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Chapter Four
Breakfast, Answers, and High Priest Akhenaden

Kagome sat at the table, looking around at the people around her… this was kinda of embarrassing. She knew everyone was watching her as she ate, and that made her uncomfortable. She sighed as she took another small bite out of her meal.

"We never did learn you name miss?" Atem asked, as he too took a bite of his breakfast. He was trying to get a conversation started, but it seemed kind of hard when the girl seemed to be very nervous about people watching her. It seemed she was very self-conscious. This made him give a small smile.

"Oh...My name is Kagome Higurashi, It is a pleasure to meet you." Kagome inclined her head in a bow, she knew it wasn't a custom to do that here, but she was still Japanese and she would still regard her culture.

A happy puppy bark caught her attention, reminding Kagome that Rose was with her. Kagome gave a sheepish laugh before introducing her demon canine companion, "And this girl here is Omorose. She's a rare winged white snow wolf."

"It's a great pleasure to meet you… the both of you." Atem replied, internally happy at finally being given the name of this pale foreign girl before he introduced himself, "I am sorry that I can't give you my birth name… but I am the current Pharaoh of Egypt."

"Why can't you give me you're birth name?" Kagome asked, curious as to why this Pharaoh can't tell her something that's so common.

The Pharaoh blinked, as did the rest in the room, no one had actually ever asked him for his real name before, all they cared about was that he was the Pharaoh, and nothing else. But this slip of a girl wanted to know it, and surprisingly that made Atem very happy yet he was also slightly saddened.

Atem blinked again, "Well then, I guess it is because no one has actually really asked me for my real name...." seeing Kagome's surprised expression he sighed, "but it's also because it's forbidden to speak my name." Atem hated not being called by his name… it's been like that since he was young.

Smiling Kagome looked at Atem, "it's okay, it's still nice to meet you, Pharaoh...." looking around the people in the room she turned her attention back to the Pharaoh, "And who are the rest of the people in here? I never did learn all of their names."

Atem motioned for his guardians to step forward as he introduced them, "These are my Sacred Guardians; Mahad, Isis, Karim, Shada, Seto, and Akhenaden. They are a part of my sacred court. And last, this is Mana, Mahad's student."

Kagome smiled, "It's a pleasure to meet you all." Internally she was thinking on how she finally got the names of her welcoming committee.

"Nice to meet ya, 'Gome! " Mana said smiling, which earned her a bop on the head from her master.

"It's not nice to talk to people so informally." Mahad scolded her. Mana laughed nervously, which made Kagome start to laugh lightly.

Mana looked over at Kagome who was still laughing, trying her best to be kind, "Feel free to call me that, Mana, I am not too big on formalities either." She gave her a small grin.

The young student returned the grin as Kagome looked over the guardians. She had already seen Mahad, Seto, and Isis… and most especially Shada since he was the one who questioned her about her weapons the day before.

But she had never seen Akhenaden… he was a grey old man with a grey mustache and short beard. She could also notice the golden object that was placed over his left eye. 'Or rather… it IS his left eye…' Kagome couldn't be too sure, sensing a dark energy coming from it much like the other items the Pharaoh and his other guardians held. Beside the dark energy that came from the eye, she could also feel a dwelling dark greed within his soul…

Not to mention there's some sort of connection between him and Priest Seto.

'Is there a chance that they could be related?' She thought before taking another bite of her morning meal.

"Why have you come to Egypt, Kagome?" The Pharaoh asked, and everyone in the room agreed. They hadn't met many foreigners here, and would like to know what made her come here all the way from her homeland.

Setting down her fork, she sighed, "One's destiny can not be changed, not even the holder of the one whose destiny it is."

Kagome looked at the Pharaoh strait in the eye; a small smiled crossing her face, "Isn't that right." Atem blinked confusedly before Kagome clarified, "Let's just say that greater forces brought me to Egypt for a reason that even I don't know of."

Mahad nodded, "I think I understand what it is you are saying." He then looked to her and asked, "What land did you travel from?"

Glancing at Shada, Kagome answered, "Like I had told Shada… I come from Japan. It's an island in the far east." This soon brought up more questions that Kagome tried her best to answer without telling how she got to Egypt from an entirely different era. As Kagome got to know the Pharaoh and his Guardians better, there was one Guardian who only kept his eye on Kagome.

'This girl was able to defeat Bakura with excellent fighting skill… and able to summon a monster without a stone tablet…' Akhenaden thought, thinking how perfect this foreign girl would be for Seto when he takes the throne.

"You also said you didn't really know what a duel monster was." Atemu said, gaining the attention of everyone in the room. How could she not know what a duel monster was? That is what was going through all of their minds.

"Well… where I come from, there is no evil monster spirits, or monster spirits at all, well we may have evil spirits and such… but we have something different in Japan… something that can be more evil." Kagome started, remembering her time in Feudal era.

"Something worse? What would that be?" Isis asked. She could not even picture what could be worse in a different land.

Kagome had everyone's attention and she knew it, but she didn't want them to know how bad Japan could be, she knew demons were in large numbers in the Sengoku era. She couldn't help but wonder how many more roamed the land, now that she's so far back in time when Egypt is at its peak as the first human civilization.

Sighing she looked down at her plate, "Demons."

