#$ chapter 1 &+

Once, in a land incredibly far from anywhere, any have travelled.

Lived a young warrior, whom all knew was different from any.

His name is Raimundo,

and this, is his story...

In the skybuilt country of Skymond, soldiers were preparing for a suprise attack against the underwater country of Neptunia.

But one soldier stood above them all, Raimundo Pedrosa.

Raimundo was an idol, he was strong, he was fast, he was 14!

But according to Raimundo, age doesn't matter if you could fight like he can.

So it's Raimundo's attitude that has him leading the invasion.

When the wind warriors found themselves outside the ice walls of Neptunia,

Raimundo signaled his warriors to blow down the door, seperating the Neptunians from the outside world.

The warriors brutally attacked the Neptunian warriors, and all who inhabit the ocean country.

They fought with master skill, but as usual, Raimundo as if he'd fought for years.

He created a massive tornado, that absorbed several Neptunians into it's grasp.

But when nobody could see, warriors from the inferno covered country, Pyrone, snuck into the city, and lit it on fire.

Moents later, the entire country was ablaze, killing everyone that had set foot into.

But with his own skill, Raimundo was the only wind warrior, that made it out alive.

Seeing his fellow warriors burnt to a cinder, was enough to bring a tear to Raimundo's eye.

But, the Pyronians were never tired of laughing, but what they didn't know, was that Raimundo started to jet towards them all.

Raimundo summoned up all of his wind abilities, until he couldn't keep it in anymore.

He let it all out, in one giant gust.

He sent all of the Pyronians flying towards what was left of Neptunia.

All, but one warrior had been knocked unconsious.

What was left was a small girl, with hair of ebony, smiled an evil grin at the wind master.

"Hello, wind master."

Raimundo looked confused at this girl.

"Who is this girl?"

$# end of chapter 1 &