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Anime: Yugioh/Inuyasha Crossover

Pairing: Atemu (Yami)/Kagome

Summary: What would happen if the well had sent Kagome, not only farther back in time, but to another continent as well?

AN: This Chapter has been edited with grammar and spelling corrections.

Chapter One
Not in Japan Anymore, On to Thebes

The day was peaceful with the birds singing their melodies and the plant life having grown into a lush green as Kagome made her way to the Bone-Eaters Well to return home. She had already said her goodbyes to her friends, including her beloved son, Shippó. It was a tearful goodbye… but Kagome knew that they would meet again someday in her era, if Sango and Miroku were reincarnated, and she was sure that she would be able to see Shippó in the future if he were able to survive that long as well as her other demon friends.

Inuyasha, after defeating Naraku and the jewel being absorbed into her body, decided to break all ties with her so he could go to Hell with Kikyo. He had hurt Kagome so much that she was beyond caring about what he wanted to do. But what the dumb mutt didn't know was that once Kikyo had passed the surface to Hell, the part of her soul she possessed would return to Kagome. So in other words: Inuyasha would be in Hell alone…

(I know that's evil, even for me but you have to admit that how could Kikyo still Keep that part of her soul when she's already been reincarnated)

Kagome concluded that it wasn't her business nor was it her problem. The hanyou was more than three hundred years old and was old enough to make his own decisions despite that he acted like a spoiled child.

She had to admit that she would miss the rest of her friends, whom she had come to see as her second family, very dearly. Even after all that they've been through together.

Before the final battle, Sesshoumaru had decided to train her because he not only believed that Kagome had the potential to wield any weapon but to also defeat Naraku.

The training took three months for her to complete and Kagome had proven herself to be a fast learner despite how harsh the Taiyoukai's training was because he was such a perfectionist. After completing the training, Sesshoumaru gave her a long sword that was five foot-four inches and another that was of normal length. Both were made by his fang along with the feathers of a six-winged fairy and were able to withstand her purification when fusing it with the swords.

The blades glistened with a pure white light while the hilts were jeweled with opal gems and diamonds. And on the blades close to the hilts were what looked like six-winged angels on both sides of the blades making them look as if they were made by the sword smiths of Heaven themselves.

They were very beautiful and Kagome couldn't help but hug the stoic Youkai lord to show how much she truly loved to swords and named the sister blades "Roku no Tsubasa" or Six Wings.

(I'd like to thank larkargurl12 for helping Choatic Rei and me with the Japanese Translation for Six Wings. It really helped a lot.)

During the celebration for their victory of defeating Naraku, Kagome was given even more gifts to remember her second family by.

A chained sickle from Sango that very much resembled Kohaku's was given to her. Except it had a black dragon with red eyes wrapping its body around the hilt of the sickle while the blade's sharp edge was as red as the black dragon's eyes. With the chained sickle came a Taijya mask.

Miroku and Kaede gave prayer beads of Protection as well as four Sacred Beast Summoning Prayer beads to her. The Beads of Protection were from Kaede so that she could always be safe and had said that her mother gave the beads to her before she had passed on. The four prayer bead rosaries that were able to summon one of the four Sacred Beasts of Asia each were from Miroku. After seeing that she had the true potential to summon the Four Sacred Beasts during the Battle against Naraku, like the beads were able to, Miroku decided that they would be put to better use with Kagome than him. Considering that he had never been able to learn how to use them before his father died.

And from her son, Shippó with the help of Kouga, was a very cute white wolf cub with huge ice blue eyes and two fluffy silver wings. Kagome thought it was so adorable that she was squealing with excitement and cuddling the little cutie and thanking Shippó with hugs and kisses. What really surprised her was that the cub was able to transform like Kirara except the little pup was engulfed by snow and ice rather than fire. Only a little shorter than Kirara when in her larger form, the winged wolf was gorgeous with her soul piercing ice blue eyes, white sleek fur coat, and four beautiful large silver wings.

