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This new one is one that I can basically do anything I want with, there is no current story to keep up with, if someone dies in the manga I will ignore it I think. I can also write a thousand stories within this premise…so; I hope you will hang around for the ride!

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The Search

Prologue-The Final Battle

"Hiraikotsu!" Sango let loose her dangerous battle scream, her words directed at the swirling parts of the hanyou floating inside his barrier.

"Sango, Get down!" Miroku pushed her to the ground just in time to avoid her being decapitated by a racing tentacle.

"Fools" the hanyou laughed, "you break my body time and time again, only to watch as it reforms before your eyes."

"Not this time Naraku!" The fifteen-year-old miko yelled, notching her deadly arrow towards him. She let it fly, aiming directly for the laughing hanyou.

"Kagome, I'll enjoy the taste of InuYasha, knowing how you failed to save him, will make his blood that much sweeter. " A tentacle raced towards Kagome, only to be cut in half by her arrow. The hanyou had no time for surprise over that, for in the next minute his barrier was decimated by a blow from the aforementioned,
The one who had been dead only a few short minutes ago.

"Kazaana!" The houshi screamed out, sucking up as much of the hanyou as he possibly could.

"Miroku! Stop!" Sango released her Hiraikotsu once again, successfully slicing Naraku's head into two pieces, the returning weapon slicing those into four.

Still a tentacle reached out knocking the demon slayer and her two-tail out of the air, injuring the two-tail.

"Got one hell of a fucking splitting headache I bet you stupid Jackass," InuYasha yelled, running to Kagome's side, grabbing her hand. Kagome was relieved. It had only been a bluff to fool Naraku, but it had hit too close to home for Kagome, but she supposed that was why it had worked on Naraku.

"InuYasha, I'm so glad you're safe."

His words were gruffer than he planned, but this was it. The moment they had been working towards for almost as long as they had known one another.

"Save that sentimental shit for later Kagome! Remember our plan. You ready?"

Kagome nodded nervously.

InuYasha yanked hard on her hand.

"Damn it bitch, are you fucking ready or not?"

InuYasha knew it was mean, he never used that word on Kagome anymore, but…she needed it now. She needed to be angry so she could forget how afraid she was. InuYasha knew Kagome well enough to know that calling her a bitch was more than enough to stir the fire under Kagome's temper.

"Damn right I am." She gave InuYasha one of her tough looks and nods.

"Alright then, just like we practiced, as soon as I release." InuYasha ran off about 12 feet so Kagome would be clear of his shot, for a quick second just before he readied to fire, he looked over at her and grinned at her.

Kagome nodded, then pulled her arrow from the quiver, closing her eyes.

"One last time Kikyo." She said the words softly, so no one else would hear. "Help me hit my mark. "

Kagome notched the arrow, pulling back as InuYasha stood ready to fire. "Your dead you fucking bastard." she heard him say quietly, and then she heard him scream…


Kagome counted "1, 2, THREE! "…and let the arrow fly, screaming her own battle cry.


There was a bright light, and then a flash of red in front of her eyes as InuYasha dragged her to the ground. She looked up, peeking through her fingers, to see adamant spears flying over them as the explosion blasted them back from where they came.

Then all was quiet. InuYasha sat up.

"Did we get him?" Two loud thuds answered that question as the corpse of onigumo fell to the ground in two pieces.

InuYasha got up, running over to inspect the body.

Miroku and Sango sat a few feet away, staring in wonder at his newly formed palm. Sango kissed his cheek, hugging him, both crying tears of relief. Kagome smiled watching them, then turned her head to give them privacy, watching while Shippo wandered around looking for the still tainted Shikon no Tama in the dark.

Kagome's eyes were drawn upward as a pink light began to grow brighter as it fell closer to the ground.

"It's the Shikon no Tama." Kagome said, quickly getting to her feet.

"But why did it fly up like that?" Miroku looked at InuYasha.

InuYasha looked up, squinting his eyes. "Kagome's arrow, it hit the tama and lodged in the spot that Kohaku's shard is from."

