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Caribbean Lust

Chapter 1

Inuyasha and Kagome

Kagome's dream had been one to remember. Inuyasha was in it and he had done marvelous things to her that she could only yet imagine in her dreams. She did not want to wake from her dream but as she stirred she felt something hard against her back and arms wrapped around her petite form. She smiled to herself, knowing full well it was Inuyasha. The festival had worn her out more than she had realized for she was practically oblivious as to how or why Inuyasha was laying next to her in her bed. It slowly started to come back to her that on the second island, Guadeloupe, all of them had decided to get rooms in couples, mainly Kagome thought that they came up with the idea to give her and Inuyasha some alone time. And it was partly true. Reiko and Sango had been plotting diabolically for the last three days to give Kagome and Inuyasha some well deserved alone time, for they had been through a hell of a lot on this little vacation. Not to mention that Reiko had maybe let slip that she was tired of all the sexual tension between Inuyasha and Kagome.

She felt soft lips touch her hair and a low sigh escaped her now awakened form. A happy chuckle escaped the hanyou's lips from behind her and she twisted around to face him in his arms. The smile she was met with melted her heart and burned her body with desire. Inuyasha's cheerful grin always had some effect on her. She couldn't explain what it did to her, all she knew was that her heart soared higher than ever when he did.

"Good morning my Kagome." He spoke her name sweetly and she smiled, though she closed her eyes and snuggled closer into his bare chest. She hadn't actually realized his chest was uncovered by clothes until she took in the masculine scent of his body that only belonged to him. Her eyes flew open and a blush tinted her cheeks, causing Inuyasha to chuckle again.

"Inuyasha..." Her voice was groggy from sleep and his name came out as more of a sigh than what she had intended to be a little more surprised sounding. He grinned and bent his head to kiss her softly, his hand reaching to cup her face in his palm. The kiss lasted a minute, but it seemed like seconds to Kagome and he left her lips abruptly, making her want more. She bit her full lip, trying to rid her mind of the images from her dream from last night.

"So how good was I?" He asked calmly and conversationally. This brought a question mark to Kagome's face and she displayed it openly in her beautiful features. He grinned at her and leaned to her ear to whisper his meaning.

"You were moaning my name in your sleep. So...how good was I?" He asked teasingly. Kagome's face flared into flames and she hit his chest roughly. He grabbed her wrist as she brought it down for another blow and roughly pulled her body against his. The need in his eyes was staggering and he stared at her intensely so. She could only manage to breath his name before he captured her lips in a hungry kiss. He wrapped his arms firmly around her waist, pressing her against him as hard as he could without crushing her. As he kissed her so roughly Kagome's desire flared up and she kissed him just as passionately, almost matching his ferocious need. He pulled away, biting his lip and cursing himself all the while. Kagome looked at him confusedly, though she already knew why he was mad at himself. As he continued to curse in a string of profanities, she slowly reached out and touched his cheek with her smooth, gentle fingers. He looked over at her as she had wanted and met her smiling face. This seemed to put him at ease a little and she reached up and kissed him softly. He met her lips with the same soft touch and struggled with his inner demon to stay that way. When she pulled away from him she smiled up at him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"So what do you want to do first? Order breakfast from room service or..." Kagome raised her eyebrows suggestively and he smiled seductively.

"Well...we could to that first if you wanted. I could have you as my mate any time of the day whether it be now or later. All I'll say is that I can't wait for you to be mine, fully and completely." Kagome smiled up at him, his words, though not what you'd expect to hear in a normal relationship were just as meaningful to her as if he were really proposing in a normal human fashion.

"I love you Inuyasha." She whispered happily to him, not breaking her gaze from his molten gold eyes. He smiled, inside and out at her words. He had never imagined he, a half breed, would ever hear those words from any woman but his mother. But here she was, Kagome, fitting so perfectly to the shape of his body in his arms, smiling at him, telling him the four words that made his heart stutter whenever she spoke them. He leaned down his head and captured her lips yet again in a chaste kiss, which she happily returned. When he broke away his breath was coming in short gasps of air and he whispered something so quietly Kagome could barely hear it.

"I want you now Kagome." He said again, a little louder so she could hear him clearly. She smiled up at him and willingly took her hands from his neck. She started to slowly unbutton her silk pajama top when his hands clamped onto hers and gently removed them from the button. He leaned his head to her neck and inhaled her wonderful scent of honey suckles and vanilla. Kagome shivered at his warm breath on her neck and he kissed the nook under her jaw gently. She closed her eyes, letting the pleasure from that small kiss run through her body, awakening parts of her with violent desires. He slowly kissed a trail down her neck, unbuttoning buttons with every kiss. When the last button was undone her pulled her bare upper body against his and relished in the feel of her against him. Heat pooled to his groin, slamming him with a ferocious need that caused his pants to feel tight and restricting. He kissed a trail along her collarbone, her bare breasts rubbing against his hard chest, intensifying that urgent need. When he reached the mark he had made before he nibbled at it and Kagome gasped and shivered. He grinned against her warm skin as her hands moved to his hair, clutching onto the one thing that would keep her sanity in check. He was doing things that her dreams had not reproduced, like the pleasure of his lips against her skin, his bare chest rubbing against hers. When he came to her lips he paused and looked into her chocolate brown eyes, seeing the desire and need for him and that was all it took. He crushed his mouth to hers, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, tasting the sweetness that was her very essence. He ripped off the top and threw it aside, taking her small, fragile body in his hands and kissing and nipping a rough trail down her neck to her breasts. He took one into his mouth and nibbled at it. She moaned and gasped in his relentless torture of her breast and just when she thought it would stop, he took the other one and did the same thing. Heat coursed through her body to her womb and burned her with an urgent need for him. She rubbed against his groin, indicating what she wanted so badly. He rolled on top of her and ripped off his pants, not caring that the sweats were torn now from his rough pull down to expose his red boxers. Their breath came in gasps as he struggled to pull hers off without hurting her and without ripping the soft material. Kagome kicked them off and pulled his head down to kiss her roughly again.

