Publisher's Foreword

Hello, everybody. This is Herr Wozzeck speaking.

Now, as I said in my summary, this is a collab between me and the staff of "And Then There Where None…" I'm pretty sure you'll be asking yourselves how we can pull something like this off if it's between four different people, and how it's possible to distinguish four different styles.

Okay, first of all, this is organized indeed. We have an order that goes something like this:


Herr Wozzeck



In case you still are confused, we all use different methodologies of the A/N; BabyGurl278 has short A/N's, I have a long A/N at the beginning of each chapter and only at the beginning, KILL THE EMPIRE has very short A/N's, and RoyalFanatic bolds her A/N's and has characters from whatever game she's writing in help her out with disclaimers and stuff like that.

Speaking of disclaimers, here is the general disclaimer for this story:

None of the authors own SSB:M or its characters. The scenario, the events, and any characters you don't know belong to us.

In that light, the staff of "And Then There Were None…" presents, "La Belle". Enjoy.