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But their lives are far from over.


… … … … … If you get this in the morning…… … … … …


Certain events have transpired between the times you and I…

I would like to tell you I am sorry. Truly deeply sorrowed to know that I have inflicted upon you such pain that I can't even begin to comprehend as to how I would have allowed myself to do such a thing. You mean the world to me, Kira. You are now my only…living…relative.

You can't begin to imagine how much it pains me to say that word, Relative.

But then again, maybe you do…I'm acting so selfish, acting as though I am the only one being affected by this…when you too, are going through the revelation as harshly as I am.

XxCrossed outxX-

I love you so much, I honestly didn't mean to

-XxCrossed out xX

I…am asking for your forgiveness although I know I don't deserve it…

As of now, I thought you would like to know Athrun has become my bodyguard, going under the alias Alex Dino, he accompanies me almost everywhere now…Kira, and our interests have become, much more platonic amongst one another.

Leading Orb is becoming all the more straining as the days pass by and I can't help but wish you were here to hold me and comfort me and guide me all over again.

I'm sorry, ignore that, please…

You know what?! Forget it! I don't even want your forgiveness, I don't need it! My father died and left me with a picture, a picture telling me that my lover was my brother! How was I supposed to react?!

XxCrossed out xX-

How was I supposed to break it off with you when I loved you so much!

-XxCrossed outxX

I, in a matter of minutes…became leader of Orb, we were still in the middle of the War, I had found out about my true identity and I had never felt so alone in my life as I did in that one chilling moment.

As if I was drowning.

Have you ever experienced that feeling, Kira? Asphyxiated. A choke hold placed on my lungs and heart, no blood rushing through me, no air, just disbelief that life can get this bad.

No one ever told us life would be easy…

…but they never told us it would be this hard…

For this, I am sorry most of all.

… ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Yours, Truly,

… ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... … ... ... ...Cagalli Yula Attha.


Crumbling up the paper that lay before him before spreading it out again and creasing out the rumpling, Kira Yamato looked at the letter once more, a lone tear wetting the part where she signed her name.


How was he supposed to go on? Sure, he could pretend everything was alright, smile for the cameras-you're the hero-go to these representative meetings-smile, 'cause you're the brother of Orb's leader.

But soon, he speculates, the pain would become too much.

Slamming his fists upon the table upholding his mail, a strangled sob escaped the brunette haired, violet eyed co-ordinator as he drew his knees up and buried his face into the comfort of his own being. Tears now anew, he thought about the cruelty of the situation dealt to him. For now, Kira was safe on a beach, tropical like paradise. He wanted to fight no more and Lacus had adhered to this wish and granted him solitude of peace, an orphanage with kids abandoned due to the commencing of the war and its aftermath.

He was recovering from the wounds, battle scars and emotional scars both visible to all those around him.

He didn't think a broken heart could ever heal, though.

"Kira?" a hesitant voice called out from the shadows of the room and instantly curtains were drawn back to illuminate the gloom and give cause for Kira to bring his head up and pin his eyes on the pink haired beauty, a wary smile marring her face.

"Kira….what's wrong?" shaking his head only caused to frighten the petite female all the more and with a small rush she walked towards him and placed his face within her hands, cradling it while murmuring a soft lullaby to calm him.

As the dark encased his sight with a sweet, sweet melody flowing in the background he saw an image-a bright, fiery image that was calling out to him whilst fading with every fleeing moment and he couldn't help but think,

"Cagalli, where did that fire go?"

It died along with our love

It died along with you…


And another month goes by.

A buzzard rings within an office that was previously sullen and quiet and so, a dainty finger glides over the intercom and presses the red button carelessly. The result of such action is a booming voice speaking and shouting and there are demands for reconciliation rights and repair money and treaties to mend broken ties but she's just not quite listening and her head feels heavy and she's thinking…

Where am I?

Although she knows where exactly she is she refuses to believe her father is dead while in the confines of her own personal little bubble of gloom and she refuses to believe that she has duties to attend to because suddenly, the passion that was the essence of her, the very thing that was the epitome of Cagalli, has faded away and along with it, her heart.

She doesn't think she can do it anymore, but each time she falls somehow, miraculously she gets back up. Athrun is there, one Athrun Zala, a friend of Kira's that she can't remember how she met or how she first started kissing those dreadful lips. She remembers his eyes though and the pain delved deep within them, almost as if they were mirrors reflecting her own sight to behold.

They had both lost their loved ones.

They had both lost so much, their parents, their soul mates. Or was the cruel depiction of believing one had a soul mate all created to hurt the human race all the more? Was love so fictitious that the creators that be felt they had to show us the error of our ways in believing such lies by creating the worst circumstance to ever happen in order to draw two people apart?

Cagalli chuckled, darkly.

