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What if Kira and Cagalli had both Crashed down onto the island…

"All systems are jammed I'm going down!!!!" Hearing the distress call from Cagalli's Strike Rogue Kira raced over to try and prevent her from burning down and well…basically dying.

"Hold on!" Using his beam sabers he cut down his opponents making sure to not hit the cockpit so as to not literally kill anyone. Too bad as his eyes were blinded from trying to reach Cagalli in time he did not see the Red Gundam, GAT X303 Aegis belonging to a certain ex-best friend come up from behind with a beam rifle aimed at Kira's mobile suit.

"What the-Argh!" Being hit hard in one of the vital systematic wires connecting the functions of movement for the GAT-X105 Strike,Kira lost control, following in step from Cagalli's spiraling Strike Rogue.

"Kira, Kira? Do you read me?-Is everything alright?" Captain Ramius tried to get through the communication lines but to no avail, looking worriedly over to her crew the look on their faces held no comfort. " Can we get anyone out there?"

"The Battlefield is too hectic Captain, the sensors are picking up more Zakus and increase movement from the Zaft fleet, the Lesseps class and Petrie class vessels are moving in Captain what do we do?!"

"…." Shifting in her seat her eyes scanned the scanners to see if there was any sign of Kira's recovery, when there was none and a repeated call for her attention with following orders she mumbled to take action with the most commonly known evasive maneuver which consisted of firing clearing missiles and making a hasty retreat.

"Yes Ma'am"

As the sounds alarmed and orders were given to fire missiles as well as coordinates flew around to turn a certain degrees for their escape, Murrue let her head fall into her hands as she let out a small sob asking Kira to forgive her.

The island was dusty…As if everything was covered with it's own hidden agenda, it's own Secrets. Shrouded by a sandy mist, you couldn't see the front of your hands at times. A barricade of sorts would whirl up around the remote, lifeless inhabited island, blocking out all those who dared enter.

But then…

There would be a moment when the windy sands would die down and expose the inner core of this magnificently beautiful Island. It looked rough on the outside, but on the inside it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seem. It had reminded him of someone.

"Cagalli!" Searching for the com link onboard his destroyed mobile suit Kira found within the wreckage there wasn't much he could use to call for a distress signal much less come in contact with what was probably a severely battered Strike Rogue.

Sighing Kira removed himself from the remains of his Gundam, and set forth to search around the island.

"I hope Cagalli is okay…and the Archangel." Folding his hands into a fists he couldn't believe he allowed Athrun to get to his ship and shoot him down, He should've been paying attention and never allowed him to get into his blind spot. He felt like tears were starting to form and once again was berating himself.

Sitting down on a high part of the island Kira scanned his surrounding area, He knew there were fish he could acquire from the ocean and fruits within the trees nearby, he could set up camp and a fire to keep him warm throughout the night, the question was, how long would it be till the Archangel send out a rescue team…that is if they planned on doing so.

"Damn it!" Mir, Sai, Flay, all of them are still onboard the ship, he had let them down he had-

"Kira?!" Startled he looked up to come into sight of a very small figure in the distance, after straining his eyes he had come to recognized that it was- "Cagalli!" jumping up he semi ran down the hill to meet his friend.

Overwhelmed with the shocking circumstances and so glad to see a friendly face, especially that belonging to an alive and well Kira, Cagalli jumped onto Kira knocking him down in the process. "Ca-Cagalli!"

"Oh Kira! I'm so glad you're okay!"

"Me? What about you? How did you take the crash…are you hurt?" Maneuvering into a sitting position Cagalli sat back a little, not to their recognition did they notice that Kira's legs were sprawled out encasing Cagalli in the small space that the legs provided in front of him. It was a harmless, innocent act unknown by them as Cagalli's body was mere inches away from Kira's own.

He had reached out and took Cagalli's arms, examining them in the process for anything major, Cagalli had blushed at the contact but turn her head away so as for the oblivious boy to not see the reaction. Kira then proceeded to examine her neck and furious, or more so flushed with the sudden actions she pulled back her limbs and yelled embarrassingly. "I'm fine!"

"Um-uh…okay-sorry." Looking straight back at Kira due to his response she realized that was a bad choice of action for when she looked at his sadden face she felt herself sigh and mutter a sorry. "What about you…you crashed too." In fact Kira had been indeed hurt but had not cared seeing as he was in quite the predicament being trapped on an island and all, not to mention his thoughts were being overrun by the many woman in his life. Namely the one right in front of him this particular moment whom just happens to be…sitting between his legs?


"Kira…what's wrong? Do you have a fever?"

"Huh-Oh no…I just-We uh…"

"Shit! Kira look at your arm." Startled by her alarmed voice Kira turned to see what was it that had her so worried. Then he laughed.

"What's so funny?! That thing can get severely infected! You damn coordinators and your high and mighty attitude thinking you are so invincible…" Although Kira normally would take offense to her harsh attitude towards the entire coordinator population he was distracted by the fact that as each word came out of her mouth her movement led her to ripping off the lower part of her 'military' shirt and placing it around his arm tight.

He was stunned for those few brief moments at how she could just bravely show the lower part of her belly without care to whom witnessed it but was soon brought out of his trance when she squeezed the piece of clothing around his arm with so much force he thought his blood circulation was going to give up on him.

"Cagalli…is that really necessary?"

"You don't want to catch a disease do you?"

"Cagalli…I'm a coordinator I don't catch…"The look she gave him shut him up and he simply muttered a thanks as he turned to look at his arm.

