Ok, ok, yes, I wrote a reunion story. I couldn't help myself! I had just re-watched Army of Ghosts and Doomsday, I was sad…I wrote a happy story. It's pretty bad, I'll warn you now…

(Oh, and Donna? The Bride? Nah, didn't happen. Discount the last ten seconds of the season for this…)


"Here you are, living a life day after day. The one adventure I can never have." He smiled slightly at his thought, his eyes on the weeping figure before him.

Rose could hardly speak, she was crying so much. "Am I ever going to see you again?"

The Doctor paused, watching his companion, unable to console. "You can't."

This made Rose cry harder. He hadn't said that, he just hadn't. Wasn't she allowed one spark of hope? She tried to pull herself together. "What are you going to do?"

"I've got the TARDIS. Same old life. Last of the Time Lords."

"On your own?" He nodded, grim acceptance of the fact showing in his eyes. Rose's tears wouldn't stop, even though what she had to say next was the most important. There had been other times, other places she could've said it, and it would have been the best feeling in the world. Here, though, on a cold beach in Norway, standing before a hologram of a man she couldn't touch and would never see again, it was her last chance. Not really the way she wanted to tell him, but it was now or never. And it couldn't be never.

"I…" she trailed off, tears making it hard to speak. She took a shaky breath and tried again. "I love you."

His eyes shined and he cracked a small smile. "Quite right, too. And I suppose… if it's my last chance to say it… Rose Tyler…"

And he faded, his words left unspoken. Rose brought a hand up to her mouth and cried even harder. He was going to say it, he was…wasn't he? Standing alone, crying on the sand of Bad Wolf Bay, Rose turned and began to slowly walk back to the small group waiting for her. Jackie came forward to meet her, and took her daughter in her arms as Rose cried inconsolably, her heart shattered.

In a separate universe, inside the TARDIS, the Doctor almost kept speaking, even though it was only to an empty room, before deciding against it. He bowed his head, as complete loss and helplessness overcame him. He brought his hands up to his face and wiped away the tears that had begun, before raising his head and sighing. Reaching out to the TARDIS controls, he half-heartedly operated his ship, despair and sorrow settling over him.

ooooo Two Years Later ooooo

Rose rolled out of bed. It was 7:45, and she had to be at work by nine. Mickey was coming back to pick her up at ten to (as he'd had to go into Torchwood early), and Jackie had said that Pete wanted to see her as soon as she was in. She stretched, and began to wake herself up.

At 8:50am, Mickey pulled up outside, and Rose ran down the outside stairs, hurriedly locking the door behind her. She got into the car next to him, throwing her bag over the back, and the two of them set off for Torchwood Tower. On arrival, ten or so minutes later, they both made their way up to Pete's office on the top floor, as Pete also wanted to see Mickey.

Torchwood had changed since the Cybermen and the business with the breach and the Void two years ago. Pete had become the head of Torchwood, and the general joking consensus of the employees was that it was a family affair – Pete Tyler, head of Torchwood, his wife Jackie was his assistant, and his daughter, Rose (who had appeared one day without much explanation – it was believed she had been at a boarding school most of her life) was one of Torchwood's top field agents. Ricky Smith was another top field agent (although, strangely enough, the Tyler's tended to call him Mickey), along with Jake – and there was something about their relationships that told the other employees that there was so much more beneath the surface. These five had been through something. Nonetheless, Torchwood was functioning more smoothly than it ever had with Pete at the helm.

Mickey and Rose passed through the Watchers on the way to Pete's office. The Watchers were Torchwood employees who monitored all signs and reports of paranormal and extra-terrestrial activity, from conspiracy Internet sites to top-secret military files, looking for things out of the ordinary. They sat in a big room (which took up most of the floor) each behind a desk, scanning files and following up leads. It wasn't as boring as it sounded (Rose had had a go at being a Watcher once, before she decided on being a field agent), and the Watchers themselves were friendly, sociable people, and today was no different – they greeted Rose and Mickey as the passed through to Pete's office, which was at the back.

Jackie, who had been employed as Pete's assistant, looked up from her computer as they entered. "Hello, sweethearts!"

"Hey, mum." Rose gave her mum a hug.

"Pete's waiting for you. Said he's got something big for you to investigate." Jackie nodded knowledgeably. "I swear I heard the word Stonehenge."

Rose and Mickey exchanged a glace. "Stonehenge?"

"Yeah. Don't keep him waiting," said Jackie, ushering them into Pete's office, where the man himself was waiting at his computer. He stood as they entered.

"Morning Rose, Mickey." He hugged Rose and shook Mickey's hand.

Rose and Mickey took their places opposite him. "What we got?"

"Increase in lay-line activity at Stonehenge. Energy increase peaked about an hour ago, then went back to what it is now, which is still higher than usual," Pete said, turning to his computer and hitting up something. "Take a look."

He spun the screen around to face them, and Mickey and Rose studied the report on the screen. It showed a few graphs, some photos, and, above all, what the Torchwood chemical and matter sensors had picked up.

"Unidentified proteins, mixture of silver particles and an unknown stone…" Rose read, before her eyes flicked to the next one and she stopped. "Void matter? Are you sure?"

Pete nodded. "Ran the scan through five times. What do you think?"

Rose paused before she spoke, putting her thoughts in order. "I think…it's something that's come through the time vortex, that's for sure. No," she added, seeing Mickey and Pete exchange a glance. "It ain't. It can't be, cause a dimension breach would've been picked up – they're big, like, a major source of energy, remember?" And I would know. I would know if he set foot here.

