I haven't wrote in a long time but I decided to finish this fic since I love it so much. This chapter takes place before the previous and shows why Angelina acted the way she did. Hope you all enjoy!

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And I'm still waiting for the rain to fall
Pour real life down on me
Cause I can't hold on to anything this good
Am I good enough
For you to love me too?
"Good Enough", Evanescence

Three days had passed by since the little incident between Draco and Angelina, and Angelina was livid. The pure rage that radiated from her form was enough to drive anyone off and allow her to be left alone. Why? Why did Angelina hold so much anger? Not towards Draco. Draco was not worthy of her anger and she would never allow him to effect her as much. No, she was upset because of a certain red-head who continued to play with her feelings. How dare he? She would think as she walked slowly down the long stone hall, a frown marring her features. She knew Fred was dim when it came to other's feelings, but he was completely ignoring her own towards him. He constantly insisted they were just friends when confronted and then frolicked off to other girls. Why just a moment ago he ran off with some blond Hufflepuff.

What was wrong with him? Or better yet, what was wrong with her? Nothing, she would assure herself mentally, but nonetheless she remained insecure. Angelina had never been insecure with her looks before Fred came into her life. She had always thought her self alright, though she was not exotic like Alicia or a classic beauty like Katie, she felt herself to be a little above average and acceptable. Perhaps it was her personality? Maybe she wasn't feminine enough for Fred, or flirtatious enough. Angelina let out a groan and slapped her forehead. Why did it matter? If Fred didn't want her, he didn't want her, end of story. Sadly, it did matter and she wanted Fred.

"Weakness does not suit you."

Angelina instantly grew tense as soon as she heard the voice and nearly jumped when she felt warm breath against her ear. She willed herself to relax; he would like it if she was uncomfortable. Narrowing her eyes, she stepped away and turned around to face her stalker. The form of Draco Malfoy filled her eyesight and she wanted to roll her eyes at the look upon his face. Didn't he have anything to do besides torment people? She still remembered their encounter freshly within her mind and as a result she reached her hand into her pocket and wrapped her fingers around her wand.

"I'm not weak. Can't say the same for you, however," Angelina retorted.

She watched as Draco licked his lips and advanced upon her. Angelina stood her ground, ready with her wand should he try something once more. However, Draco stopped a little ways before her and she resisted the urge to hex him on the spot when he began to practically undress her with his eyes. Disgusting little cockroach!

"We both know that's not true, Johnson. Purebloods are never weak, unless you're the Weasels, of course."

"Don't you dare talk about them," Angelina hissed despite her still burning anger for a particular Weasley.

But why was she defending him? He had done nothing but break her heart for the past year. How many nights had she watched him be intimate with a female, desperately wishing it was her? Angelina's gripped her wand tighter, anger building with every thought, unaware that Draco watched her curiously.

"Is something the matter, Johnson?" He questioned with a smirk.

She looked at him sharply; the hateful glare within her eyes was enough to make his smirk drop. The way she looked as him made it seem like he was the scum of the universe and in her eyes, he was. She pinned him with her gaze and while he had been initially surprised by it, now he felt something rising within him. It boiled from the bottom of his toes until reaching his waist; it lingered, and then continued to rise until it reached the top of his head. It recognized this feeling as lust. A dangerous lust that had his eyes darkens as they watched her. He found it incredibly sexy the way she was talking to him and the tone of her voice. His feet seemed to move with little prompting from his mind as he stepped closer to her, almost within arm's reach.

Angelina swiftly pulled out her wand and pointed it at the Slytherin. It was barely an inch away from his face and should Angelina wish, she could do anything unpleasant she pleased. However, Draco didn't seem afraid rather he felt that insufferable smirk firm upon his face.

"Now Angelina, I don't think it would be wise if the Gryffindor captain were to attack a student. What would the team do without you?"

His words achieved the desire reaction. Angelina slowly lowered her wand, still keeping a cautious eye upon him. Of course she wouldn't attack him, she loved her precious house and team too much to make them suffer that way. The very thought of her affections lying with those pathetic fools made him mentally sneer. They truly were not worthy as he was.