It was about this time that Cagalli realized their err…placement so to speak. Blushing like mad she couldn't help but wonder why it had felt so…right. Not to mention so comfortable that it went unnoticed, but quickly she got up letting out an excuse that they should look for shelter before night hits and rapidly stalked away.

Kira stood still for some time feeling an odd sensation of being cold as his source of warmth has just up and walked away.

They had gathered by a fire which was much needed now as Cagalli's and Kira's clothes hung to dry behind them, cooking some fish they had caught on the open fire there was a silence amongst the two.

Kira looked over to Cagalli and grinned mischievously a little. "Yanno…fish really can be fighters some-"

"Shut up" she growled out, Kira simply chuckled recalling what had happened merely two hours ago.

"I'm going to go catch some fish for food tonight, seeing as there won't be a rescue party here anytime soon." As she started to walk away Kira reached out and grabbed her arm pulling her to a, blushing halt.

"Are you sure?" Apparent confusion on her face Kira decided to elaborate. "It might be getting dark soon, you don't know how the temperature will drop, why don't you start up the fire and leave me to bring home the food."

"Are you kidding me?"


"Do you think I am incapable of gathering food for us?"

"I didn't-"

"Is it because I'm a girl, huh?!

"Cag-" "I'll tell you what Kira, just because you're a guy doesn't make you any better than me at hunting! Hunting for food is not only a man's job! I am probably a hundred gazillion times more better than you at catching fish!" she started to flail her arms for emphasis.

Kira sweat dropped and started to back away nodding not wanting to invoke her full rage. Stomping loudly as she turned on her heel she went to the nearest shore of the island and started to produce numerous methods on how to catch those 'stupid stinky fish'.

Glancing back down at the fish and then right back at her she caught his gaze and looked away. "Anyone could have tripped…"

He let out a soft smile.

"You stupid good for nothing fish! Get caught already! It's your life's mission to be goddamn eaten! Now freakin take the bait, take it now!" Bending over into the water and using what she conjured up as bait for the fish she tried to catch a fish but only succeeded in tripping over…a relatively small rock and falling into the water.

"Ah! What the-" Cursing profusely Kira walked over cautiously to Cagalli's previous position and let out a laugh when he found her in her new position…swimming with the fishes.

"That's how you catch fish huh?"

"Shut up Idiot, now Help me up! I think the fish are holding me hostage!" Letting out a sigh he walked over and reached out to help her up, only he didn't account for her being mean and pulling him down with her.


Splashing into the water Cagalli let out a manically laugh at her accomplishment, When Kira's head popped back up to the surface of the water she felt her deed was not yet done and decided to splash him a couple of times.

"Cag-Cagalli Hey cut it out! We are going to get sick! The water's freezing!" Sure enough the splashing stop and Kira was faced with a staring Cagalli.

"Wow…what a baby." Huffing and swimming away back towards the shore she could have sworn she heard Kira pout saying indeed he wasn't a baby.

"This fish sucks."

"Hmm…It's not that bad."

"Must you be optimistic about EVERYTHING?" Infuriated she threw down her half eaten fish and got up. She had no idea why she was so mad, she just, was. Kira was at a lost too but shrugged it off and continued to eat his fish.

It was starting to get really cold and being in nothing but a undershirt and underwear didn't really help the young princess. Wrapping her arms around her tight frame she refused to give in so easily defeated and walk back to the fire, so standing there in the cold breeze she had time to think about why she would just lash out on Kira so often.

Yeah Like I'm going to figure that one out over night... Her thoughts were interrupted with a small serious voice saying something along the lines of 'You should come back to the fire before you get sick'.

Huddling back to the fire she glanced at Kira who was staring intently at the burning flames.

"What's on your mind?"


"Oh come on…you need to open up Kira, if you keep everything bottled up, all your ever going to do is cry." He looked up at her, his emotions masked and she really did wonder what was wrong. When he turned away back towards the flames she got up. She sat beside him, forgetting for a moment his and hers current attire, placing a hand on his shoulder he looked up at her and tears were starting to brim his eyes once more, inwardly she sighed but she pulled him into a hug nonetheless and tried to comfort him, give him reason to open up.

"I don't want to fight anymore…"

"No one wants to fight Kira…" Except insane freaks like those whom run Zaft…bastards.

"I have to protect them…But no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try I fail, someone always ends up dying! It's not fair! It's not fair! I'm not even sure if the members of Archangel are still alive! And if they aren't it would be my fault! All because I wasn't there to protect them!" He started to sob into Cagalli's chest, the sitting position allowing that the only way for comfort, the only part of her body for him to burry his face in.

She took no notice as his words hit her strong and she started to entangle her fingers within his sandy, watery hair, a way of comfort. Her words were spoken low 'You're only a kid' 'Only one can do so much' 'Don't cry anymore' but nothing soothed him as he continued to cry, she merely held onto him for a period of time, until he ran out of tears, her head was now resting on top of his own, his hands were clutching onto her body, his right onto her left rib and his left onto her lower back, his face still encased within her breasts.

Slowly his hands started to fall as his head started to rise, he was ashamed, once more he was crying his heart out, like the helpless boy he believed himself to be. He avoided her eyes and she started to probe him, yearning for him to look at her, so she may have the strength to say something.

He refused. He made way to get up mumbling a soft thanks. It was reflex, she told herself as she reached out and yanked on his arm to pull him down. When his eyes caught her own, the flash of violet and auburn, realization hit them both, she looked down at their now intertwined hands as did Kira, following her line of vision, he blushed again but kept his eyes on them for a brief moment before looking back up at Cagalli and murmuring her name.

It was that murmur, the way his voice was so soft and the way her name left so easily and perfectly off those perfect lips that caused her to do what she did next.

She kissed him.

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