"Thank heavens it didn't…" Sango's words were cut off as a loud cracking noise filled the air.

"Not again." Kagome moaned, "It can't happen twice. It…"

As if on cue the Shikon no tama cracked apart, sending shards speeding off, like a fireworks show, into the night sky.

"I guess it can." Shippo said quietly

Nobody said a word as Kagome walked up to InuYasha. His back was too her, silent, way too silent. He should be yelling at her, ranting, raving, having a fit, something.

"InuYasha…I'm sorry…I…don't know…"

InuYasha raised his hand, one finger lifted. A sign that now was not the time.

Kagome turned away, flopping down on the ground a few feet away from him.

"InuYasha" Shippo stood, arms akimbo, glaring up at the hanyou's back. "It was an accident."

Sango knelt beside Kagome as InuYasha finally turned around.

He started to speak, then stopped and looked back at the ground, lifting the one finger once again.

"InuYasha" Miroku got in his face, ready to let him have it. "Grow up, Kagome didn't mean to hit the tama." InuYasha lifted his head, scowling at the houshi, pushing him out of the way. He walked over to where Kagome sat.

"We still defeated Naraku, finding the shards will be easy now." Sango rubbed Kagome's shoulder.

InuYasha plunged Tessiaga into the ground, making Kagome flinch.

"Kagome." He said her name quietly, as if he were trying desperately to control his tone. "How in the…" InuYasha shook his head, then a corner of his lips quirked up. He tried to sit next to her, instead over compensative and fell on his back. That was all it took, he lost it.

InuYasha lay on the ground, rolling around laughing like a mad man.

Kagome crawled over to him, tears on her cheeks. She sat by his head.

"You're not mad at me? Really?" Kagome looked at her knees

InuYasha reached his hand up and wiped her tears away, then he reached down and took her hand, intertwining their fingers.

"Nah, I'm not mad." InuYasha laughed, looking up at her, her smile spread across her face and into her eyes, making them sparkle.

"But Kagome" He laughed again "How the fuck can one person be so clumsy they break the same tama twice?"

"InuYasha! That's not funny! It's not like I meant to….."

InuYasha's laughter rang out over the mountain top, eventually mixing with Kagome's. It wasn't long before a young kitsune's small laugh mingled in, followed by a demon slayer and a houshi…..

The Search

Part One


Chapter One

Shelter Me

Inuyasha looked up at the angry stormy sky. It wasn't even winter yet and already the first snowstorm was blasting the mountaintop where Naraku had met his very timely end. InuYasha, Kagome, Sango and Miroku were making their way down the mountain on foot, hoping to scoop up a shard or two on the way down. Kirara's front two paws had been badly injured by Naraku's tentacles so InuYasha suggested to Sango that Shippo take her back to Kaede. Then the two-tail could have herbs to help ease her pain while her paws healed, and Shippo could spread the news about Naraku's defeat. Not to mention saving Kagome the embarrassment of having to confess to having shattered the Shikon no Tama for the SECOND time.

It was only the tenth moon, none of them had anticipated the snow that began to fall that morning, or the fact that it had now turned into an angry snowstorm.

"Fucking weather" he cursed, worry creasing his brow as he trudged through the rapidly increasing snowdrifts, holding tightly to the woman on his back.

"You still okay back there Kagome?" He shouted over the wind and snow, waiting for an answer that wasn't coming. He stooped, picking up a handful of snow and flicking the melted drops in her face.


Kagome jerked, pulling slightly on his neck. "I'm okay InuYasha. I'm just so tired"

"I know" He jumped suddenly, preventing her from falling asleep again. "Kagome! You have to stay awake! Remember what you told me about hippo-themia?"

Kagome smiled a little, lifting her head from his shoulder.

"It's hypothermia, and yes I know. Sorry, I'm awake now"

InuYasha smiled, noticing a blur coming up behind him.

Miroku trudged up along side them, Sango held on his back in much the same way as Kagome rode on InuYasha.

"How are you doing Lady Kagome?" He asked in concern.