She just couldn't thank Shippó enough for such a wonderful gift and told her Kit to thank Kouga for her as well. And because she thought of how beautiful and majestic she was in her larger form, she decided to call her Omorose, which was Egyptian for "Beautiful."

After Defeating Naraku, it had felt like… everything they've been through was like a dream yet an eternity at the same time. Kagome once thought that all the fighting, pain, and suffering would never stop. And now that it truly had stopped with the Shikon no Tama gone, it was like a dream come true. Like a real weight was lifted of her and friends' shoulders and they were finally able to have the peace they've hoped for.

But one thing she knew for sure though… was that she was never going to forget the times and memories she made with her friends who became her second family.

So after taking one last look around "Inuyasha's Forest" and the Sengoku Jidai, Kagome set her Long Katana on her back with her Bow and quiver of arrows and small backpack on her shoulders that kept her prayer beads, her shorter Katana at her side while the chained sickle from Sango was tucked into the hem of her pants behind her, She picked up Omorose (or Rose for short) and jumped over the lip of the well for home.

But rather than being engulfed by the glittering blue light she was used to, the light of the well was a purple mixed blue and hints of gold. And it seemed as if it was talking longer for the well to take her home. When she finally touched the ground, Kagome noticed that she was in knee-deep water and that the stone that made the structure of the well was built in a cylindrical formation. Confused, she looked above her to see clear blue skies rather than the roof of the Well House from her era or the partly cloudy sky of the Sengoku Jidai she thought that she had just left.

'What in Kami's name is going on?' Kagome didn't know what happened or where the well had brought her. Rose echoed her mistress's confusion through soft whines and bringing her ears back, close to her skull.

Then without warning, a wooden bucket was dropped on her head making her cry out in both surprise and pain. The base of the bucket made contact with the top of her head making a hollow thunk as it bounced off her head and landed in the water. Nursing the newly formed bump on her head while holding Rose, Kagome heard the voices young boys from above.

(I'm sorry, Kagome fans, I couldn't resist to add that. XP)

Looking up to the opening of the well, she saw three boys. One who looked to be three to for years her junior, the second looked to be twelve, and the one looked to be at least eight years old.

It was the second eldest of them who called to her, "Are you alright, Miss?"

Still nursing her head wound, Kagome answered to him, "Yes, I'll be fine. I have bump on my head, but I'll be okay."

"Grab onto the rope and we'll pull you out. You're going to be all right Miss just hang on." The eldest called to her, referring to the rope that was tied to the wooden pail. After telling Rose to meet her at the top, Kagome lit the fluffy silver winged wolf cub flutter to the surface, as she set her foot inside the pail and made a tight grip onto the rope as the three boys from above tried to pull her of the well themselves with Rose sitting at the lip of the well waiting patiently for her mistress to surface.

------------------ On the surface ------------------

The three boys, who happened to be brothers, struggled to keep their hold onto the rope and help the lady inside their well out. Soon their eldest brother and their father came up to them with amused expressions on their faces with their father asking humorously with a light chuckle, "And just what are you three boys doing?" As their older brother chuckled at the sight the younger boys made.

"We're trying to get the pretty lady out of the well." The youngest of the brothers said with an innocent voice.

"Trying to get the pretty lady out of the well. That's something I haven't heard from you." The eldest brother, who appeared to be in his early twenties pointed out as he leaned over to peek over the well… to see a young girl hanging on to the rope his brothers were pulling on.

After his younger brothers nearly lose their grip on the rope and a surprised yelp of a woman echoed from the well, the eldest gasp before assuring the girl, "D-don't worry ma'am! We will get you out of there! Hold on!"

The father set himself to stand next to the well to help the woman down from the lip of the well after hearing the young girl's voice echo from it. Once the girl was completely out of the well, they had taken her inside their home to get dried up and offer what they could to help her with the winged wolf cub following closely at her side.

After getting out of the well, Kagome was grateful to them for giving her their hospitality with a partial of bread and some water. Kagome had noticed that there were no females among the family, so she asked the man who appeared to be the father, "Excuse me, sir? Not to be nosey or anything but… don't you have any daughters? And where is your wife?"

