Fan Fiction: "Room 227"

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Room 227

'You're like the sky…Beautiful to look at, Impossible to reach…'

This was not normal.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

Abnormal, is what it is.

Very abnormal.

So abnormal that Uchiha Sasuke stopped his whole routine for the day to regard this "problem".

A problem in the shape of a dirty tattered piece of cloth…

Now you all are wondering, what is going on? It's simple really, Uchiha Sasuke, mental patient at Konoha's Psychiatric Asylum, received a small letter jammed in the dusty little hole on his wall. No one can see the hole lest they move his dirty cot from the wall adjoining the room next door.

But what was so remarkable was the fact that he was getting a letter.

Seriously, who's that insane to write a letter to the Uchiha Sasuke?

And thus began our mystery…

It was, to put it bluntly, a normal day.

Or as normal as it would get for a patient at an asylum…But moving right along.

Despite being diagnosed with mental illness, Sasuke kept many of his habits. One of those habits being keeping a simple yet efficient day-to-day routine…

Call it obsessive compulsive, it was the way he worked every single day of his life and he wasn't going to stop now. He was probably the most organized of all the psychiatric patients there. But never the less Sasuke quickly adapted to his new life and it went a little like this.

Wake up, eat, brood, read random scrolls Naruto smuggled inside, eat, roam the hallways, brood, eat, shower, sleep.

Not very exciting is it?

People were not entirely sure it was a good thing to adapt so quickly especially when you're being sent to a mental institution.

Even so he kept this routine up rarely ever stepping out of routine unless necessary. This of course, rarely did happen.

And so when the little cloth was forcefully jammed into the hole you can imagine it was quite the shock.

Or was it apathetic? One was never sure with the Uchiha.

It was his aka. "Brooding time".

He was merely lying on the cold stone floor looking under cot; he thought he saw a flash of soft pink hair peek from underneath.

And while investigating…

Sakura always did like to play hide-and-seek when they were little…

He came across the most peculiar scene of the cloth.

Thinking it was trash, he snatched it only to find it had writing on it.

Strange, very strange…

Haruno Sakura gazed out the window her pink locks plaited loosely with a red ribbon, her fingers caressing a battered headband.




"Oh…Hi Rokudaime-sama."

Naruto rubbed the back of his head embarrassed, "Now Sakura-chan I told you not to call me that."

"Right…Must have slipped my mind."


"Sakura-chan…You're doing it again."

Sakura smiled brightly, "What do you mean, Naruto?"

Naruto plopped into his soft plushy chair, "You're touching your scar."

Sakura's hand ceased its exploration of the hidden mass of scar tissue under her hair.



"How long has it been since the operation?"

"5 years to be exact."

Naruto regarded the kunoichi lightly, "We thought we lost you."

"I thought I lost myself too."

"Don't worry Sakura-chan, they'll come around soon. Just wait."

Sakura gave a weak smile, "Hai…"

You must be confused.

Am I right?

December 25, fifty days after Sakura's accidental fall; the hospital was given permission to stop all life-sustaining machines.

December 25, fifty days prior to Uchiha Sasuke's sentence into the mental ward, Haruno Sakura regained consciousness.

Of course she didn't magically wake up feeling dandy. They say she woke from the countless pleas of her friends. But that's just too cliché.

Surgery was of course top priority. Christmas miracle, they say. Some reason that even the head doctor couldn't predict or explain Sakura's brain waves were functioning at alarming rates.

If she wasn't given proper treatment, she wouldn't make it past the hour.

You all are wondering where was Sasuke in all this. How could he lose all sane thoughts? How could he snap?

His mind was mentally unstable. His entire being embraced the fact that she was gone and it was his entire fault.

Nothing was left but an empty shell with memories.

'Dear Reader,

I apologize this may seem odd to you. But I feel that as my time is coming to a close, that I must share my life story so that it can be passed to other generations. Even if it doesn't reach past these metal walls, I am willing to make any price.

