It was summer when he saw her again. She stood out against the crowd in the streets as she walked back into her home. Soft colored hair, bottle green irises, and a smile that had never left him. She looked at him then, and brought her hand up in greeting.

He couldn't read her gaze.

So many things about that day.

He remembered the warmth, that it was dry and not humid. A comfortable setting for a meeting that would be anything but.

"I've missed you." When had that happened? When had he decided that it was okay to be vulnerable?

When she disappeared.

"I'm glad." He very nearly forgot himself and smiled. Very nearly. He was sure she knew.


"An extended mission." Then she paused, as if deliberating whether or not to give him the next piece of information. "I requested it." At this he blanched. Why.


"Did you know I'd returned?" He hoped not.


His fingers latched on to her wrist. He idly noted that the wrist felt stronger now, like she didn't need protection.

Namely, his protection. His grip tightened, and he knew he was bruising her. But if he let go, she would be gone. He was sure of it. He remembered the panic he felt in his gut, it was like that night all over again, when everything he loved was ripped away.

Despite his bruising touch, she didn't flinch. Just stood quietly and let him work it out in his mind.

"Sakura." She heard him. He needed to know.

"Because, you needed to feel what I felt." He shrunk a little, then. To this day, he feels shorter than he actually is. "Did it hurt?" He answered without thinking,

"Good." She pried his hand off her wrist and instead entwined her fingers with his. "Then you've learned, Sasuke, what I'm worth." He said nothing in response.

He'd used their joint hands to pull her to him and he'd kissed her then. And in that one kiss, compounded every emotion he'd ever felt.

He'd left her breathless that day, and she'd loved him for it.

And it wouldn't be the last time.

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