Episode 6 - Weird Shoes

VO: And now it's time for Totally Kyle!

(jams on guitar)

Kyle: Well, like, there was this one time when I was, like, going to school and I like went to think what I had to do next. So I like put my finger up to my head and thought, "Hmm, what do I need to do after eating breakfast, getting changed, making lunch, packing my things...


Kyle: ... brushing my teeth and untangling my dreadlocks? I know! I need my Super-Awesome, totally cool and rad LUNCHBOX! I, like, went to get my lunch box but it was like, in my bag already. So, I was like, "Oh! I need my shoes.". So I, like, went to the front door and I put on my shoes and they felt really weird. I was like, "Mom! MOM! My shoes feel weird!" and she was like, "Kyle, you are wearing my high heels." and I was like, "OH...

... so where are mine?"

VO: And that was Totally Kyle!