Fan Fiction: "Room 227"

Summary: Every night he would venture to that room and sit in there for hours until he realized…no one was there. No pink hair, no pale closed eyelids, no frail smooth hand, just white sheets and a dusty bed…

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Room 227

Room 227.

Found in the abandoned wing of the prestigious Konoha Hospital. No one has ventured into that wing for more than five years not since it happened.

If you were to ask someone, anyone really, what happened on that cold November day five years ago they would tell you the same.


They say when someone goes through so much stress and traumatic incidents that they feel well…indifferent to the world. And for the most part it is true.

People cried oh yes. They expressed their grief very respectively, very normally. And they moved on. Oh yes they moved on. As such is human nature.

But…My dear readers we aren't talking about those people. Those people who knew Haruno Sakura as a pretty young girl with her heart snatched and trashed by an Uchiha traitor. No, my friends, we are talking about a more specific, if you will category.

If you were to ask the Rookie Nine and Team Gai about what had happened on that fateful day, they would tell you something a little more different.

It was the day that changed everyone.

The day Haruno Sakura fell into a coma.

The day was the fifth of November.

It was an unreasonably cold day. A day that literally announced that winter was upon them in slow steady footsteps. Dead leaves blew across the almost empty street. It seemed today was the day to stay home drinking warm hot chocolate and wearing fuzzy socks. And most people did except for two…


Haruno Sakura peered down the cliff carefully before closing her eyes.

Breathe in.

Cold crisp air filled her lungs to the point of gasping.

Breathe out.

White wispy puffs exhaled into the wind.

She spread her arms feeling the wind press against her red tank top and white sweatpants. Not a care in the world was what most people would describe this picture.

Well…most people were just plain dumb.

Had they been observant they would notice the shiny wet streaks of silent tears on her red cheeks, or the fact she was leaning ever so slightly over the edge.

She wasn't going to commit suicide or anything. She merely wanted the wind to blow her thoughts and worries away. But that didn't stop the figure who was watching her since she left her house grasp her wrist.



Pale green eyes trailed up a lean muscular arm, past a black clad broad shoulder, up towards deep onyx eyes which glared quite harshly at her.

Hello, Uchiha Sasuke.

"What are you doing?" he hissed between teeth.


Sakura tugged futilely at her wrist but didn't answer.


Sasuke tightened his grip, "I said…What are you doing?"

"Nothing…" she mumbled.

"Hn. Lying was never one of your strong points."

Sakura whipped her head up, "I'm serious! I wasn't going to do anything."

"Oh really…then do explain why you're leaning off a cliff, hmm?"

"For your information, Mr. Uchiha, I was clearing my head."

"So falling off a fifty foot cliff is clearing your head?"


"For the last time, I WASN'T going to jump off!!"

"Mm-hmm…Who said anything about jumping off? I said falling off."


"Falling! Jumping! It's practically the same thing!!"

"Well anyway…step away from the cliff, Sakura."


"I'm not done clearing my head. In fact, you're making it worse. So get off me."



"ARGH! You're so infuriating! Just let go!! I don't want to see you again!"

"Stop being so annoying and just move, Sakura!"

"I said…LET. ME. GO!"

"And I said, NO."

"Well why the hell not!"


"You wouldn't let me explain."


"There's nothing left to explain, Sasuke. You're getting married in three days I think that explains enough. Hell, you didn't even give me an invitation."

"Do you want one?"


"HELL NO! The point is, Sasuke, you shouldn't even be here! So do us all a favor and get out of my life!"

"I thought I told you this marriage is arranged. I can't go back on something that's been set in my future since I was born!"


"GOD! You sound like Neji! You could have said no!"

"I can't!"



"Sakura…I told you-"

"NO! I want to hear it from you, not some dusty old scroll!"


"It's my parents' last wish, why can't you understand?"

"I see how it is…its some stupid pride thing isn't it?"


"ISN'T IT?!"

Look away.

"…It's my parents' last wish-"

"No! Did your parents say to kill your own brother!?"


"That was out of line, Sakura."

"Sasuke…Do you love me?"




"Do you?"

"No, I don't…"

"…Let go of me."


"LET GO OF ME!!!-"

Sakura felt the wind push her back and gravity pull her down to earth. Eyes wide open with tears, hands grasping in the air for anything to hold, anything to save her life as the black choppy waters became closer and closer…


And with that, she fell into darkness…

Present day…

"Remember; remember the fifth of November…" Uzumaki Naruto, Rokudaime and father of three children watched the sun fade behind the large expanse of forest.

"You know he's going to do it again." Tsunade leaned back on the couch sipping some sake. It curled pleasantly in her stomach as she finished the cup and poured herself a new one.


Naruto leaned his forehead on the cool glass, "I know, I know. He does it every month now."

"And soon he'll do it every night."

"Is there no cure?"

Tsunade regarded the now mature demon child-no man skeptically, "You know the answer to that."

Naruto plopped into his chair and growled lightly, "It can't be done. You know that. The elders have announced it as his punishment for life."

"Then I'm afraid every month on the first fifth day he'll visit that room." Tsunade finished the sake bottle solemnly before grabbing a new one.