Where to begin…My name is Fuyu Yuki and I am 23 years old. I feel that my childhood was normal enough. I had my fair share of ups and downs. Bullies, best friends, first loves…Only difference from me to any other female in this place…My first love is my only love.

Call me weird, call me stupid, call me whatever you want, he was perfect. My one and only, my savior, the one person I could lean to for protection and comfort. Only problem was, he just didn't know it.

Well…actually he did know just didn't cared. I had fallen in love with a man who could not love.

His past was complicated and tragic. His appearance cool and handsome. His attitude dark and furious. An enigma so to speak, a very dark and ice cube-ish sort of enigma.

I was doomed to love, my best friend said to me once. In fact it was because of him I stopped being friends with her all together…'

The cloth ended there. The Uchiha tilted his head as if a different angle would send some answers.


In a frightening sort of way, it reminded him of a certain someone. Sasuke peeked out of his peripheral to see a flash of pink.


Come out; come out wherever you are…


Sasuke glared at the hole as another piece of cloth was jammed unceremoniously inside. Bidding an imaginary Sakura a goodbye he took the next slip.

'Once again I apologize, writing material comes hard these days.

Where was I…Oh yes! From age 7 to 13 I studied at Konoha Academy. I was never good. Only my intelligence and chakra control were my strong points. Taijutsu was a nightmare. I graduated at the age of 13 and was put on the Genin Team 14. It was then when I truly met my love. However our meeting caused much strife and led to the pushing away of his affection and acknowledgement.

I'll admit with a solemn heart that I was indeed a "fan girl". Believe me I'm not proud. If I could go back in time I would. I was a fool for the majority of our time together. We faced enemies. Many of which were far above our league but we managed, barely…

Chunnin Exams began my true growth in love and mental stability. I aced the written exams my fellow teammates barely brushing the passing curriculum. The Forest of Death may have been the beginning of my lover's acknowledgement I may never know. It was then I realized I was truly never giving myself credit. And when my teammates were incapable of protection I was there. They were going to watch my back whether they liked it or not…'


Sasuke's face paled slightly.


It was oh so familiar.

Lightheadedness followed. Routine…where was his damn routine!? He needed it; no balance was served without a plan.

Suddenly the pure white room felt much too small. Claustrophobia clawed its way up his throat leaving scars and panic.


Sasuke nearly lunged for the third slip.

Maybe it was coincidence. Maybe this time it would be different.

Luck was never truly on his side.

'I am sad to inform you I didn't make it to the third round. I didn't lose but I didn't win. Tying in something is always so bittersweet. He made it though. And I made it my goal to support him, even if he didn't want me there.

His battle almost ended his life and mine as well. I'm afraid that story is so detailed that it would be a hard time writing all that on this tiny slip.

It wasn't long till issues arose. His past returned with fiery vengeance and I, stuck in its aftermath. He left soon after, leaving his home, family, friends, and teachers.

I guess I wasn't good enough reason for he left with no goodbye. My other teammate, whose name shall not be said, was his best friend and had almost died trying to bring him back, all because I made him promise. My stupid selfish little promise…Promise of a lifetime he said, and I believed him.

2 ½ years past and I seeked to become stronger. My childish crush blooming into true love. We met him once which resulted in only more pain and anguish.

2 years later, he returned. Beaten yet satisfied. His goal reached and his life simplified. I forgave him; little did I know he would help me end up here…'

Sasuke's thoughts jumbled into one giant mass; it's rapid succession never ending.

He would have missed the fourth part had a sharp rap caught his attention.

'My love has never diminished. But it has calmed. I realized pushing and forcing my feeling would end in dire consequences, so I kept it small. I was eager to take anything he gave me.

Friendship is a beautiful thing indeed, but I will always wish for more. Is it wrong to wish for such? I have lived this life through many phases. Many of which I'm not proud of. Is it so wrong to love?

He was untouchable, I understood that. His feelings were fragile and dusty from neglect, I understood that. I understood his many quirks, his habits, his likes and dislikes, his few things that gave him peace. I just will never understand his completely. I should know, he has told me this countless times.

