An Aching Heart

Author's note - I don't own FF8 or the characters. I'm replaying the game at the moment, and noticed the Library Girl's feelings for Zell more than I ever have before. This is just a quick stab at writing them down from my pov.

There he goes, rushing off on yet another thrilling adventure. He gets this really fierce grin on his face when he's preparing to fight, like there's nothing better than beating the bejeezus out of a Bite Bug or a Belhelmel. And I suppose, for him, there isn't. It's what he's trained to do.

Me? I doubt I'll ever put the skills they taught me into practice. I'll take my SeeD exam next year, and probably pass it. I have enough skill with my weapon - bow and arrow, in case you were wondering - to see me through. I won't score very highly, and afterwards I expect I'll leave Garden. I came more for the academic education than the combat training. And, of course, it's all free. My parents could never have afforded an education like this for me.

So, when I leave, where will I go, what will I do? I'll have to leave all my beloved books behind. Each one is like an old friend. I've had a large hand in selecting the titles for the past couple of years, so I really will be leaving a part of myself behind, too.

And will I leave my heart behind? Or will a certain blonde, tatooed, sexy-as-all-Hells martial artist actually notice that I exist?

Oh, Hyne! He's coming back, and I'm still stood at the library entrance like some sort of idiot gazing off into space. He's coming this way. Is my hair OK?

Closer, closer, he's actually looking over...

Oh, right. He left his hover-board thing propped up against the fountain when he left. He's got it now and he's off again, without a backwards glance.

When will he notice me?!