The man, chuckled while saying, "It is all right, my dear. But to answer your questions… as much as I desire to have daughters, I have none. As for my wife… she went to the afterlife three years after my youngest was born." He had a wistful yet sad look upon his face at the mention of his wife.

Feeling bad about asking such a question, Kagome apologized, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring back any painful memories."

The man smiled at her thoughtfulness, not able to help but think at how kind she seemed while saying, "Do not worry your self, child. I am certain my wife would want me to be happy for her. For every living being here in the living, Death is only the beginning."

Kagome thought about and agreed that, that was true. It was also something that she had heard from her father many times before he passed away.

Her thoughts were broken when the eldest of the sons asked, "Are you a traveler, Milady? How did you manage to get stuck in the well?" His younger brothers wanted to know as well.

Giving them a smile Kagome had set her empty cup that was full of water and letting Rose have the rest of her portion of bread, she answered, "Yes, I am a traveler. As to how ended up in the well… I guess the heat must have took its toll on me and I fell in." It wasn't entirely a lie. Yes, she was a traveler- a time-traveler. And the part of her falling in because of exhaustion from the heat … they really didn't need to know that she appeared in the well by magic. She didn't know where or when she was so she didn't know how they would react if they heard the entire truth.

After saying that she thought it best she leave before she over welcomed her stay, she asked them for which direction was the nearest city or village.

Leading her outside, the two eldest sons had answered that the closest city, Thebes was about a day's travel by camel from where they were and pointed north-northeast from where they were.

Doing a quick calculation through her head about how long it would take to get to Thebes by air, Kagome concluded to herself that it would take about half a day or less if she were to fly on Rose to get to Thebes. She was also surprised to hear the name of an ancient Egyptian city but after feeling the earth and everything around her with her energy, she felt that the air and earth around her felt much more lively and young than in the Sengoku Jidai and her home era. And taking in the desert region around the tiny oasis she was in and remembering that Japan had no desert, the young miko concluded that she was in Egypt. Ancient Egypt by the look of the men's clothing.

She didn't know how the well got her and Rose there, but she wasn't going to sit around and wait to return to her era by some miracle nor was she going to ask the family of men if she could stay with them.

Seeing that the young girl wanted to leave before the day was through, the old man asked his sons gather enough bread, fruit, and water for the strangely clothed girl and her canine's journey. Doing as they were ask the younger ones went to gather what their father asked for while the elder ones went to get a camel ready to lend to the girl.

Seeing them doing so much for her already, Kagome couldn't help but feel like a bother to them. But the father of the boys had assured her that it was all right and that they didn't mind helping a traveler with supplies for their journey.

Still feeling bad about the whole thing, Kagome assured the man that she would somehow repay him and his sons for their kindness one day, despite the man's assurances of her not to worry about it.

The two younger sons soon came back with bread, a little fruit, and water while the two eldest came back with a one-humped albino camel all set to travel. Gratefully accepting the supplies, Kagome assured them that she didn't need their camel for travel.

The men and boys were confused as to why she didn't need their camel. They thought that she was thinking of walking to Thebes and told her that it was dangerous to walk in the desert, especially if any desert bandits came upon her.

Secretively smiling, Kagome spoke, "Who said that I would be traveling by foot? You needn't worry about my safety, if that is what you're concerned about." And with that, she called out to Rose to transform so they could take to the skies.

After Rose was engulf in a whirlwind of snow and ice, revealing an exotic four-winged White Wolf with soul piercing light blue eyes, Kagome set the bags of bread and fruit on Rose's back along with the water skins of fresh water. Turning to the shocked faces of the family that helped her so much already, the young miko smiled at them in thanks while saying she promised that she would repay them someday. And with that, Kagome hopped onto her winged canine companion's back and took off into the sky.

Not knowing that she left the impression that she was probably someone important to the current Pharaoh of Egypt and probably a part of his royal court…

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