In a place far and away was a land divided by three kingdoms.

The first kingdom, Zaft, was a militant nation. With its superior militia and under the rule of His Imperial Highness, Prince Athrun of House Zala, they have no equal in strength.

The second kingdom was a nation called Alliance. Though the kingdom was not as heavily armed as Zaft, they thrived on economic prosperity and well maneuvered diplomacy. It's because of it they were able to keep themselves on the good will of Zaft and remain untouched by their neighbors' swords. Prince Kira Yamato of the Royal House was an intelligent ruler, keeping Alliance peaceful through troubled times.

The last kingdom was the smallest and weakest of the three. Orb sat in the middle of the two giant nations. They represent the balance between two. The King of Orb has two beautiful daughters. The princesses of Orb were Lacus Clyne and Cagalli Yula Attha.

It was said that when the princesses were born, there was a treaty promising a daughter of the Royal House of Orb to that of House Zala and House Yamato. This was done in agreement to avoid the tipping of power between the nations. The girls will be sent to their promised husband on their 18th birthday. So now the story will unfold as the princesses set foot upon their journey…

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