"Demons?" Seto asked, curious as to what Kagome will say next.

Kagome nodded, "In my homeland, we have creatures that are somewhat similar to your dual monsters…" she then went to explaining when it looked like they were all curious about the demons in Asia, "but they can be much fiercer and they can't be controlled. The lower class is weak but against a normal human with no power or strength to fight them, they can be deadly with only instincts and bloodthirsty hunger leading them in hordes. The middle-class is a bit smarter but they have the same desire to shed blood and a great hunger for power, thinking they are better than humans. And the high-class demons are the more intelligent of them all with more control of their baser instincts and are much more powerful… they have the ability to retain a humanoid form and very few of them act as Demon -lords. The only thing that the most of them have in common is their dislike of humans."

"And… is your wolf cub…?" Isis asked, glancing at Omorose who jumped onto Kagome's lap with a ruffle of her feathers.

Glancing down at her winged canine companion, Kagome answered, "Yes, Rose is a breed of demon but she's a more intelligent demonic animal who was given to me by a close friend of mine. She's still only a pup though."

"Your home sounds dangerous." Mana said, giving her a look of worry.

"It can be, but I was trained to be able to fight. Some dear friends of mine trained me." Kagome said, a look of fondness coming to her eyes. She loved her friends dearly, and she missed them to. She wished she could see them all again. She missed Sango, her friend she could share anything with, Miroku, the brotherly figure that always gave advice...but still perverted, Sesshomaru, her teacher, and master, the one who tought her to fight, little Rin, who got along so well with Shippou, and her little Shippou, her pride and joy, her little boy.

"Also, sometimes the demons don't really bother with human affairs so there isn't that much trouble with them now a days." Kagome assured them with a smile. "There are even some more powerful demons who believe it to be wise to form alliances of sorts with humans, especially humans who have powers to purify any lower class demons who step out of line."

"Sounds interesting." Atem nodded in agreement to Seto, was very intrigue of this information, especially when it was about a land from afar. It was all just fascinating to him.

Akhenaden was intrigued too. "Very…"

Kagome's sights glanced at him momentarily from hearing how the old man's seemed to have a dark tone, like he was plotting something. Yes, the elder was planning something but she had no idea what.

'Could the well had sent me here because of what Akhenaden might be planning? Same with that white haired man I had fought earlier?' Her questions were left unanswered as Karim asked, "How were you able to summon that red bird earlier? The one you ordered to go after Bakura?"

"Oh, it's mostly thanks to my prayer beads." Kagome lifted the five prayer beads she was given by Miroku and Kaede, "Four of them are able to summon the Four Sacred Beasts of my homeland; the red phoenix, the blue dragon, the black tortoise, and the white tiger. These were given to me by a close friend of mine."

"Four of them? But you have five in there." Mana pointed out, looking at the beads in Kagome's hand in curiosity and wonder. Four of the prayer beads Kagome held represented the colors she listed off for each beast.

"Well, the fifth one-- my purple prayer beads were given to me by my old teacher for protection… although I hardly use it since I can protect myself without it." The miko gave a smile.

Shada glanced at her blades-- the same blades he wasn't able to hold before he asked once more, "and your weapons? Why do they have dual monsters on them, like the Wing Weaver and the Red Eye Black Dragon?"

"Like I had told you before, I have no idea. My swords were made by another one of my teachers after I had completed his sword training. And my chained sickle was given to me by a friend, a sister-figure to me, as something to remember her by. They were the ones who had these weapons made so I have no idea what inspired them to have these creatures on them."

Kagome's explanation seemed to have satisfied not only Shada's curiosity, but Atem and the others as well.

Coming to a decision, and since it was obvious that she had traveled from afar, Atem spoke, "Kagome…" Ignoring the fact that her name rolled off his tongue just right and how her eyes seemed to shine when she looked to him curiously, he offered, "since you had traveled very far from your homeland to Egypt and you believe that you were brought here for a purpose, I would like to offer you to stay here at the palace as a guest."

Mahad glanced at his Pharaoh in offering Kagome a place to stay, inwardly grinning when he didn't have to suggest letting the young foreign girl to stay within the palace walls. 'Less work for me.' Mahad thought.

The foreign miko was taken aback by the Pharaoh's offer of allowing her to stay in his home as a guest, "Are you sure? I wouldn't want to be a burden…"

"Not at all. It would be a great pleasure to have you stay. And I'd love to hear stories of your homeland…" that last sentence had Atem blushing slightly, embarrassed to be making the offer but… he really wanted to get to know this foreign woman; her homeland, her culture, herself, everything.

Before Kagome could answer in accepting the Pharaoh's offer, Akhenaden excused himself after a servant came in saying that the merchants the Pharaoh was to meet had arrived, leaving his King with his other Guardians and their foreign guest.

As he continued his way to where the merchants were waiting, Akhenaden went over what he had saw when Kagome was fighting Bakura, her actions when she summoned that red bird, and everything she had just shared with the Pharaoh.

Yes, she was the perfect woman to be Seto's future queen; his future wife. All he had to do now was to build his son's army to overthrow the current Pharaoh and give Seto is rightful place at the throne and with a very strong and beautiful queen who would be worthy enough to not only to protect Seto but also worthy of birthing any heirs of Akhenaden's son.

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