What My School Would Do If They Met Edward Elric

Chapter 7: The Half-Day Comes to and End


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Meanwhile, during Computer Concepts…

T.k. seats down in her regular seat and logins into her account on the school computer. The other students come in and do the same. Soon, people begin to talk about the strange day they have experienced.

"I've never seen these people before!"

"Are they really teachers?"

"Have you met the one that talks about mini-skirts?"

"Have you had math yet? The sub is so hard! I have detention!"

"What about Chorus? That was weird!"

"Are you kidding me? Science was the weirdest!"

T.k. sweat drops at these comments and begins to take great interest in her nails.

The minutes pass and still no teacher. Soon, a man with glasses wearing a suit and bowtie walks in.

"Hello class! I am Mr. Kain Furey and I will be your sub today!" Kain says to the class.

Oh no…not again…

"I will be giving a very interesting lecture about robots and how they are built. So take good notes! So robots were first thought up of in the late 1800s blah blah blah…" Was all the class heard.

Many students fell asleep including Montana, Abby, Rebecca, and T.k. was even tempted but stayed awake for the most part.

"So T.k.! What is the main objective of a robot?" Kain asks proudly.

"Uhhh…we aren't learning about robots until another three weeks…." T.k. replies.

"But that doesn't mean we can't be prepared! What's the answer?" Kain answers.

"I don't know," T.k. admits.

"And no one cares!" Montana exclaims.

"Montana!" Kain scolds. "That was rude!"

"Your mom!" Akonwi adds.

Suddenly, the bell rings, which saves the students and Kain from any more boredom and embarrassment.

As the students leave the room Kain yells over their talking, "YOU JUST DON'T APPRECIATE ROBOTICS YOU…YOU…KIDS!"

"Ohhh…good one," Will whispers under his breath.

Soon, Meg, El, Allie, and T.k. meet up in the parking lot to discuss their odd half-day.

Since so many teachers were out and there weren't enough teachers, the students got a half-day.

"So…does anybody have a logical explanation for what has happened?" Meg asks the group.


"I got nothing!"

"I like Alphonse…" Allison says dreamily.

Everyone stares at Allison as she comes back to reality.

"Oh… did I say that out loud?" She asks innocently.

Everyone begins to laugh at Allison's blonde moment.

Suddenly, Courtney comes out from one of the language buildings and runs down to the girls.

"You will never believe who taught me Spanish!" She says giggly.

"Let's see… Lust from FMA!" El guesses.

"No! Inuyasha!" Courtney exclaims.

The girls look at each other and then faint from utter exhaustion.

The End


Sorry it took so long! So this is the end of this story! Hope you liked it!