Pete nodded. Mickey looked at the screen again. "You want us to go check it out, yeah?"

"The last scout we sent hasn't come back. He went out of contact hours ago, there's been no word since. You know that means - I'd say that merits a visit from you two." The Torchwood communications were specially designed, so much so that an interruption or breakdown usually was a good indicator of alien activity.

"Kay, Pete." They both got up to leave.

"Make sure you look after yourselves. You're the best we got. And…" Pete looked at Rose. "You know Jackie would never forgive me if anything happened to either of you."

Rose nodded, smiling. Getting out of the city…everyday different…investigating alien life and making contact…secretly helping to save the world…this was why Rose chose to be one of the Torchwood field agents instead of having been a Watcher, or one of their scientists (she didn't like science that much anyway), or in research, or the head of a sector. Mickey had almost agreed to become head of the Computers sector, but had changed his mind when he realised this meant he would be stuck at Torchwood. Instead, he and Rose both choose to be field agents and commonly worked together.

Passing through Jackie's office again, Jackie stood to greet them both. She had changed a bit in the past few years, ever since moving to this world, and Rose had to admit it was kinder to her than their original London. She now understood much of the scientific and extra-terrestrial jargon that was spouted at Torchwood, and was an efficient and competent assistant to Pete (although she still cared deeply about other people and was always making tea for those who wanted it. Rose had a sneaking suspicion that she wanted to prove that she was more of a 'people-person' than Yvonne had been).

"He's sending you to Stonehenge, ain't he?"

"Yeah mum. Shouldn't be much."

Jackie's face grew grim. "I know what's going on, Rose. That scout disappeared, and now you're going gallivanting off to the same place. That's dangerous, that is."

"Mum, we'll be fine. Mickey and I've done this a hundred times before."

"I still worry. Mother's worry. Take care of yourselves, kay?" she gave a weak smile, so Rose hugged her. "Mum, we'll be alright, yeah? See you later."

Jackie watched the two of them leave. She had long ago given up on trying desperately to protect her daughter. Yes, Rose had almost died many times in her past adventures, from a missile hitting Downing Street to the thing with the breach. Jackie had tried to save her daughter, but had come to realise that the Doctor, wherever he was now, had shown her more than could be imagined, could be speculated. For all the danger they got themselves into, the stories Rose told were amazing, and Jackie saw her daughter's eyes glowing as she recounted another alien invasion, or attack, or conspiracy. One day, Rose wouldn't come back. But that was the risk of working at Torchwood, the risk they all took. Jackie knew Rose was doing what she wanted to, but, even so, always prayed for her – and Mickey's – safety whenever they left.

After a quick stop off for supplies (as in weapons, computer scanning equipment, food, rope and anything else they might need) Rose and Mickey headed off in one of Torchwood's jeeps, Mickey driving. It usually took three or fours hours to drive out there, but to them it took no time at all – field work with an old friend skipped all business formalities and allowed easy chatting.

Upon their arrival, which was around half past one, Rose and Mickey prepared themselves for what ever might be lurking, arming themselves with one of Torchwood's weaponry advancements – a gun, somewhere between a sonic blaster and a disintegrator beam. It worked against most threats, and it was easy to use. Its 'official' name was a T2SubIon36, but the nickname it had gained was Iceion, due to the colour of the beam it emitted.

Clipping an Iceion to her belt (along with a short, sharp combat knife made of an unknown, but very tough, alien metal), Rose and Mickey began to quickly set up their monitoring equipment. It was vital they did this quickly, as the sooner the scanners were up and running, the sooner they could get an idea of what was going on.

"Got it!" Mickey cried triumphantly as he flicked his laptop open and brought the Torchwood monitoring system online. "There's no sign of Chris' equipment, and the increase in the energy field Pete told us about is holding steady. Whatever it is, it's still here."

Behind him, Rose nodded, casing a glace towards the distant circle of standing stones. She could see nothing out of the ordinary at that moment, although because of her angle the centre circle of stones was hidden. Still, there must be something to upset the lay line like that. That sort of thing always had a reason.

Mickey hit a few buttons. "So Rose, what you think?"

"It's still here. Can't be Daleks, or Cybermen – they wouldn't be keeping quiet. The sky's clear and there's no ship, so that rules out the Sycorax. Gelth need people around – why appear somewhere as quiet as this?"


"Nah, they need the cold. Like, really cold. And they're a massive blob. We'd know if they were here. What about the ones you went after? The…Fillamens?"

Mickey scrunched up his eyes. "Nope. Bright orange and sociable? They'd be all over us by now."

Rose closed her eyes, running through the possible alien races that could be here. Not the Seksis, couldn't be the Yeral. Neruin needed water, Dedli were a desert-style people. There was no visible ship, and getting here without being picked up by Torchwood on radar would take some sort of stealth technology. That wasn't a good sign…

Mickey closed the laptop, and pulled his blaster from its holster. "Shall we?"

Rose followed suit, as the two of them crept towards the stone circle. At the edge, Rose, now with a clear (if misty) view of the stones, could see…nothing.

They appeared empty. No strange glows, no lights, no creatures, no one around. Rose was puzzled. Chris had been here, he had been sent here. So where was he? The lay line activity increase pointed to something alien, as did Chris' disappearance, so why was Stonehenge deserted?


Aw, endy of chappie. It will get better, I promise. Don't give up hope now, better is coming!