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Tainted Vision

Wilson's voice was floating in the back of his mind, the pills and alcohol numbing his senses. He hadn't been listening for a while; his attention firmly focused elsewhere, eyes firmly fixed on her, curled up in the corner of the bar. He'd never seen her like this before. She was his boss, looking more beautiful than ever, the lights shimmering over her skin, highlighting her hair, sparkling in her eyes, the deep blues awash with emotions only he could see.

He'd been watching her since he saw her enter the bar, seemingly lost, lonely; unaware of his presence; her mind clouded over with a haze of thoughts lost in her own world. Her fingers danced over the stem of her glass, the golden liquid swirling round, droplets escaping trickling over the edge coating her fingers, only to have her tongue lap them up. He was mesmerised, the little twirls of her tongue as her fingers plunged between her lips made his mind burn with images, his body tingling with desire.

His body was rebelling against him, pulsing with every stolen gaze eyes darting to her before returning to Wilson. He didn't need to alert the oncologist to her presence, relishing in being able to stare without arousing suspicion.

His eyes trailed over her soft pout, lips so full and smooth, deep red lipstick, lines of sin he wanted to taste.

Her head fell back, shirt falling open, eyes zooming in on the little bit of lace exposed, the black contrasting with the pale creamy skin of her breasts. He watched her throat as she swallowed, the golden liquid flooding her system, eyes tight shut as she lost her self in the images running through her mind.

A young man approached her, similar age, tall and dark. Her eyes still closed unaware that he was approaching until he was right beside her. House's blood boiled with anger as he watched the guy lean over breathing whispered words into her ear. Her eyes snapped open; even from a distance he could see her pupils, dark and lustful. She was angry, her face blazing with fire that only made house tense even more. Every little move of her mouth triggering his senses, watching her dark curls flow around her as she shouted the man down, her rumbling tone barely echoing over the mumbles of the crowds but he heard it, the low little growl jolting through his senses.

She watched the guy leave, gaze focused on him before he vanished through the doors. He had been staring for too long; he looked at Wilson for one moment his eyes flicking to him for a second before returning to her.

She was staring straight at him.

Blue on Blue, her eyes registering no shock of his presence, she'd known he was there the whole time. Watching her in the way he always did but this time it was tainted, it was no longer just a look he wanted something more, he wanted her.


His eyes snapped back to Wilson, attention returning to the conversation, one in which he knew nothing about.

'Were you even listening?'

'No.' House's eyes flicked back over the bar. She'd vanished.

'Well at least you're honest,' Wilson mumbled with a shrug of his shoulders.

A quick glance at his watch and he began to rise, grasping his cane as he stumbled from his stool.

'Where you going?' Wilson's drink was still full, the conversation flowing freely from his lips meant he had barely touched it, house on the other hand had downed it the moment he saw her, trying to drown out his need, the erotic seduction of the way she swayed, the curves he wanted to run his fingers over. His sex starved mind demanding more. He couldn't make his thoughts personal, the desire for someone rather than something; she wasn't his boss, just another woman in a bar.

'It's late, I need my beauty sleep.'

'No disagreement here, see you tomorrow.'

With that House left, abandoning Wilson, along with the bill.


The cool night air stung against his burning skin, helping to still the throbbing between his thighs.

He scanned the car park, she was here somewhere. There! His eyes fell upon her, fists pummelling against her car in frustration.

He tricked his mind into believing it was his curiosity egging him on and not the fact he wanted to fuck her.

He strolled over to his car, keeping her in his sight line. Her hand tugged through the strands of her hair as she brushed it from her face, the moonlight dancing over her skin. He leant against the door of his car, watching, waiting.

She turned, walking through the car park, the click of her heels echoing out into the night sky, banging in time to the thud of his heart.

She walked by, him standing unnoticed.

He indulged in watching her hips sway before him, her taught behind encased in her skirt, teasing and tempting.

'Cuddy?' he hollered, his voice causing her to freeze instantly. She turned slowly, the silence sinking in, him and her, alone in the car park.

Her eyes snapped to his, the blue orbs seeming to flash in the light flooding around them. A mixture of emotion exposed for all to see, but only he was watching.

'What?' she knew she was being aggressive, the little amount of alcohol she'd had made her hostile, she didn't want to play,

He did,

He wanted to play, play with her, play her, and House always got what he wanted.

'Bad day?' he knew she'd had a bad day, he'd been the cause, another shouting down in the clinic and a few insults later resulted in Cuddy having a major mess on her hands and him heading home.

