only a few tests why did they put you in a hospital bed?" asked Shikamaru.

"Well because Naruto has the Kyuubi inside him, they want to make sure there is no risk to me or the baby." she said.

'so it is his baby…of course it is. Who else's could it be." He thought.

"So how does Naruto feel…no forget that…how do you feel?" asked Shikamaru.

Ino looked down for a while and finally a tear fell to her bed. Shikamaru was immediately worried and he came closer to her. She finally looked up at him and what he saw surprised him. She was smiling, the tears she shed were that of joy, and it took all Shikamaru had not to cry as well. Only his tears would not be that of joy but of great sorrow.

"you love him don't you." he said. She nodded happily.

"Yes, very much." More of her wonderful tears streamed down her face. "I'm so happy to have his child…he even proposed to me."

She stuck out her hand and on it was a golden band with a diamond. It was really a nice ring.

"Isn't this a little sudden." said Shikamaru disbelievingly. Ino only shook her head.

"No, I love him and I want to be a part of his life."

End flashback…

"I've never seen her look so happy, and that smile she wore has never once left her face since they've been together." said Shikamaru. He walked away from her before he stopped once again. "Don't do anything that would take that smile away from her."

And then he left her to herself.

Naruto sat on the park bench watching as his wife played peek-a-boo with his son. Baby Shikamaru was dressed in a ridiculous bunny suit, but Naruto found it hard to care. His daughter was currently spying on him, while she climbed a tree.

He didn't notice the extremely worried look she had on her face.

Ino was now giving baby Shika a tummy blow, and the little boy was laughing hysterically. Naruto stared at the scene and finally a small smile came to his face. However his smile left immediately as the sight of a Cherry Blossom fell in front of him. He noticed they were in bloom, and there was one only a few feet behind Ino and his son.

"Sakura" he thought.

"Daddy." His attention turned to the little girl who was now beside him. She looked very worried and even a little scared. "Are…are you okay." She said getting even a little teary eyed.

Naruto's eyes widened and he was instantly holding her in a tight hug. "Hey it's okay daddy's fine. Don't cry angel." he said. However he was lying, he felt terrible and was very confused for some reason.

"I need to speak with Sakura." he thought.

Ino looked up from her son with the most happy expression that she possessed. She looked over at her husband and all joy in her face was gone. He was currently hugging their daughter; her head was buried in his chest. His face however made her heart ache. It was depressed, sad, confused, and made her want to cry.

She wanted to look away but she didn't she couldn't. She wanted to help her husband; she wanted to help Naruto so badly. "What's bothering him."

They now lied in bed together, farther apart then they normally were. Ino turned in their bed, only to be greeted to the site of his back. She scooted in closer and put her hand on his shoulder. "Hey…you okay?"

"Yeah." Was his one word response. She drew in closer and put her arm around his shoulder. She propped herself up and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"I love you…you know that…right?" she asked. He nodded his head and her eyes gained a hurt expression. She backed away from him and went to her side of the bed. She turned her back to him and came close to crying.

She then felt a arm come around her waist and under her shirt. It rested on her stomach and drew her closer. She felt him kiss her neck and then felt a tear fall on her neck.

"I'm just really confused right now." said Naruto. "Please don't worry…and Ino…please…trust me."

She turned herself over and brought her face into his strong chest. She gave a nod into it before she looked up and kissed him under the chin.

She felt another one of his tears and she wanted to do anything to make them stop.

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