"She's tired." InuYasha answered for her, Miroku reached out to shake Kagome.

"InuYasha, we got to get these two into a cave. This storm is getting worse, and it's starting to get dark. Who knows how much the temperature is going to drop once the sun goes down."

"Your right." InuYasha agreed, "We should be hitting the first bunch of caves pretty soon. There's a stream that runs down this mountain that doesn't freeze up all winter, so there has to be hot springs in some of those caves. If we can find one, it will be a lot warmer, and we can warm them up a lot faster once we get in one"
InuYasha turned his head and looked at Kagome again.

"Kagome! Damn it! Wake up!"

He jumped into the air with her, trying to wake her again. This time she slid off his back and fell backwards into the snow.

"FUCK!" InuYasha picked her up, cradling her in his arms

Miroku stood next to him, his breathing heavy. InuYasha could miss the fact that Miroku looked an awful lot like he was beginning to get drowsy too.

"Is she okay InuYasha?" Miroku looked at him, concern etched into his features.

"For now. But she won't wake up. We have to hurry."

"Run ahead InuYasha." Miroku said, nodding down the mountainside. "You can move faster"

"I can't leave you guys behind." InuYasha yelled, a shiver creeping up his spine. It had to be pretty damn cold if he was starting to feel it. Full demons didn't feel temperature, but being hanyou, InuYasha felt extremes. If he could feel this cold, his friends had to be freezing to death.

"Leave a marker, I will find you." Miroku yelled back.

InuYasha struggled with his conscience. He had to get Kagome somewhere warm, she was already unconscious. But if something happened to Miroku and Sango, he wouldn't be able to live with himself. Sending Kirara and Shippo ahead so Kirara could be treated had been his brilliant idea, just like taking the slow way down the mountainside so they could search for shards had been.

Shit, he was fucked either way.

"Alright, I'll go. If your not there by the time I get a fire going I'm coming back for you houshi!"

Miroku nodded, and began walking through the snow once again, InuYasha easily sprinting past him in a matter of seconds.

InuYasha suddenly stopped, then looked back at Miroku.

When Miroku caught up a beat later he looked at InuYasha, they grinned at one another as they looked at the openings to several caves.

InuYasha frequently complained about how much Kagome packed every time she came back through the well from home, particularly in the winter. Last year had been bad enough, all of her extra blankets and strange heavy bindings for her legs and body. This year she actually had an entire extra bag of goodies.

Medicines, magic bags that stayed hot for a long time, tons of blankets, warm socks, something called flannel for lining her bedding, and an emergency stash of ramen and dried soups.

That night in the cave, InuYasha swore he would never complain about her extra winter bag again. He and Miroku had used everything in there to get Kagome and Sango warm again.

The first cave was no good. It went no further than six feet in, but it was adequate to get Miroku and the girls out of the heavy wind and blowing snow while InuYasha searched the other caves. There were some good ones, but none that had what they needed to warm them up fast, a hot spring.

InuYasha was about to give up and go back to the one he found that had been second best when he hit gold. InuYasha had almost passed it by; it had looked so small from the outside. Inside however the small cave led back into three small caverns and one huge, warm one. The entire cave was actually warm, because it housed not only a water source, but also in one of the smaller caverns, a hot spring.

He rushed back to the first cave, finding all three were now unconscious. He picked up Kagome and Sango, throwing them carefully over his shoulder, and then running to the warm cave with them. He lay them down gently in the large warmer room; then went back for Miroku and Kagome's things.

Once back in the warm cave he checked the way Kagome had taught him for a venting source, making sure a flame blew as if there was a breeze in the room. That verified he built a fire pit, getting a blazing fire going.

"InuYasha…" Miroku was waking up at last. InuYasha didn't think he would ever be grateful to have the houshi to talk to, but the cavern was so quiet, and having them all out like that…it made him think too much about what would have happened had the battle with Naraku gone the other way.

"Miroku. You doing okay?" He turned from the fire to Kagome, grateful that Miroku could care for Sango. He was the one engaged to her after all.