'What do you think? You should know. It was your fault.' She was glaring, her eyes narrowed, not leaving his face, burning into him as he ignited her anger. He was so frustrating driving her nuts at every opportunity and here he was as usual when she didn't want him.

'Who was the guy at the bar?' he was desperately trying to relieve his curiosity, trying to keep his mind on track but the further she leaned forward the more she was exposed, her breast spilling out of her top and with her eyes on him it was very hard for him to let his eyes flow over her without getting caught.

His body was pulsing around him, his fingers twitching with the need to wrap themselves around her, pull her closer, run through her hair as he covered her lips with his own.

'Just a guy who thought he'd get lucky, I soon put him straight.' She deliberately missed out the fact that the heated anger was triggered from the disturbance of her thoughts along with the shock of what they contained. House had been flowing before her eyes. She knew he'd been watching, seeing him before she entered. She loved the feeling of his eyes burning into her skin more than she'd ever admit, her mind, let loose by alcohol, played images before her eyes, he seemed close enough to touch and yet she knew he was beyond her reach and had to stay that way.

'He lit you fuse though didn't he? You're angry. I like it when you're angry. Your heavy breathing makes you chest bob even more.' His eyes snapped downward, the excuse to stare laid out before him.

'House please I'm not in the mood, just leave it before I do something I'll regret.'

He looked back up, eyes fixing on hers, his leering grin in place, 'that's not a nice way to talk about me; I can assure you if you do me you won't regret it.'

She felt her skin tingle against his words, having to force the sensation to the back of her mind, ignore it as she so often did. Keeping to form. Her hands flew up with exasperation, head falling back, eyes gazing at the stars.

Without another word she turned with the intention of storming away.

'Cuddy?' she ignored him, 'Cuddy?' he lunged forward his fingers fastening around her wrist pulling her back, a little too hard. She stumbled, her body colliding with his forcing him to fall back against the car. Her whole body was pressed against his, her breath hard and sharp from the shock of his tug her head facing down before snapping up only inches from his face.

He tried to keep the conversation normal, trying not to move in fear of grinding up against her. His teeth clenched trying not to drown in her eyes, so desperate to touch, to taste, his desire now screaming in his ears. The heat from her body, the sent from her skin stinging his senses, seducing him, making him hard.

'Why aren't you using your car?'

She wriggled, her groin grinding against his. House's head fell back against his shoulders eyes tight shut, his fingers tightening around her wrist as he stifled a groan threatening to leak from his lips. She sighed, 'God is that all you wanted?'

His head fell to face her once more, eyes darkened with lust darting over her body, breasts heaving beneath him, her tongue trailing over her lower lip leaving it glistening only inches away.

'I was curios.'

She wriggled again; his fingers tightened trying to hold her still. He watched her eyes narrow as she felt the strength of his grip.

'I need to get a taxi, my car decided to fail on me, like everything else. Now let me go.'

She wriggled again, trying to free her self, the movement of her body only driving him higher, he had to resist this, her. She was intoxicating, arousal flooding his veins as her body ground against his, his muscles tensing trying to keep control. 'You have got to stop wriggling.'

'Let me go!' she pulled against him, but he refused to relent his grip, she wasn't getting away.

'I never do what you say, why start now?'

His fingers pulled at her wrists spinning her around, his cane clattering to the floor. He forced her up against the car, her gasp echoing into the night air as the cold metal stung against her skin. He pinned her against it with his body, knee between her thighs as he held her there, her chest heaving against his. The anger raging through her body flickered in her eyes, tainted with lust.

His eyes flowed freely over her body, fingers wrapping round her wrists bringing his free hand up to brush a curl from her face.

She turned away from him, but his fingers fastened around her jaw pulling her back to face him.

He slowly lowered his head, watching her the whole time, feeling her body tense with resistance. The kiss was light, tentative, testing. He pushed harder, his lips working against hers determined to win.

He pulled back, staring into her eyes, challenging. 'You're resisting me Cuddy.'

'That might be because I don't want you.' She spat, the frustration and anger still burning in her eyes.

'You want me.' His voice was as confident as ever, hand sliding up the outside of her thigh pushing her skirt higher, the material bunching around his wrists, her breath panting against his ear.

'No I don't.' it was weak, whispered, his hand snaking higher, her fingers twitching determined to stop him from finding the truth. She pushed against him, trying to force him from her, desperate, her resistance pathetic but true, he couldn't touch her, his heat already driving her too the edge, her anger covering her want as she felt the rough skin of his fingers tips drag over her hip.