He was my undoing.

He was the crack from the beginning slowly deepening with age. I will never know if he suffered as much as I did. Sometimes at night, I would rub my hand over my chest and wonder why. Why? I should have a crack. A crack on my heart. My aching and slowly breaking heart.

They call me insane to love such a man. I guess normal mental instability diagnoses have changed quite a lot.

And here I am, lying on my cot writing to you, dear reader. For I feel my time is near and my story I wish could be published. For there is no such love as bittersweet as unrequited love. You must be bored. I apologize but there is no one left and I feel we can relate in some way. However…

I have not disclosed an important detail. You may or may not have realized as you read this.

I am not Fuyu Yuki and I love-'


A nurse screamed and ran down the hall. Sasuke paid no heed as he stopped in front of a door.

Its silvery metal paint peeled and rusted. Coldness numbed his arm as he touched the door before grabbing the door handle. The red numbers glared at him as he grabbed the door off its hinges.

Room 227.

How ironic.

His eyes frantically swiveled from right to left, right to left. A maniacal expression almost splitting his face in two.

"Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Sakura-"




Wide bloodshot eyes stared at the petite girl on a cot by a hole in the wall.


Long pink hair.


Bright emerald green eyes.


Smooth pale skin.


Petite frail body.


Soft pink lips.

The dirty letter fell to the ground.


"SASUKE!" Naruto crashed into a wall in his haste and stared at the two people on the wall.

The smaller one, female, was pinned tightly by the larger one, male. The man's head buried in the crook of her neck muttered incoherent sentences. His hands convulsed violently as he clutched her waist and shirt like a child.

"Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Sakura-"

Naruto tried to pry his friend's cold fingers from Sakura's shirt.

"Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Sakura-"

"Sasuke-teme, you're hurting her!"

"Sakura, Sakura, Sakura-"

A warm hand encased his frozen cheek; his mantra never ending. Tears spilled from her eyes as she picked up his head from her shoulder.

"Sakura, Sakura, Sakura, Sakura-"

"I'm here, Sasuke-kun. I'm here."


When was the last time she saw him face-to-face? That time when she fell, the waters unforgiving?

"SAKURA!" Sasuke ran quickly down the grassy side of the cliff. His feet carrying him to unimaginable speed.

She didn't just fall, she didn't fall down that cliff, he didn't just let her fall like that…

His fault, all his fault…


She could feel several bones break on contact as she sunk slowly into the black waters. However no noise would escape her throat. Dull green eyes blinked slowly in the water before closing.

Maybe it was for the best…

No one wanted a broken doll.

A heartless doll…

Suddenly a hand grasped her wrist. Her mind too weak to open her eyes. Faint words could be heard in the background…

"I love you, don't die. I love you, don't die. Please, I love you, don't die…"

"Don't you think he served his sentence long enough?" Tsunade crossed her legs as she glared at the council elders.

Their attention was pushed back to the monitors watching Sasuke and Sakura's every move.

"You are well aware he is still mentally unstable."

Brown eyes hardened, "I'm willing to take that chance."

The male elder nodded, "If he does anything else to screw up then we will have no choice to take…harsher actions."

Relief flooded her from head to toe, "You have my word and the Rokudaime's word on that."

"Then by all means…Uchiha Sasuke is free to go."

Sakura embraced Sasuke closer to her chest, his body shaking uncontrollably.

"He'll never be the same again, you know." Naruto crossed his arms over his chest a sad smile playing on his lips.

Sakura clutched his white prison shirt, "I know. But I have a feeling it'll all work out."

Sasuke picked up his head and brushed his lips to hers, "Love me?"


"Yes Sasuke-kun, I love you."

"Hn. Good."

Naruto picked up a dirty piece of cloth in curiosity and grinned at the words inscribed at the bottom.

'I am not Fuyu Yuki and I am in love with…Uchiha Sasuke.'

'Fly me to the moon, and spin me webs of sweet, sweet songs. For when I sleep, it is you I only dream.'

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