It had been a long day, coming in, the warmth seeping into his body as he hobbled through the door. She'd gotten in before him, she always did most nights. He had a habit of going down into her office and kicking her out before she fell asleep on her desk. The good thing about paper work what it didn't need constant medical attention; it won't have snuffed it if you leave it for one night.

He stumbled through the dark, not wanting to wake her. This had been their routine for many years.

The employees of the hospital had accepted their relationship before even they had, thinking something had been going on long before it had even begun. The board had bowed down gracefully, having monitored Cuddy's work for many months and finding nothing of concern, if anything she'd gotten harder on him, something she'd paid for dearly after hours, not that she was complaining.

They always settled things beneath the sheets….or against a wall, or table, floor or sofa….where ever they were at the time. Cuddy's office had even had a christening, let's hope the board never found out about that. He smirked. Walking into his bedroom, the light left on low for his return.

He looked down, her dark hair splayed out against the pillows, shiny, little wisps of curls at her hair line, never truly tamed, the lines a strong contrast against her pale skin shimmering inn the light, soft and silky.

He stripped his clothes off, sliding in beside her, her body gravitating towards the warmth, wrapping around him. He placed a kiss on her shoulder, the taste of her moisturiser bitter against his tongue, its sent wafting up from her skin a contrast to its taste, sweet, but not sickly, an edge of strength to it, very like the woman lying in his arms.

Her breath brushed against his ear, warm, counter point to his own, the sound lulling him into sleep, white noise, comforting by its presences, fighting away the silence and loneliness he'd lived with way to long before she'd come into his life.

Her chest brush against his with every breath, warm, her presence filled him with joy, feeling just right lying within his arms; the slight beat of her heart, hammering along side his in unison.

Every sense provided comfort, something he watched for every night he came home, feasting on her, submitting everything to memory.

Gradually his eyes slipped shut, ending another day, senses always alert to the woman who lay beside him…the one who would always be there…for many years to come.


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