Arthur notes/disclaimer- While reading Hiroaki/Natsuko fanfics, I decided to write a little one-shot. This story takes place after the 02 ending. I do not own digimon or any of the characters except Mattie.

A simple question

Hiroaki Ishida sat lazily one Sunday afternoon watching his nine year old grandson, Mattie playing with wooden blocks. He was amazed how such a simple toy could keep the child busy for hours, especially since most kids his age where into video games. But then again, he also knew that this boy, the youngest child of his son, Takeru and his wife Hikari, whom they adopted a few years back was developmentally delayed with autism and went to a special school. Hiroaki, who never really spent any time with his special needs grandson was a bit apprehensive about taking care of him for the whole weekend, while his parents were out of town, and the rest of his siblings were at a weekend camping trip with their school, but so far he was enjoying his grandson's company.

"Grandpa", Mattie asked as he was stacking up the blocks to make a tower, "do you love grandma anymore"Hiroaki chocked on the water his was drinking, Considering that Mattie who wasn't much of a talker to begin with ask him such a blunt and personal question was really unexpected."Why do you ask," asked Hiroaki."Cause uncle Yamato says that you don't. I don't know why, grandma's nice"Hiroaki sighed, feeling bad about how reluctant his eldest son was about before marrying Sora fearing that they may someday divorce. "Yes", he answered, "I do love your grandmother, for she is the mother of my children, whom I love very much, and also because when I was still with her it was some of the best years of my life. The thing is, that I am not in love with her, I was too busy with work to give her or your dad and uncle the kind of attention they deserved. And after awhile, the spark was gone""You can use you cigarette lighter," suggested laughed, thinking about earlier that weekend when Mattie told him to smoking was very very bad. "It's not that kind of spark," he said, as he ruffled his grandson's looked at his grandfather sadly. "You miss her?"Hiroaki leaned over and whispered to his grandson. "Can you keep a secret"Mattie nodded. "I keep secrets good," he answered."Actually, I do." said Hiroaki remembering the last time he saw Natsuko was at their eldest grand-children's high school graduation last year and how cold it felt between them, even though it was actually 90 degrees out."Then why don't you call her, suggested Mattie, or write her a letter""Maybe, I'll do that later, said Hiroaki, and quickly changing the subject, asked do you want to get some ice cream before your parents pick you up""Yeah, ice cream, said Mattie as he grabbed his sweater, I like strawberry the bestest."

Later that evening. "Thanks for taking care of Mattie again," said Takeru as he hugged his son."It's no problem, said Hiroaki as he kissed his grandson goodbye. Say hi to Hikari for me okay""Bye grandpa, said Mattie as he waved goodbye, I love you""I love you too Mattie, said Hiroaki as he watched his son and grandson leave. Good luck on your marriage son, he thought as he closed the door. Sighing he picked up the phone and called a number that he hadn't dialed in a long time, but was still able to remember. Hello Natsuku, he said, this is Hiroaki."