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Eagle and Dove

Chapter One-Meet the Family

She had been in a coma for three months when he first found out. The doctor's told him that she was four months pregnant. So he stayed with her. He didn't have any other choice. Besides, it was his baby, he couldn't just abandon it. After another five months had passed, she still hadn't woken up, and the baby had to be delivered by c-section. Well, that was how it had been planned. As it turned out, Kimberly Hart had been carrying twins. Tommy Oliver was now the father of a little boy and girl. The single father of a little boy and girl.

Now, it was more than two years later, and Kim still hadn't woken up, and Tommy was left to raise the twins all by himself. Not that he didn't have any help of course. Whenever they had any free time, members of his and Kim's old group of friend's (the original group of power rangers) would stop by to help him out. But most of the time, it was just Tommy, Ann, and David. He had been so unsure of what to name them, that they had spent a few weeks just as 'Baby Oliver-Hart 1' and 'Baby Oliver-Hart 2'. Eventually he had decided to name the boy after his older brother, and he had given his daughter her mother's middle name. So now they were a little family, Tommy, Ann, and David Oliver.

They were all living in Reefside, where Tommy worked as a high school science teacher. He had a Ph.D. in Paleontology. Also, he was the mentor for a new team of power rangers- the Dino Thunder Rangers. And he was a member of the team. But mostly he stayed behind, until they really needed his help. If that happened, he could leave the twin's behind with Haley. Who was the technical assistant for the team.

Kim had her own private room at Reefside Memorial Hospital, where she was visited almost everyday by her children and her fiancé. But Kimberly Ann Hart did not know that. She was unaware of everything going on around her. She had been ever since she had lost consciousness after falling off of a balance beam at her gymnastics studio.

Tommy and the twins lived in a house just outside of the town, and they spent most of their time there. While Tommy worked during the day, the twins went to a daycare, since they weren't nearly old enough to go to school yet. After the school day ended, Tommy would go to pick up his kids, then they would go to visit 'mommy'. Tommy hoped that having them there would help Kim to wake up, also he wanted his children to know who their mother was, even if she couldn't know them. They wouldn't spend more than half an hour there, because the twins would get restless, just sitting there. So then they would go home, where they would spend the rest of their day, together.

Later, at night after the twins were asleep, Tommy would go down to the secret lair he had underneath the basement. He had already spent a great deal of time down there, trying to do something that was practically impossible to do. But he knew that he could do it, he had to, Kim's life, and the lives of their children depended on it. One day he was down there when he finally got some results. After Kim had fallen, he had traveled to the ruins of the old command center to salvage some of the computers. Although Zordon was long dead, he had hoped that he could restore some of the computers to see if there was any information there that Zordon had gathered over his long lifetime. And tonight, he had finally made a breakthrough.

Tommy had been sitting at his worktable when all of a sudden he looked up. One of the computers had started to hum and make other noises, and all of a sudden the lights came flashing on.

"Yes! I did it." Tommy was not sure what he had done, seen as he wasn't Billy, but he knew that whatever it was, it had worked. Then, all of a sudden, another computer started humming, then another. Slowly, all of the computers started to turn on. He had completed the first step, he had been able to salvage the computer, but what exactly had he salvaged?

Then Tommy had an idea. He knew absolutely nothing about how to run these computers, but he knew the exact person to ask to help him out. In no time he was up the stairs and in his kitchen dialing a familiar number.


"Hayley? Is that you?"

"Who else would be answering my phone? Besides, the only reason you probably don't recognize my voice is because I'm really tired because it is the middle of the night, or hadn't you noticed?"

"Oh, sorry about that, I wasn't really paying attention to that."

"Really?" Hayley said sarcastically, although Tommy could tell she was trying really hard not to laugh. "You didn't see all of the darkness outside. You know when it goes all dark like that. Its called night."

"Ha, ha. But, in case you were wondering, I did not call to ask you why it is dark outside. I wanted to know if you could come over right now, I need some technical assistance."

This got Haley really interested. It was nothing new that the leader of the Dino Thunder Power Rangers needed some help with computers. What really interested Haley was what he would be doing that he needed help with at his time of night.

"All right, I'll be right there."

"Good, I will explain everything when you get here. Just go right down to the lair."

"OK, see you in a few."

"Yeah, bye." Tommy said suddenly distracted, for he had just seen something moving by the stairs.

All of a sudden, he had a flashback to when he had just brought the twins' to their new home. It had been lucky that all of the dino thunder rangers had been there, because Goldar had appeared. He was apparently still alive, and still serving under Lord Zedd, the emperor of all evil. He had demanded that Tommy hand over the babies. And of course, Tommy had refused, he knew what would happen to his and Kimberly's children if they were handed over to the servant of the evil emperor. Besides, what kind of father would give his newborn children away? When Tommy refused, Goldar had attacked. The rangers powered up, and had barely defeated him, although he was not beaten entirely. He had gotten away swearing that one day he would return, and then he would be successful in taking the children to his master.

Thinking back to that day, Tommy was sure that the thing by the stairs was Goldar, back to steal his children. Who were just upstairs, sleeping peacefully, without any knowledge of the evil that wanted them so badly.