Chapter one

"Charlie, get up…you're going to be late" an annoyed and slightly angered voice said while banging on my door.

I stirred; rolling over then glanced at my alarm clock bleary eyed

"Charlie… did you hear me?" the voice said again, this time waiting for an answer.

I screwed my face up at the thought of having to get up, when I was nice and warm in my bed.

"Yeah…Yeah coming" I replied in a tired morning voice.

I woke to this nearly every morning. The names Charlie Winchester that's right I'm a Winchester and little sister to both Dean and Sam Winchester… but more on that later.

I'm 16 years old, live with my brothers and yes I'm also a kick ass supernatural hunter, after all I did learn from the best.

Anyway leads on Dad and the demon have been slowly been getting less and less lately, so we recently settled down and rented a house for the short term, all Sam's idea of course, he wants me to get a good education and have a somewhat normal life.

I couldn't argue with a normal life, I mean I love hunting, but lately with dad going missing it's become more of an obsession for my brothers making them more reckless…I guess I'm just worried about them.

Ok so a little more about me, I have long fair-hair and a pale complexion, a thin fit figure about 5'5" inches tall and dad tells me I have beautiful blue eyes like mom, my friends tell me I have the ability of turning heads with my looks, I try not to take to much notice, getting attention can sometimes become a problem with over-protective brothers, but that never stops me from going out and having a good time, even if that means breaking a rule…or two.

I finally rolled out of bed and stumbled down stairs, Dean was sitting shirtless on the couch flipping channels… I could never understand why it was so hard for Dean to put a shirt on in the morning; I just put it down to him being so obsessed with himself, I wandered into the kitchen rubbing my eyes while Sam rushed around making breakfast

"There you are, your going to be late for school again!" Sam stated.

"Here I am." I said sarcastically

"You haven't even had breakfast yet." He nagged

I ignored him and went and got a cookie from the jar, then looked back at Sam taking a bite of my cookie while noticing the unamused look that occupied my brother's face.

I smiled at him innocently then glanced swiftly at my cookie before saying with a mouth full


Sam shook his head trying to be serious, but he couldn't help the little smile that crept across his face. I then grabbed my book bag from the table and headed for the door.

"See you guys later" I said walking to the door

Sam followed me out of the kitchen

"Aren't you forgetting something" he said with a smile.

I looked at him nervously, it wasn't like I had something to hide, do I ?

Then he held up my lunch and a wash of relief came across my face, phew for a second there I thought I was busted.

"Have a good day at school" Sam said handing me my lunch.

I gave Sam a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks Sammy"

"Yeah and Charlie… stay out of trouble today okay?" Dean joined in from the couch

Pfft… what was he talking about I never get into trouble…wait…umm…I…ok yeah maybe a little but its never my fault…well anyway.

I smiled and replied with "I'll try" I new this would have them thinking all day about what I was getting up to or who I was hurting… Oh brothers… you gotta love em'

Lets hope today is better than yesterday, I thought to myself as I stepped off the porch and started walking to meet with my best friend Jade.

Jades the only one who understands me and has stuck by me for the past month or two, she doesn't question me when we have to leave suddenly, although I no she must have a thousand questions.

We finally got to the school gates and stood there looking in dreading what was inside, I could handle demons and ghost but school was a whole other story.

"Here we go again" I said bored

"Yep… see you at lunch Charlie." She said starting to walk away

"Oh hey… Jade if Rick the prick bothers you today let me know. Okay?"

Jade turned and smiled at the name I had given Rick.

"Yep" she said and kept walking

See Rick is this stupid jerk who thinks his so cool all because his captain of the wrestling team, and he's had his eye on Jade for awhile. He's one of those guys that see something they like and if they don't get it, they'll make your life hell.

I only found out yesterday that he had been threatening Jade and it took an hour to get it out of her.

I'm Charlie Winchester no one was gonna push my friend around, beside I fight demons so how bad could this guy be.

I sat in a daze through class until lunch, Jade was late to lunch which was unusual; she looked like she had been crying. She gingerly sat down at the table sobbing a little.

"Oh my god that jerk threatened you again didn't he" I was fuming

"Yeah and… he" she said very softly trailing off

"Jade what happened what did he do?" I said with concern in my voice.

Jade looked around to make sure nobody was watching then she raised her top a little revealing a large bruise on her stomach.

"He did that to you, are you ok?" I asked shocked

"Yeah I'm ok" she responded

"Don't worry Jade I'm gonna sort this loser out" I reassured her

"No Charlie…you cant he'll hurt you to, please promise me you will leave it alone"

"Are you kidding me, I'm not letting him get away with this." I ranted

"Charlie please" she pleaded

"Ok...ok I'll try" I lied I know I shouldn't have but I couldn't let my friend take a beating for nothing.

"O…k" she said not entirely convinced.

"I'm gonna head home early ok… please Charlie remember what I said" she advised me as she got up

"Ok, I'll come past tonight on my away home and see how you're doing"

"Ok see ya later" and she went home

My last few periods went so slow I thought they were never going to end. When the bell rang I couldn't get out of there fast enough. On the way out I seen Rick and couldn't help myself, so I confronted him, probably not my best idea.

"Hey Rick, you stupid jerk" I shouted walking up to him.

He turned around angry.

"Excuse me" he glared at me

"You heard me, leave Jade alone understand!" I yelled in his face

I was so mad and angry I didn't see his three buddies come up behind me, Rick started laughing and they grabbed hold of me.

Ok I was so not ready for that.

"Let go of me." I struggled

Rick stepped closer to me right in my face. Urgh…he made me so mad, the fact that he breath stunk didn't help.

"Big mistake missy" he whispered in my ear.

I turned my head not looking at him, still struggling to break free; I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of winning. I kicked out at him desperately trying to get out of there grasp.

He pulled out a pocket knife and I new I had to get out and get out now.