A Year and Counting

Disclaimer!: This is a fan fic, based of the books Twilight and New Moon written by Stephenie Meyer. Most characters will belong to her, though I may add in my own for the benefit of the story/plot.

Warning!: Possible spoilers and graphic details to come later in the story. Just a heads up.

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"Tell me why we are here again?" I could hear the whine in my voice as I once again repeated the question, no doubt pushing Rosalie past the point of exasperation. With each and every little sigh that escaped my mouth I could see her shoulders tense and I knew it was taking every fiber of her being to not turn around and bite my head off. Quite literally. A much more good natured Alice skimmed along the racks and racks of expensive dresses, her beautiful, liquid topaz eyes intent on the task set before here.

"Homecoming is in less then a week, Bella." My pixie-like friend kindly informed me for the twelfth time since we left the house. I, of course, knew this. I had out right refused to attend, as I had no so politely informed Edward when the Alice told him when the party committee had finally selected a date. No more was brought up about it and I foolishly had thought that I'd won the battle. That was till this afternoon when, after school, Alice and Edward escorted me to Rosalie's flashy red car (was it a BMW?). No I was being subjected to playing dress up for the elegant beauties that flipped through the folds of fabric and delicate heeled shoes, stopping to consult once in a while. And here I sat, on an over stuffed, paisley and wood chair, plotting my escape. From my vantage point, the front doors beckoned to me. Now if I could actually depend on my feet to not get tripped up on invisible objects on the floor..

It was then that I noticed that Alice preformed one of her infamous twirls able to rival the best ballerina, a dress of a pretty, pale blue shade held up for my inspection. Why she even bother with my critique, I don't know. None of these I wanted, not only due to the over pricing, but also because I was still stubbornly refusing to set one foot near that school during Homecoming. "It's set in stone, so give it up and make it easier on us." Alice informed me, catching my one last fleeting glance at the exit. I know it was childish, but I actually jutted my chin out, pouting as I crossed my arms and slouched in the chair. With that tinkling little laugh that reminded me of wind chimes on a summer twilight, the one that always drew a smile to my face, Alice had pulled me up and was ushering me quickly to the dressing rooms.

Alice, more then eager to see me in this dress, undressed me at top speed before slipping the cool, silky fabric over the top of my head. Carefully I moved my hair to the side as she did up the zipper, locking me inside of this contraption that clearly spelled out danger for me. "I feel like an over-dressed monkey." I complained, pulling at the long folds of pale blue material that spilled out elegantly over my hips and to the floor. An annoyed tisk sounded from behind me as icy cool digits arranged the off the shoulder straps, skillfully tucking the straps of my bra under the material so that it was hidden. Other adjustments were made, with much encouragement of course. "Get 'em up there. You have breasts for a reason." "Don't slouch." "Here, let me just fix your hair like this…"

By the time I stepped out of the dressing room to model for Rosalie (this seemed oddly backwards; me modeling for possibly one of the most beautiful woman in the world.), shoes waited for me near the paisley chair I had left behind. My head ached somewhat now, Alice having attacked me with a hidden arsenal of bobby pins, and to add to my irritation, some genus had thought it wise to put the mirrors on the outside of the dressing stalls. I was steered to the chair and gently pushed down into it. Reaching for the box to examine the shoes and put them on, I paused for a moment, staring at the complicated mass of white and blue ribbon that would match the dress. "Honestly, you are clueless." The voice made my body jerk from surprise, my gaze traveling up to find Rose standing beside Alice, her hands on her hips as she rolled her eyes. In a single fluid movement, she was kneeling before me, taking hold of my foot and yanking my shoe and sock away (much to my amusement her pretty little nose wrinkled with disgust as she peeled the latter away.). Selecting the shoe for the corresponding foot, the blonde fixed the heel to my foot and started to wind the satin ribbons up my ankle and partly up my calf. The same process was carried on with the other foot, and soon I was all strapped in.

Gingerly I was hoisted up, both females keeping a good hold on me till they were positive I wouldn't topple right on over and break something. More then likely, that something would be a part of me. Slowly they stepped away, allowing me room to move. With the added height of the heels, the dress no longer pooled on the industrial carpeted floor and I could walk without much hindrance; not that it took anything to make me fall flat on my face. Carefully, I did a whole three-sixty in order for them to observe the dress at all angles. They approved with small nods, Alice complimenting Rosalie on her perfect choice in foot apparel. Then it was time for me to take the plunge; to move before the floor length mirrors that jutted out of the back side of the dressing rooms, the semi-circle of mirrors allowing me full view of myself.

