This is another idea I've got that's keeps nagging me. Wow, its about magic, music, creatures and werepokemon!


By Twilight The Umbreon

Prologue: Dusk's Dawn (About 750 years ago)

It was a cold, windy night in the forest to the south-east of Fortree village. The wind wailed through the treetops as a lone traveller hurried through the forest, tripping over undergrowth, exhausted beyond belief. Howls tore through the wailing of the winds and the cloaked figure turned his head to his left. A shadow flowed through the forest, right next the cloaked figure. "Dusk" the cloaked figure called. The shadow to his left jumped out of the bushes and a powerfully built male absol revealed itself. Dusk strode up to his master, concern written on his features. The cloaked figure collapsed onto the ground, moaning.

"Hear me well, my familiar" the cloaked man croaked as he laid on the forest floor wheezing, "You must do something for me….the world….as we know…it…needs you…" he coughed a bit, then continued "…the…age of magic….its ending…but, you can save the magic from being eliminated….". This grabbed Dusk's attention, and though Dusk was not sure what he was required to do at that time. All that he knew was he was going to somehow aid in preserving the little magic that was left in the world. But what was his master and companion thinking of doing? Familiars are given many gifts when they join with a wizard, and the most common ones were the ability to talk the human tongue, the ability to use magic themselves and a magical bond with their master which could be used for many thing, namely communication over long distances but nothing that could rival the power his master. "What do you need me to do, master?" spoke Dusk in surprisingly fluent humanspeech. The cloaked man pushed himself to his hands and knees with a great effort. "Dusk, you really don't need to call me master all the time?" he gasped, a hand clutching his underside. Dusk chuckled immensely But you are.." Then the cloaked man collapsed to the ground. "Master!" Dusk yelled compassionately as he nuzzled his master's face. The cloaked figure gasped and pulled himself into a sitting position. Then he weakly proceeded to pull out a masterfully made black wood lute. "I need you to do something" the cloaked man spoke "Something to save our way of life". Suddenly, Dusk reeled as mental images and voices echoed in his head. The cloaked man smiled. "Now you know what you must do, Dusk".

Suddenly from the bushes strung a wild-eyed, oversized mightynea. It slowly and purposely walked towards the cloaked man. Dusk jumped out in front of his master "Stand back!" he growled. What he heard next put dread in Dusk's bones. The mightynea snarled at the man and his familiar. "This human is ours, diviner. His blood, flesh and soul are called for by the Red Goddess." With that the mightynea gestured with his snout at the moon, which was a blood red colour. Now Dusk knew who this strange pokemon was. Dusk ran to his master side. "Master, you got to get to get out of here, it's a were-mightynea! You'll be killed!". Strangely enough, the cloaked man did not move and even resisted Dusk's shoving. He turned his eyes to Dusk. "Dusk, I have seen the future. I will fall here, but I will not die. Protect the last vestiges of magic my dear familiar. Do what you are destined to do." He then turned to the were-mightynea preparing to lunge at him. "I know who you are, Mordus" he intoned. "And know I will not be a carcass sacrificed to you red goddess. Mordus laughed. "You will not survive this night. You are weak and are out of power. Your blood will appease the Red goddess." Then several things happened in slow motion. First, Dusk's sixth sense, which was present in all absol and that forewarned of disasters began to chime him a dire warning and the same time Mordus lunged at the cloaked man. Dusk yelped as he lunged to save his master…and was tackled from the side but another mightynea. As Mordus got close to the cloaked man's throat, the man dug up some unknown reserve energy and threw up his arm to protect himself. Mordus was unable to change course and the flung up arm ended up between her jaws as she bit down hard. Dusk noticed that the blood red moon was shining on the cloaked man as Mordus' jaw crunched down on the man's arm with a tearing of fabric.

The man on having his arm clamped down by Mordus, immediately felt a burning fire where Mordus' teeth had pierced his skin with her teeth which quickly spread up his and through his body, bringing both pain and renewed energy. Nausea began as Mordus' cursed saliva and the power of the blood full moon energy sped up the process of lycanthropy. He yelled out to Dusk as pleasurable pain filled his body. "Hurry! Complete the spell!" he croaked as he began to shudder. Dusk was standing, slack-jawed. He turn back to Mordus, smiling has he felt canines growing in his mouth and his face stretch into a snout. He growled at the now shocked and sheepish looking were-mightynea. "My blood is yours blood now. So are you willing to sacrifice yourself as well?" Dusk looked at his changing master helplessly as his master began to convulse and growl. At the same time, his sixth sense rang alarm bells…but then Dusk realised that the disaster about to happen wasn't related to his master but what was approaching….the destroyer of magic approaching! His once human master turned his mutating head to Dusk. His hood blew back revealing to horrible sight or a mainly mightynea head, still changing as it stared at Dusk hungrily. "Go! Do it!" he growled "The late will not be consumed by the… destroyer…" His speech was cut off as the futile attempt of resisting the curse finally buckled and he sprung from his restricting robes, now fully a mightynea.

This was enough for Dusk. Dusk started chanting some weird words and as Dusk did so, a powerful burst of magic surrounded Dusk. As his former master was about to leap for his throat, a vortex of black magical energy, originating from the black lute laying nearby surrounded Dusk, sucking Dusk into the magical black lute.

The mightynea that was the cloaked man crashed into the tree behind Dusk with a yelp but recovered quickly and started to chew on the lute lying on the ground. Amazingly he could put a scratch on the lute at all. So instead he marked the loot by the method most canine pokemon do. He then ran off with the pack not knowing that in about 5 minutes he would be stuck as a mightynea forever.

Dusk awoke to a white nothingness. He yelped in fear, not only not unable to feel his body but even see it. His mind played over the images of that night and of those that his once master burned into his mind over and over…over and over… Time slipped by as he grew more and more depressed, lonely and loopy. The magic of the lute here was trapped in slowly grew stronger and stronger. He lost track of time each moment seemed to take forever. He mulled over the thoughts in his head trying to figure what to do next. His consciousness began to fade as time passed, but his spirit still blazed obeying his masters last wish, to wait until the day that the magic inside was ready to be unleashed back on the world again.

Ok Prologue done! Yes, it has opened up many questions which are not yet been answered. But as the story progresses, more about the mystical will be revealed!