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Sam leaned against the wall as he listened to Dean tell John when everything had started. Apparently, he had been eight when Lyle had first visited him.

"Eight? You were eight?" John queried. Dang it. How could I miss this? the hunter wondered.

"Yes, Sir," Dean confirmed. "I---I didn't understand at first and after it was all over, I threatened to tell you," he continued.

"But you didn't," John commented softly.

"No, Sir. 'Cuz he threatened to go after Sam unless I kept my mouth shut," Dean confirmed.

"How long? How long did that bastard betray me?" John asked angrily.

"You stopped making me stay when I was twelve. Said I was finally old enough to join you overnight," Dean answered.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Dude. If I had known, I would've killed him myself," John assured. Sam blew out a breath. Yeah. Figures he'd say that Dean. If this was me, he'd be yelling and saying I was weak, he thought to himself. John looked to his youngest. What was he thinking?

"Sam, it's your turn," John said quietly.

"No," Sam replied. "Dad, I'm---fine. There's---there's nothing to talk about," he continued.

"Sammy, come on. Whatever it is, you can tell me. I won't be mad at you," John promised.

"Right. That's a good one Dad," Sam scoffed, abandoning his previous position.

"Sammy," John said in surprise.

"Oh, come on! You wouldn't even be putting any stock into this if Dean didn't say anything!" Sam shouted.

"Wha---Sammy!" Dean gasped. How can he think that? he wondered.

"Dean's the favorite and he always has been! All I've ever been was a disappointment!" Sam continued.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Sammy," John interjected, noting the slight shaking of the room's furniture.

"I mean, why else would you leave me there? Why else wouldn't you have been able to see the signs?" Sam asked. His throat muscles constricted and the room was stationary again.

"Sammy, I didn't see the signs because I was too wrapped up in the hunt. This was my fault," John said.

"He---just---never stopped. I tried to fight him and he started beating me," Sam said. John's felt a lump in his throat that decided to stay.

"Oh, boys. I'm so sorry," the eldest Winchester said softly. Then, "When did it start for you, Sammy?" Sam's eyes clouded and he turned around.

"I---I can't. I promised," he whispered.

"Hey, I promised too and look where that got me," Dean pointed out. Sam looked at the ground.

"Four. I was four," he admitted.

"Oh, man," Dean whispered, feeling sick to his stomach. From the start? He had lied to me from the start? he thought angrily.

"If I could, I'd kill him myself," John repeated.

"When I got old enough, I began to fight back. But then, he'd just beat me. After the first couple of times, I just took it. But he still---you know," Sam confessed. John blew out a breath and stood there listening as Sam continued revealing what had happened to him, with Dean interjecting with more of his own memories. As they talked, both Winchester sons felt as if a huge weight had been lifted. Their secrets were finally being let out into the open.



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