What I saw before me was, well, me. Plain, old, Bella Swan. All the glory belonged to the dress draped over my all too plain body and the quick up-do compliments of Alice was just something else to claim attention. In my mind, this was just a way to hide the ugly duckling underneath. Dress anyone up in Prada and they instantly look better, as proved by many celebrities. It just covered up what was underneath. And it seemed I was the only one at the moment that could still see me. Hell, for this, I might as well still be wearing my jeans and chucky , cable knit sweater. "Alice, Rosalie, I really don't--" My attention was caught by movement from the lower left hand of the mirror, apparently from behind me. Twisting around, my foot catching on the others in the process, my arms flared out for me to catch my balance, which I somehow succeeded in gaining. There, standing beside one of those jumbo strollers with the whole she-bang, was a young girl around six or seven. Dirty blonde hair that frizzed due to the unmanageable mass of ringlets that coiled at the ends of her other wise corn silk hair, was clipped back with those cheap, plastic bow clips that I remembered so well from my childhood. A dark, navy colored pea coat about two sizes too big hung on her small shoulders, the overly large buttons undone to reveal a white blouse, creased from the day's use and a few stains that looked suspiciously like finger paint. Her lower half was concealed by a cotton, pleat skirt and thick, off white stockings, complete with those cute little patent leather shoes. Her mouth hung open, revealing that she was missing her two front teeth with no sign of the replacements coming in any time soon. Her skin was tanned darkly, reminding me of the girls at home whom would coat themselves in coconut or baby oil to make themselves darker and their hair lighter. Apparently she was either fresh back from a vacation somewhere very sunny or she just moved here. That or someone has been taking the poor child to a tanning salon. Lord knows she wasn't catching enough rays for that coloring here. "Are you princesses?" The girl asked in wonder, her painfully blue eyes wide with wonder. My soft spot for children kicked in then as I bent down to the girl's level, smiling softly at her. "We're all little girls at heart, and all little girls are princesses." I replied gently, glancing back at Alice whom looked as though she was half tempted to recruit the child as her new mannequin, which the child would probably enjoy. Rosalie on the other hand seemed nervous; unsure of herself. Apparently she was awkward with children. Turning back to the girl, I leaned in and smiled. "Do you want to know a secret?" I asked her. Eagerly she nodded and I could feel my two vampire friends edge closer, curios as to what I was going to tell the blonde. "We're fairy princesses and we're here to find dresses so we can look pretty for our princes." The gasp that issued from that child's mouth was enough to cause even Rosalie to secretly giggle. "I wanna be a fairy too!" the girl cried, bouncing up and down, bumping the carriage and waking the occupant inside. "Uh-oh…"

"What should we do? Where's your mother?" Alice asked the girl as we gathered around the stroller, looking down at the baby that was hardly older then a new born. The girl sudden became rather quite and looked rather small as she glanced shyly up at us. "I dunno." She replied. All the while, the baby's faint cries were growing louder, as was the wrinkly red face. Its little body shook with frustration, little fists curled up and its mouth wide open yet no noise emitting. "What's wrong with it?" Rosalie asked in growing panic, so much so that I could almost hear her thoughts that repeated over and over for the child to breath. Then a strange, strangling, bubbling noise was heard and semi-digested formula started spewing from the little one's mouth. With no control over its body, the poor baby wasn't even able to roll over to prevent itself from choking. That was when real panic set in for both Alice and Rosalie. The sound that came from me made both my soon-to-be sisters to look at me. I chuckled! Casually I bent down and picked the withered looking pink (well, excluding the blood red face) thing up and went to place it against my chest. Having thought, and moved, quickly, a small blanket from the carriage was placed over my shoulder by Alice, her normally clear brow scrunched up in such worry and concern that I had to tell her to calm down. Lightly I began the steady beat on the infant's back, encouraging for the baby to finish bringing up the rest of the formula. And soon it was brought up and if it wasn't for that blanket, the spit-up would have been all over the dress I was still wearing. "Gross." I heard Rosalie muttered, yet this didn't bother me any. Surprisingly, I was enjoying it. Because it was right then and there, at that very moment, that something was occurring.

I can clearly remember the family video tape of when I was around nine. We had been sitting in front of my house as I surveyed one of the young baby's that my mother watched from time to time. "So, Bella. When you do plan on getting married?" My mother's voice would ask in a joking manner. Very seriously I would look up to the camera; at her, and reply in a flat voice, "Never." Currently, I am engaged to my vampire boyfriend. "Never?" She would continue on in amusement. "Well, what about kids? How many do you want?" I would rolled my eyes at her immaturity and retort with "No, I don't want kids." Laughing, the camera would go out of focus a few times as my mother had her laugh then readjusted it. "Just you wait. I used to say the same thing till one day it hit me. And I've never been happier." The end of the Kodiak moment was completed my nine year old self making a 'yeah, right' face.

I now fully understand what my mother had said to me. Because it was right now, as I stood here cradling this baby, rocking from side to side slightly as I hummed My Lullaby, that I was hit with the full force of it all. I wanted a baby. A baby was I would carry in my womb, feel and watching growing, experience the birth, and then raise. But…This was something that I could never be given. Something that my Edward could never give me. Or was there a way around this….?