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'Ring ring' her alarm clock went off as she searched for the alarm clock annoyed by the noise. She went to the bathroom and did her usual routine of showering and brushing her teeth. She put her uniform on, which in her opinion was too revealing, she thought the skirt showed too much leg and the v-neck was on her polo shirt was too low. After curling her hair she put on some light make-up and lip-gloss and perfume. She went down to her kitchen and made some toast to eat before heading out to school. She jumped in her red corvette and drove off. She finally found the office and went in.

In the principals office sakura sits in front of the principal Tsunade.

"ok sakura here's your schedule, your mentor is Ino so she'll be out there waiting for you and once again welcome to Konoha High." Tsunade said while handing her the schedule.

"Thank you" sakura said as she stood up and started for the door. She walked out of the principal's office and a tall blond walked up to her smiling and said " hi, are you sakura?"

"yeah, uh are you my mentor?" she asked.

"yeah, I'm Ino, so how about I show you around a bit and then we'll go to class, ok?"

After the grand tour of the school they went to their first class of the day.

They both entered the classroom as all eyes went to the two girls.

"hey there I'm Kakashi Hatake and I'm your math teacher, everybody, this is sakura haruno she just moved from Hoishi high school, we just want to welcome you to Konoha high and if you need help with getting around just ask any of us. You can have a seat behind Tenten." he said pointing to a girl in two buns.

Sakura walks up to her desk and sits down, she looked around and noticed that Ino was sitting right next to her. The girl sitting in front of her turned around and smiled at her.

" hey, I'm Tenten" she said in her sweetest voice.

Sakura nodded at her and said in the same tone "hey, I'm sakura"

"so how you like it around here?" tenten asked trying to stir up a conversation.

"uh it's very nice, a lot like my old school" sakura answered.

"ok I have to ask you this, is that your natural hair color?" tenten asked still trying to sound polite.

"yes it is, and don't worry about it, people ask me that a lot" she said smiling.

"really that's your natural hair color? I thought you dyed it" Ino said with a shock look plastered on her face.

"ok so everyone get into whatever group you would like and complete pages 110-111 in your math textbook and if you don't get it done then it's homework for next week" Kakashi said as he put the textbook down and picked up his novel and sat down on the chair as he started reading his novel. " you have the rest of the period, now go" he said.

Some other girls came and sat around them as everybody got up to move. Ino looked at all of the girls and said "oh sakura these are my friends Hinata, Kimori, Yaki and Rika" all of the girls said "hey" in unision which caused sakura to smile at them "hi" she said back.

"hey did you guys see how cute sasuke looks today?" Yaki said with the biggest smile on her face.

"as always" Rika said and they all squealed except for Hinata who just stayed there quiet.

"Who's sasuke?" sakura asked looking at all the girls waiting for an answer.

" you see that cutie leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets?"

Kimori said pointing to sasuke.

sakura looked around but there was so many of the guys just standing around, she couldn't spot him.

" the one with the black hair and sexy onyx eyes" Rika said.

Finally sakura spotted him and noticed how many girls were surrounding him.

"sexy huh?" Rika said staring at sasuke.

"he's cute, but he's not all that" sakura said eyeing the Uchiha prodigy.

"What?" the girls girls said together.

"he's the hottest and most popular guy in our grade, he is all that" Rika said.

"come on class, why don't you guys mix it up alittle, stop with the gender thing, everybody get together and do this work" kakashi said while going back to his novel.

All the guys walked over to the girls group and sat down. All the girls blushed as the boys sat next to them.

"what's up Hinata?" naruto said as he put his arm around her shoulder she turned red like a tomato.

"umm, fine naruto kun" she said trying as hard as she can to not blush in front of her boyfriend.

"they're going out" Ino said to sakura.

"I'll introduce you to my boyfriend at lunch, his name's Neji and he's a total hottie" tenten said while smirking.

"and right there's my man" ino said pointing to a boy in a ponytail "shika kun?" ino called catching shikamaru's attention.

"ahhh how troublesome" he said scratching his head as he walked up to ino and wrapped his arm around her in a hug.

"hey shika-kun this is sakura, the new girl". ino said.

"oh hey" he said lazily "did you meet the guys?" he asked

"um no not yet" sakura said.

"ok then, everyone this is sakura, sakura this is Lee, Chouji, Kiba, Shino, Naruto" naruto flashed his foxy grin at her "and Sasuke" sasuke looked at her from head to toe and smirked "hn" was all he said.

Sakura looked at him and smiled at him as he walked up to her and sat down next to her.

"hey there beautiful" he said looking at her in a seductively way.

"fine" she said.

"so you want to go to the movies later?" he asked her.

" I have a boyfriend" she said looking up at him.

"so?" he said still looking at her.

"so that means I'm going to stay faithful to him no matter what"

"for now, and whoever said I liked you in that way?" sasuke said.

"tss excuse me?" she said.

"you just need time to get over him" he said.

" no I don't need time, because I won't get over him" she said determined.

"seriously, I can have you wrapped around my fingers like that if I wanted to". He said looking at her straight in the eyes with a serious face.

"oh really?" she said with a sarcastic tone in her voice.

"just like all the other girls" he said.

"well I'm not like the other girls" she said with an attitude.

"Women are women" he said and got up as the bell rang.

She walked out of the classroom and saw sasuke pull a girl into a tight hug and kissing her. She just stood there and stared at the scene in front of her.

"that's his girlfriend Suki". Ino said.

"wait he has a girlfriend, and he was flirting with me like that? What a jerk" sakura said clearly with anger in her voice.

"girl that's who he is, he's a player he plays women, he goes out with a girl and after he gets what he wants from her he breaks up with them". Ino explained to her.

"yeah and he's gone out with most of these girls, but he's so hot though look at him". Rika said staring at sasuke dreamily.

"hey ladies" sasuke said to them as he walked by with his girlfriend in his arm.

" she slapped him lightly on the chest and said " sasuke, what was that?"

He laughed a little and said "I'm just being friendly" and walked up to his friends with her.

"I can't believe how all of these girls are in love with a guy like him"

Sakura said shaking her head in disbelief.

"because he's smart, hot, sexy, handsome, beautiful, and the list goes on." Kimaro said.

"ok so let's go to our next class" ino said.

Sakura looked back and saw sasuke looking back at her also, he flashed her a smile and turned away before disappearing in the crowdes with his girl.

Sakura turned around with a smile on her face as she walked the opposite way with her girls, 'damn he really does look good' she thought to herself.