She tugged and struggled, trying to fight against the haze of need engulfing her. Her body rubbed against his cock, the movement catching him by surprise, his head falling against her shoulder as he tried to muffle his moan.

She felt his fingers moving closer to her core, her wiggles and squeaks of protests becoming louder with every inch. 'House, I don't want you, just let m:-.' His fingers hit her trigger, the spasm of pleasure shooting through her gasped into the night, the sound bursting from her throat. His head snapped up, watching her, her eyes tight shut, no longer resisting. 'Everybody lies.' Her eyes flew open again, meeting with his, she shivered.

'Say No once more and I'll go, leave, never mention this again.'

He released her wrists, placing both hands either side of her head. Her blue eyes staring into his own. She paused. Unreadable, thoughts hidden from his eyes. She could feel how hard he was against her, pressed up against her thigh. Her eyes fell, hand lifting slightly, lightly dragging her fingers over the bulge in his jeans. He growled, the desire rumbling from the back of his throat. Hyper sensitive to her touch, head falling back in ecstasy. She wrapped her hand behind his neck fingers racking through the hair pulling him back to face her, a seductive smile twisted on her face. House smirked 'told you, you want me.'

She pulled him down, her soft lips closing over his, trailing her tongue over his bottom lip forcing them apart meshing with his own as they fought against each other. The kiss hard and harsh in the cold night air, no pretence, mixed with anger and frustration, desire and want

His fingers, still firmly between her legs, began to rub once more, teasing her through her panties, her wet heat soaking through, his mouth swallowing her moans as she ground against him.

'House.' She gasped into his mouth; he lifted her right thigh up, wrapping her legs around him, heels digging into his back, his right hand pushing her panties aside, resisting the temptation to rip them from her body, his fingers slipping through her folds before sliding inside her. His lips trailing kiss over her throat as she nuzzled into his shoulder trying to stem the little cries of pleasure. 'House…nrgh...we can't do this here.'

He pulled back, her wild curls tumbling, falling around her face, his Fingers abandoning her as he allowed her legs to fall to the ground. She stared, daze and confused, eyes dark and deep. He pulled her away from the car; her legs still loose stumbling slightly. He flung his car door open, releasing her wrist as he settled in the seat.

'House?' she was frowning, confused.

His hand slid under her skirt, finding the strap of her panties, pinging them against her skin. 'These off Now!'

Her head whirled around ensuring the car park was empty before she shimmied them from her body, the piece of material falling round her ankles before she picked them up and tossed them inside the car.

He laid back, hands patting his legs, 'sit.'

She looked at him warily, concerned, 'aren't you going to be in pain?'

'Either come over here or I'll will get out and do you in the open like I was intending to.'

She walked over to him, her hips swaying; his hands forced her skirt up round her hips as she swung her leg over him straddling his lap. 'Good girl.' He slammed the door, something to soften the sound of her screams.

'Hou:-' he pulled her forward, forcing his tongue between her open mouth, leaving no room for thought, he wasn't going to lose her, not when she was so close, no when he was so close his prick straining against his jeans to the point of pain, so desperate to fuck her, he was harder than ever before.

Her fingers slid beneath his t-shirt, running her nails over his rippling muscles before pulling it over his head, kissing her way across his chest. His hands started working at her buttons, her leaning back slightly, abandoning his body. His frustration grew with every tiny pearl and after the fourth slipping between his fingers he bunched his fingers into her top and ripped it from her, 'HOUSE.'

'Shhh! Beautiful,' his hands flew up to cup her lace covered breasts, thumbs tracing over her nipples before sliding round to the back unclipping the clasp and pulling the garment from her body. 'Even better.' His latched his lips over the bud twirling it between his teeth, her nails scraping over his bare back scoring into it as her body curved against him, forcing her chest forward, her head falling back curls cascading over her shoulders.

She pulled his head back, fingers fastening in his hair, lips meeting, placing a long lingering kiss, 'fuck me!' Her fingers slid down to his jeans, the sound of the zipper rumbling through the air. She wrapped her fingers round the shaft, lifting her body, sliding his cock through her arousal teasing the tip before guiding him inside. He was big, filling her, stretching, aching in all the right places.