Draco's hand reached out, quickly snatching up Angelina's hand that held her wand forcing her to drop it upon the floor with a dull thud. His other hand grasped her formally free hand and pulled her against his body. A deep sound rose from Angelina's throat like that of a growl as she struggled against the younger boy. Angelina was strong for a young woman, but Draco was a young man and he held the advantage in strength.

Angelina was wholly convinced that today was possibly the worst day of her life. The object of her unrequited feelings acted though he would never think of her anything more than just a friend, she had the weight of Draco's encounter previously on her mind, her self confidence about her appearance was shot, and now here she was against trapped by this slimy git. She was beyond the point of frustration and had so many emotions built up inside of her now, she was sure she was going to explode. Her hands clenched and unclenched in Draco's grasp as she contemplated what was happening to her right now. Why was he doing this? Why her?

She briefly glanced at Draco's face, which held an amused expression as he simply watched her, before she opened up her mouth to unleash a verbal assault against him. However, as Angelina believed before, today was possibly the worst day of her life, and Draco's mouth against her taking advantage of her open mouth cemented the thought. Angelina had only been kissed three times in her life, the first had been a peck on the lips from Fred after the Yule ball, the second had been Draco a few days before, and now this one. None of those kisses compared to the one she was receiving now. Never had she had another tongue within her mouth exploring every corner of it. It was almost disgusting as it was…nice?

It was then that Angelina became aware that the body against her own was warm as well as the mouth. The hands that were now pressed against her waist and back were firm and the arms holding her were strong. This was what she wanted from Fred. She wanted to share this with him; she wanted him to make her feel safe and good as she did now. This wasn't Fred though; this was Draco Malfoy who was the biggest enemy to Gryffindors. She shouldn't be feeling this way with him. Despite her logical thinking, she was still woman and her body craved attention that it had not been receiving, against her mind she pushed herself for firmly against Draco's body and her hands clutched his shoulders with almost desperation. Pushing up on her toes, she returned his kiss enthusiastically.

The kiss was planned, Draco was not aware, however, and that it would be returned. Feeling Angelina against her had his eyes widened briefly in surprise. This lastly momentarily as his eyes half-lidded and closed. It was to be expected after all, she was finally surrendering herself to him and more than likely had finally learned that the Weasel couldn't do for her what he could do. If Draco was not in the position he was in now, he would have found Blaise and smugly recount the details of this encounter. However as he thought this, he was slightly unconvinced with himself. A realist, he realized there was no way she could have submitted to him just yet. He was a suspicious person at heart and believed that something must be amiss.
When Draco's kisses began to slow with his thoughts, Angelina too began to have her own thoughts which had fled her when the kiss was ignited. What was she doing? What if someone saw? What…what would Fred think? The last thought made a surge of power course throughout her body and the hands that were on Draco's shoulders now pushed him away with amazing force.

They stared at each other. Both breathing heavily as they took each other's reaction in. Angelina broke the gaze, swooping down to pick up her wand before turning on her heel and running in the direction she was heading in before all had occurred leaving Draco staring after her with a frown.

Angelina ran as quickly as her legs could carry her. Little did she care for the people who glared at her as she pushed and bumped past them, and did not stop when some called out her name. She ran until she reached the Gryffindor tower, stopping at the portrait hunched over in order to catch her breath. The Fat Lady stared at her with a raised eyebrow and an almost knowing smirk.

"My, someone had an interesting day."

Angelina ignored her.

"Hog wash."

The Fat Lady looked insulted at being brushed off but opened for the young woman nonetheless with an elegant sniff. Angelina ran through and into the common room before she finally slowed her pace seeing no one was there. She paused in the middle of the room; a long deep sigh escaped her lips in an attempt to release the tension she felt within her.

"I can't believe I…Why did I let it get that far?" she mumbled to herself, but the real question she was asking her was why did it feel good?


Angelina felt her heart almost leap into her throat as she heard the sound of someone's voice. She turned her head in the direction of the voice, facing the two chairs that sat before the fire, to stare into the large brown eyes of Hermione Granger. The younger girl had been apparently sitting in the chair reading a book unknown to Angelina when she entered the common room. Now she stood next to the large chair, a book held under her arm and a frown on her face. Angelina forced a smile upon her face, attempting to mask her current feelings.

"Hermione, how are you? I was just-"

"Angelina, I know what happened."

The mask crumbled at those words.