For the next few months, Jess helped Rory grow in her faith. He moved back to Stars Hollow, and they renewed their relationship six months after Rory's revelation. They were married in the town square, by Pastor Chris, and Rory had never felt more right about a guy than at that moment. As she and Jess shared their first kiss as husband and wife, Rory smiled. Who knew that in less than a year, her life could have turned around so completely?

Logan and his fiancé attended, as did Tristin, Marty, and Lucy. Dean was there with Lindsay; the two had renewed their marriage after getting saved a month after Rory. They had remarried a month later, and were now expecting their first child.

Lorelai and Luke were the proud parents to be once again, and successfully brought Lucas Danes, Jr., home from the hospital four months after Rory and Jess were married. They were saved shortly after Rory and Jess's wedding, and everyone lived happily ever after.

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