"Inuyasha." She moaned his name as his mouth did terrible things to her neck and chest. His hands roamed all over her body, sliding down her sides, past her cotton underwear, around to the inside of her legs and spread them apart. She groaned with the burning sensation in her womb that would not stop. She was ready for him, so ready that she begged him to just rip off the stupid thin cotton seperating them. He smirked at her and looked into her eyes. His hands were on her hips now, he was half way supporting himself with his knee between her legs. He squeezed her hips gently, causing a weird expression in her eyes that he was intregued by. He slowly removed his boxers and bent his head to kiss a trail down her chest, to her stomach and across on either side. His hands slowly lowered themselves and his thumbs hooked in her underwear. She moaned his name again, the urgency in her voice made him smile. He kissed her stomach again, a little lower than before, causing her to buck her hips up at him. He chuckled, her favorite laugh in all the world and slide up her body to her face. Kagome kicked off her underwear and now she was free to feel all of him on top of her. His manhood was hard against her soft skin as he lowered his body down ontop of hers, spreading her legs with his knee before settling between her legs. She was hot and ready for him just as he had hoped and he stared at her face, so twisted with desire that it made him smirk. He bent his head to her lips, not taking them yet, and let out a low breath before speaking.

"I need you to look at me Kagome." He ordered gently. She obeyed without hesitation and he smiled into her chocolate brown eyes.

"This may be the single most painful thing besides childbirth you may endure. I wouldn't know but I've heard stories. It'll hurt for a little bit but I don't think it will last long. I promise." He whispered against her lips. She smiled up warmly at him and closed the short distance between them to kiss him passionately. He had been able to keep his demon in check so far, but he wasn't sure if he would be able to once he bite her again. His biggest fear was hurting her and if he couldn't control himself, this would be the worst pain she may ever endure. She gently touched his cheek, and smiled up trustingly at him.

"I have faith in you. I know you would never hurt me." Kagome said warmly and he smiled, his demon seeming to be soothed by her warm touch and soft words. He tested her readiness, causing her to buck her hips and he smiled. A white hot pain coursed through her body as he thrust inside her and bite down on the other side of her neck and she cried out. He thrust into her body a few times, the blood from his bite trickling down her neck which he quickly went to lick up but not seal the wound. He thrust into her slowly and the pain started to subside, replaced with undeniable pleasure. She moaned as he pumped in and out and her moans seemed to grow louder as his pace grew faster. She was near her peak when he kissed her and spoke the four words she had not heard yet that day.

"I love you Kagome." He breathed against her neck and she cried out as she hit the first orgasim. He slowed down as he released into her and he lay there, still connected to her, gasping for air. He did not move, but he supported his weight evenly so as to not crush her and she gasped for the air that would not come to her lungs fast enough. After a few minutes he pulled out of her and rolled over to her left side. Kagome lay, facing the ceiling, panting as the soar feeling in her neck returned and she instinctively reached her hand up to touch it. He pulled her towards him and breathed in her floral scent with a heavy sigh.

"I love you Kagome." He said again and kissed her forehead. Kagome smiled into his chest and sighed.

"I love you, too, Inuyasha." She said and snuggled into him, her heart slowly returning to a normal pace. She had just woken up but she had instantly felt tired now.

They laid there like that for a long while, and then Inuyasha spoke.

"You're scent is already changing, I can smell it. You are officially my mate Kagome." He spoke the words softly, as if he were in a dream-like state. Kagome smiled in joy at him and kissed his lips softly.

"And I couldn't be happier." She assured him. A warm feeling swelled in his heart and he hugged her tightly to him again.

They stayed in bed all day, Inuyasha taking her three more times after that, until about noon when their bodies could no longer rid themselves of exhaustion.

Kagome lay, curled up against his chest, her hand resting of his sculpted pecks and her head resting in the crook of his arms and shoulder Inuyasha smiled up at the ceiling, never in his life remembering himself ever being this happy before. He kissed Kagome's forehead and tightened his grip on her shoulder.

"Sleep well my mate. I'll wake you before dinner." He spoke the words softly to her and she smiled and kissed his shoulder.

"I'll never stop loving the sound of that." She spoke in a daze, the sleep finally taking effect on her body. Inuyasha smiled crookedly at her and hugged her too him tighter.

"I love you Inuyasha." She whispered. His heart did that familiar stutter he was becoming used to whenever she said that and he kissed her forehead lovingly.

"I love you, too, Kagome." He said before he himself was overcome by sleep.

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