What My School Would Do If They Met Edward Elric

Chapter 1: First Period; Bible Part One


A/N: This is like the story What My Sisters Would Do If They Met Edward Elric, but different. Hope you enjoy!

Bible Class

"Hey T.k.! Do we have a verse quiz today?" Megan asks while walking to first period.

"Nope. I think it is still on Friday," T.k. replies as she and Megan take their seat.

"Look! I can clap like a penguin!" Katie yells she stands in the front of the room, clapping.

"Very nice Katie!" Maggie yells over the talking.

"Has anyone seen Mr. Curry? I need to tell him something before class begins," Kaitlyn says to no one in particular.

"I'm pretty sure he is in the office in the back of the class," Allison points out.

"Thanks Allie!" Kaitlyn replies.

Kaitlyn moves past Will and Nick and looks into the office expecting Mr. Curry, but is surprised not to find him or his suitcase.

"Hey! He's not here!" Kaitlyn says as she takes her seat.

"Woo! Party!" Evan yells.

The bells rings and everyone finds their seats and whispers among themselves.

Twenty-minutes past and still no sign of a teacher.

"Maybe we should tell the office," Mackenzie says to Jamison and Abby.

"And ruin this perfect day? Never!" Eric replies, who happened to be hearing their conversation.

Suddenly, a man with blonde hair and blue eyes walks through the door and Megan, Allison, and T.k.'s jaws drop.

"Is that…" Megan tries to say bit is finished when, "My name is Mr. Jean Havoc, but y'all may call me Havoc!"

To Be Continued…

Sorry it was short, but it was late when I wrote this. Hope y'all liked it.

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