This idea came to me at 1am, when I was lying on my bed, wanting to sleep but not being able to for some reason. If it wasn't for the fact that it was 1 am, I would've gotten up, headed to the computer room and started writing. But anyway, here's my first Saiyuki oneshot; with my fave pairing: Gojyo x Hakkai. Oh, um, they're walking…

The Sanzo party stared at the sign in front of them.


"What kind of discrimination is that?" asked Gojyo, with a shake of his head.

"How idiotic," muttured Sanzo; and proceeded to light a cigarette.

"Hungry…" whined Goku.

Hakkai smiled. "Now, now, guys… if we want to enter the village, we have to do what they say. I'll conduct a physical examination for you three, okay?" he said, cocking his head sideways.

"And who made you nurse?" demanded Gojyo, who was confident his back was "100 percent straight", thank you very much.

Hakkai remained silent.

"Shut up, cockroach head. Just let him do whatever he wants." Sanzo snapped, annoyed.

Instantly Hakkai brightened up, and cheerfully announced that Gojyo was to be his first patient.

"Why me?" Gojyo growled, " I ain't got no back problem."

"I do not have any back problem whatsoever," corrected Hakkai.

Gojyo rolled his eyes. "Fine. Sanzo, Goku, do you mind?"

Sanzo dragged a zombie-like Goku away. Satisfied, Gojyo turned to Hakkai. "Well, what do I have to do?"

Again there was that smile, which could have been either sly or innocent. Gojyo couldn't tell which.

" Remove your shirt, please," he instructed. Gojyo hesitated. Sure, they were both guys, and yeah, they had seen each other shirtless before, had they not? But somehow he felt weird…

"Need help?" chimed a seemingly over enthusiastic Hakkai.

Gojyo blinked. "Uh, no thanks," he replied, and hurriedly took his shirt off.

"Ok, now just bend down to touch your toes."

Gojyo did so, and the next minute, he felt Hakkai behind him, calm as always, lightly placing two fingers on the back of his neck.

Then he ran his fingers down Gojyo's spine a few times, as if he were stroking a kitten.

Gojyo felt slightly ticklish at the start, but soon he realized he rather liked the feeling.

"Done," Hakkai declared, his hand dropping back to his side as Gojyo stood up.

"You're absolutely straight," he told Gojyo with a lopsided grin.

Gojyo shrugged on his shirt. "Is that so? I think I'm a little bent." He smiled at Hakkai over his shoulder.


"Forget it. Oh, and I'll be examining you later on," he added.

"E-examining me? W…what for? " Stuttered Hakkai, turning a little pink.

"Your back, silly. What did you think I meant? Unless…" he paused suggestively, and winked at a now tomato-red Hakkai.

"I think just checking my back is fine, Gojyo, thank you," mumbled a visibly flustered Hakkai.

"Well, you'd better examine Sanzo and Goku now," Gojyo said, walking away. "I'll be back later."

And what did you know…

Hakkai turned out to be a little bent too.

Okay… that did not turn out the way I imagined it, but I hope you get the idea; and the thing about being bent. Thanks for reading anyway…