A/N: I wrote this just to work out some issues. It's set in the animeverse, even though I can't stand Mamoru in that setting (I'm very pro Usagi x Seiya). It just works better for this story. Hopefully soon I'll finish PGSM and then write some stories there, where I like everything better, except Makoto and the lack of Outer Senshi.

The Story of Giving Up

"You're so mean, Rei-chan!" Usagi squealed, sticking out her tongue.

Rei laughed inwardly as she crossed her arms, looked away from Usagi, and "hmphed." Anything to get these reactions from her. That little pout, that sulky glare, that tongue stuck out. It was priceless and adorable. A warm feeling rose in Rei, but quickly dissipated when Usagi grabbed Mamoru's arm.

"Come on, Mamo-chan! Walk me home!"

Mamoru grinned sheepishly and allowed himself to be dragged off into the distance. Rei felt a sharp, cold pang in her chest. As she stared after the couple, bitter memories rushed through her.

Usagi…Usagi had become a great friend to her…her closest friend, although she would never let Usagi or anyone else know it.

And then there was Mamoru. Rei was definitely attracted to him. She had even toyed around with him for a while, before it became obvious that he was meant for Usagi. As soon as it became clear that they were a couple, Rei became very jealous. However, after a while she realized that she wasn't jealous of Usagi, but rather of Mamoru.

Usagi was her everything. She was the only one that Rei felt could come close to understanding her, and the only one who always reached out to her even when she couldn't understand. She was always there when it really mattered. But to Rei, she was so much more than that. Rei loved Usagi. Rei was certain that she was the only person in the world who fully valued Usagi, apart from Mamoru. She was the only one who openly fought with Usagi, but that was because she was the only one who afforded her enough respect to do so. She didn't see Usagi as fragile and in need of protection, but she felt that she wanted nothing more than to offer it. She wanted to hold Usagi and to destroy everything that had ever hurt her and to kiss her and to show her what love really meant.

But for so many reasons, that was wrong.

Usagi was such a child. She had no notion of mystery, no true concept of sexuality. Rei knew in her heart, her soul of passion, that this made Usagi wrong for her. But it didn't matter. This was destiny.

Mamoru had come into existence just for Usagi, and they were destined to be together. And Rei was destined to protect Usagi's dreams with all of her might, and this time, that meant just watching her walk away.

There goes one great guy, with the girl who means the world to me.

This is the story of giving up.