She stilled adapting to him, his eyes watching her the whole time, she rolled her hips, he groaned, bucking her against her as she rode him. The glass steaming up as they panted, climbing closer to the climax, her hand pressing against the cold window dragging her fingers down, as she moaned into his mouth. 'Harder.' He forced him self right in, his hand slipping between them, teasing her clit as he searched for her sweet spot, every thrust getting closer.

He felt her muscles contract around him, each one tighter than the last before she exploded, crying out, nails cutting into his skin, her head crashing into his shoulder. He pushed into her once more, prolonging her orgasm, releasing his own, his body shuddering as his white fluid spilled into her, his hands tightening on her hips as he rode out to the end of his waves.


Wilson stumbled from the bar, struggling to pull his jacket on; head hazy with alcohol. He squinted; house's car was still in the car par. He left hours ago. He began making his wobbly way over, eyes taking in new things with every step. The steamed windows, the body, the female body, her back, her naked back, House's hands clutching her shoulders before sliding over her bare skin.

He had a hooker. Only logical explanation his mind could make. The alcohol dulling his reactions as he continued to approach. Finally he froze, mind catching up with his eyes. HOUSE with a hooker? He thought it was all talk. Just House and his constant jokes and leering. He frowned; maybe he should take what he says more seriously from now.

He turned, flinging one last lingering look at the luscious beauty bobbing up and down in House's lap. He'd challenge him tomorrow morning; it should make an interesting conversation. Turning his collar up against the wind, he walked away; leaving his friend to cry out in ecstasy as, unknown to Wilson, his boss shuddered around him.


Heavy breathing, slowing as she came down from her high, 'I'm still angry at you.' He laughed, the sound rumbling through her body. She swung her leg from him, trying not to cause anymore pain than she was sure he was in and settled her self down in the passenger seat behind him.

'You better not make a mess of the seats.' She rolled her eyes, her hand slipping in his pocket to retrieve his vicodin. 'Here take these.'

His fingers fastened round the small bottle. 'Thanks.' She looked away, leaning into the back to find her bra, fingers searching in vain for her panties and coming up short. 'I can't find them.'


'My underwear.' She blushed slightly feeling his eye roam over her body. She quickly put her bra back on, trying to shield herself from his penetrating gaze.

'Leave them as a souvenir' His keys jangled in his fingertips as he withdrew them from his pocket. 'Need a ride?'

She smiled, 'I thought you'd already given me one.'

He smiled, turning the key in the ignition, the car rumbling into life, 'lets see what this baby can do.'

Cuddy's hand snapped out sliding up the inside of his thigh, 'I'll show you when we get home.'

His head turned to hers, her salacious grin firmly in place on her face. 'Round two?'

Her eyebrows bobbed. 'Let's get the games started.'


She'd left early the following morning, flushed and fucked, borrowing one of his t-shirts after a session in the shower. He'd see her later at work, her in boss mode, him as him, an annoying pain in the arse. Last night had been wild, and worth every minute, now every smile they share will be tinted with the knowledge that they truly do know each other inside and out.

Wilson arrived at house's home moments later, the loud knock echoing down the hall. They were riding in together, Wilson coming home with house in the evening for a take away and TV.

House was driving; Wilson's eyes were aimlessly travelling round the car. They fell upon a small piece of pink lace. He stooped lifting into his fingers to exam it before turning to face House. 'Not really your style.'

House's eyes flickered to the garment before returning to the road. Wilson watched an expression flutter over House's face for a second but vanished too fast to be read.

'Whose are they?'

House smiled, 'Cuddy's,' he waggled his eyebrows, 'I had one wild evening with the boss lady last night.'

Images of the previous night invaded Wilson's thoughts. Watching as House fucked a girl before him. The pictures hazy from an alcohol fuddled memory.

His fleeting thought that he should believe House more often washed through his mind. He scoffed. The drink had been talking a little too loud last night. While some things that leave House's lips were true, they were few and far between. Cuddy shagging House, in his car of all places was not one of them. Her hatred for House apparent for all to see.

Wilson shook his head; House would never tell him the truth. He let the thong fall from his fingers, 'never mind.'


House wandered through the doors of PPTH, Wilson walking a few steps in front. He lifted his head, scanning the hall; she was there her head bent over paper work as usual.

He stood in the lift, watching her the whole time. Just as the doors began to close, her head lifted, eyes locking with his. She winked, a smile fluttering over her face. House returned it, his smirk brief, eyes on each other until the doors slammed shut.

Yep a smile only they would understand; the story of a single night sparkling in her eyes and, if he had anything to do with it, the shining promise of many more to come.