"I just wish there was something I could do…"

She placed a cup on his desk, "Drink up. It's going to be a long night."

The fifth of November resulted in the beginning of Haruno Sakura's new life in the special care ward of the Konoha hospital.

It was also the beginning of Uchiha Sasuke's new single status. The engagement failed quite miserably after Sakura hit stable condition.

Room 227 was one of the many rooms occupied by lost cases. There was no hope for her to recover…at all.

But that didn't stop the Uchiha from visiting every night with a daffodil in hand and his guilt riding high. And so began his routine for the next few months.

Sasuke blamed himself for the entire thing. Saying he could have tried harder or he could have been stronger. He could have done anything if he had known the pain he was going to suffer on end.

Sakura's closest friends and fellow ninja who knew both quite well didn't blame him. However not all were satisfied with the guilt steadily eating away the small amount of sanity left within him.

For example the citizens of Konoha were not so forgiving. They never fully welcomed him into their lives again after he had come back from Orochimaru. When Tsunade, the great Godaime was still in office she had let, for the most part, Sasuke off with a simple warning and small probation.

But things have become complicated…

With Konoha's Cherry Blossom under life-sustaining machines and forever stuck in eternal sleep, the citizens demanded his immediate punishment.

And the elders of Konoha did just that.

Thus why the citizens of Konoha have moved on so quickly with the tragedy that is Haruno Sakura.

In the dark hallways of the Konoha Psychiatric Prison, behind a metal door Uchiha Sasuke spends his days wasting away.

You must be asking how this happened.

They say the guilt became so overwhelming that he grew insane. Others say he was already off the edge since the beginning.

But the Hokage knew.

The Rookie Nine and Team Gai knew.

The many shinobi whose lives were touched by Sakura or Sasuke knew.

His sanity died once they let her go.

With no Sakura there was no Sasuke. Simple as that.

It was ironic that he had at one time thought he could have lived without her and without love. Now she was the very reason what kept him from losing himself.

Call it cliché, it was the reason. A secret of secrets kept hidden from the rest of the world.

And so he was sent to the mental ward to forever live his life under constant surveillance. And he accepted his fate surprisingly. Though they had to pry his cold hands from Sakura's empty bed post…

What Sasuke didn't know was…Haruno Sakura, the nineteen year old woman who fell off a cliff heartbroken and lost her ability to open her eyes…never-

Present Day…

Stoic onyx eyes peered right then left before sneaking out the door. His bare feet barely making a noise on the cold gray tiled floor, his hands brushing the walls in the pitch black darkness…

December the fifth was the date.

Slowly he grasped the doorknob before pushing the heavy steel doors open with a shudder. The freezing air immediately numbed his toes and yet he trudge on leaping from roof to roof to reach his destination.

Surely a prisoner, especially a mental prisoner, would cause such distress among the public. But no one knew of his escapades where in any weather or condition he was in he would still go. Only the doctors, the Rokudaime and maybe a few shinobi knew as he passed the hospital double doors where he was going.

And as the Rokudaime had such information he made no move to stop it.

Maybe it was the bond still holding them together albeit a bit strained but still holding tight. Or the pity for a man who lost his only love of a lifetime.

Whatever the reason Uzumaki Naruto watched sadly as the last Uchiha survivor open a familiar door…

Room 227.

Sasuke sat lightly in the chair facing the bed and smiled softly like there really was a person under the covers breathing, living. His cold hand grasped air like he was holding a hand. His thumb was caressing air and his other hand touched the air above the pillow as if moving pink strands of hair.

This was the mystery of Uchiha Sasuke's mind.

No one knows why he does this. But as they say, habits die hard.

Real hard.

His hand went into his pocket to get a crumpled white daffodil whose soft petals turned crunchy with time and decay. Two days ago the nurses let the patients have some time outside seeing as being cooped inside never did anyone any good. His eyes immediately spotted a white daffodil barely alive and ready to die among its sisters.

He liked it.

Sakura would have liked it.

And so he brought it in his little tin cup for water for his countless pills. He wouldn't need it anyway. He hated the pills, they tasted funny.

He stayed late into the night until early, early morning until one of the nurses would take him by the arm and send him back to the prison…

In a way, he didn't think he was insane.

They never do.

He was merely visiting the one girl who he only had his eyes for.

That's it.




Tears splashed the ground.

Naruto touched a small shoulder, "You can't see him."

A pale hand reached out to touch the surveillance camera screen image of Sasuke, "…Why?"

"It'll never work. He's gone Sakura-chan, he won't get better."

Haruno Sakura sadly dropped her arm, "I know…"

Naruto puffed his cheeks in frustration, "Then why bother, Sakura-chan. I can't stand to see you this way anymore!"



"Because ninjas who don't take care of their comrades are lower than trash."

"Heh…true, very true. Hinata must be having a stroke by now…I'll see you tomorrow Sakura-chan. Get some sleep." Naruto slapped the crying kunoichi lightly on the back before disappearing.

'Don't worry, Sasuke-kun...'

Sakura let her fingers lightly brush the scar on her scalp.

'We'll save you…'

She gave one look at the screen and smiled softly.

'Just you wait!'

The cherry blossom of Spring blooms but twice after the Winter snows melt…

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