"Yes, I'm fine." He shook his head "Where are we?"

"I found our cave, just what we hoped for. When I went back though you'd passed out. Keh, just like a human." InuYasha grinned while he took off Kagome's shoes and socks to rub some warmth into her feet.

"Thanks for your concern." Miroku smiled, sitting up to see Sango lying next to him. He picked up her hand, copying InuYasha's rubbing warmth. "Are they okay?"

"I think they will be. We just need to get them warm."

"How can I help?" Miroku looked at Sango's face, she was so pale.
No way was he going to lose her now that his curse was lifted.

Four bodies lay huddled together near the fire. The women had been stripped down considerably, their heavy outerwear removed so the warm air could reach them. InuYasha held Kagome close to him, trying to share what body heat he could with her. Miroku sat next to where Sango lay, still rubbing her arms and legs, trying to get them warm. InuYasha hadn't spoke for a long time. He lay, idly twirling pieces of Kagome's hair around his finger, staring off into space.

"It's so strange, how I have to remind myself." He glanced over at Miroku

Miroku didn't have to ask, he knew the feeling very well. He glanced down at his hand. He still had the scars from the shouki, the outline of where the Kazanna had once been, but he had a life to plan.

"Your not alone InuYasha. I think we all do."

InuYasha nodded. "We finally did it Miroku." he looked at Miroku again "Not just one of us, all of us. We stuck together through all kinds of nasty shit and now that bastard has gotten what he had coming to him. He won't hurt anyone again."

InuYasha glanced down at Kagome, brushing a finger secretly across the back of her neck, loving the feeling of her skin against his. She was so soft…

"Were a great team." Miroku smiled, unable to miss InuYasha's attentiveness to Kagome "And, were still together." He grinned when InuYasha looked over at him.

"Thanks to Kagome" InuYasha barely got it out before he started laughing. InuYasha quieted himself when Kagome muttered something about wanting chocolate in her sleep.

"Poor Kagome." Miroku shook his head. "She felt so horrible that night. Of course you didn't help InuYasha."

"It couldn't be helped." He grinned, remembering how he had nearly choked to death trying to not laugh at Kagome's misfortune.
"I wanted to tell her I wasn't mad, but I didn't want to turn around and laugh in her face either."

InuYasha thought back, remembering how he had reacted the first time Kagome broke the tama. He had been horrible to her that day, and for a long time afterward. Thank Kami she broke the tama. InuYasha was going to drop her from the sky to her death, then run off with the tama. He had thanked kami nearly everyday since that he hadn't been able to go through with his plan. She had done him a huge favor that day by shattering the Shikon no tama.

"You and Kagome are a perfect team InuYasha." Miroku smiled "It still amazes me how in sync you are in battle, how you instantly know what the other needs and then gives it without a thought."

"Kagome has become a tough warrior over the time I've known her. I never would have believed she had it in her when we first met."

"Kagome! KA-GO-ME!"

InuYasha let his head fall back against the rocky wall of the cavern, listening to the water drip into the spring. In his mind, he heard Kagome yell the words all over again…


Kagome had killed Naraku for Kikyo.

InuYasha felt himself choking up a little, as he had that night.

"Did you hear what Kagome said when she fired her last arrow Miroku?" InuYasha looked up at the ceiling, waiting for an answer that didn't come.

"Miroku?" He turned his head. Miroku had lain down, and then fallen fast asleep.

InuYasha let his head fall back again

Mistress Centipede pulled Kagome away from him, Kagome's hands latched onto his hair for dear life.

"Let me GO!"

"Ow, Ow, Ow,! YOU Let ME GO!"

InuYasha smiled at the memory, looking down at the one he held in his arms protectively. Yeah, she had done him a huge favor that day by shattering the Shikon no tama. And, she had done him another huge favor by shattering it again the other night.

Kagome had bought InuYasha time.
Time to ask her to stay with him forever.

Chapter Two Preview:

Morning comes and decisions have to be made, but first there is a huge misunderstanding to straighten out.

Coming Soon Chapter Two:
"About Last Night"