All trussed up like a turkey,
The feast abandoned-
Everyone moves around you
As if you weren't there.

Of course you aren't.
You're moldy rolls.
Red ice in roasted meat-
(Best of all)
You're not
The only elephant
In the room…

Bloody right, mate,
'S funny as hell.
Doesn't quite make up
For the muzzle, but…

Cranberry sauce oozes-
Red as blood-
Nauseatingly sweet.
Anya looks through you,
Putting away the stuffing.
It's disgusting-
Nothing but stale bread
Soggy with turkey guts-
Buffy snarls from the kitchen,
"Why didn't you tell me?"

This is rich.
Me gut's 'r screamin',
So is the Slayer.
Some friends, eh pet?

Willow, red Willow
Stares down at her yams,
In hurt silence.
She knew he was here.
But she kept quiet,
Even when the
Tried to crash the party.
Some friend, eh pet?
You grin.

Oooo, Buffy all hurty because her
So-called friends didn't tell her.
If this wasn't so soddin' funny,
I'd laugh out loud –

Monkey boy
Slumps on the couch,
Shoveling clots of
Cold gravy and mash
Into his big, slack mouth.
Staring past you
Pretending to watch football
On Giles' pathetic telly-
The wrong team scores

You'd love to taunt them-
Just to stir things up again.
But even now you love death
Too much to risk a staking.

Buffy's washing dishes,
Too furious to cry
Too angry not to –
Plates break in her hands.
Pots dent
And glasses shatter
How d'you like it now, pet?
Knowing the ones you love
Have betrayed you
Like how it feels, eh pet?

Tha's what friends are for, eh pet?
Like how it feels, eh pet?
Drusilla, your precious Angel,
Even my own mother…

Giles eats mechanically-
Stuffy old fart!
Mushing up his peas-
Sluicing them down
With red wine.
Swallowing hard.
Your entrails knot.
As in their binding,
You hands start shaking.
Hunger or anger…?


Don't go there! Don't go there!
Don't go there! Don't go there!
(Bloody hell!) Don't! Go! There!

Buffy pulls the plug,
The water gurgling loudly,
Puts on her coat,
And walks alone into the night.
The others trickle
From the flat
One-by-one in silence.
Giles turns off the light
On his way to bed.
Leaving you tangled in the dark.