To think such thoughts as this, it was pathetic. She had to deal with the cards dealt, there was no other way. She keeps telling herself that she can get over this-through this so that she will be able to live with what has happened and become a better person because of it.

This time, she laughs loudly.


'Miss Cagalli, are you alright?'

She looks down at the intercom. After a moment she gives a curt reply of 'no' before turning off the machine and standing up from her seated position.

Walking over to the windows before her, she looks out momentarily before deciding to open them up in full and letting the rush of air consume her. She breathes in and she tries, really tries, to just continue to breathe, but the tears and the fears are all consuming and overwhelming and she really just can't phantom the idea of another moment in this life.

She wants to jump.

But a knock is at the door and she knows its' her secretary so she sighs, steps back, closes the windows and fixes her jacket to her pant suit while plastering a firm, stoic facial expression upon her just all too recent distraught face.


The small, plump woman comes in and Cagalli notes that she is shy with a little bit of anxiety conveyed in her eyes. "Miss Attha, I have Mr. Dino here to see you, and, a very angry representative from a nation is on the phone, I was wondering, if you were-able- to take the phone call, of if you feel or ill…or…"

The leader raises her hand in silent submission to the female. "I am fine, no need for questions or inquiry about my health of any kind. Send Mr. Dino in and take a number from the representative or give him my voice communications tell, I will be with him shortly."

"Right away, Ma'am."

Bowing before leaving, once the doors are closed Cagalli takes another deep breath before they open again and she smiles fondly at the midnight blue haired male and moves to greet him with a hug. He responds in kind, affectionately and genuine and it aches to think he may be letting go of his fist love when all hers' does is haunt her at night.

"Cagalli…you look pale." He remarks once pulling away and she sighs in resignation.

"I haven't been having much sleep, no need to worry though." He gives her a look of contempt and she laughs nervously. "Work. Papers, you know-it gets stressing." He nod hesitantly and then takes her by the waist and draws her in.

"Okay. If you say so but you're still going out for your birthday party, I don't care what you say. It's been almost a year now since the war's ended Cagalli…it's time to start over."

She nods softly and thinks long and hard about his last words.

How could someone start over when their life hasn't even begun?


"Lacus…I'm not so sure this is a great idea, I'd rather spend my birthday alone, or just with you and the kids…"

"Don't be silly Kira Yamato, you need to spend such a joyous occasion with your friends and loved ones and besides," she pauses and looks at him with such adoration he feels himself giving in slightly. "Everyone misses you and your smiles, all we want-is to be able to bring it out of you again, please Kira, give us that chance."

He nods slowly before looking ahead down the hallway leading to the dark room that undoubtedly has many feet shuffling about, bumping into one another and whispering 'quiet, quiet, here he comes, on three!'

Before they reach the doors however, he feels Lacus press her firm body against his softly and her angelic voice calls out to him.

"I have a surprise I know you'll love." He's about to questions what it is and state that he dislikes surprises, after all, one of the worse surprises you can ever receive in your life he had obtained, finding out he was adopted and was having sex with his own sister really just cuts the top 2 for him.

But then the door opens and for a brief moment there is darkness before a rush of yelling and happy jovial voices with illumination by fluorescent lights come at him wishing him a happy birthday and he can't help but smile at the numerous amounts of people standing before him.

He's smiling uncertainly at certain unrecalled faces and shaking hands and receiving pats on the backs and there was even a girl that kissed him on a cheek, causing him to blush and Lacus beside him to silently fume but then, the congratulatory gestures die down and music is soft and people are dancing and he's once again alone at a miscellaneous corner, cup in hand, thinking, just thinking.

There are some cheers in the background but he thinks maybe there's a piñata somewhere that someone struck and now candy is spewing everywhere, he pays no mind to this; he'd rather continuing looking at the tile floor. Instead, he sees black shoes, small and pointy enter his line of vision and then, a soft, silky voice breaks through the noise of the room and he thinks his heart stops.

"May I have this dance?"

He's afraid to look up but he does so anyways and when he does, he almost regrets it because there she is, standing not two feet away from him and she's looking glassy-eyed at him and there are a few people he can't make out, (probably because his eyes are welling up as well) behind her with grins on their faces and she's holding out her hand as though asking,

"Come with me and we'll fly away together."

A soft melody picks up in the background, a distant long forgotten song, "Kissing You" by Des'ree, and no one thinks it inappropriate that long lost twins, joined and separated due to the war and its aftermath, are finally within each other's presence again and dancing to a song such as this.

She's holding him tightly, as though afraid to let him go.

And he's succumbing to her touch and scent and everything that is just her.

Lacus stands in the background patting her own back for thinking up such an ingenious plan and Athrun is standing besides her wondering why he had never seen Cagalli look at him in such a way as she is looking at Kira now.

The aching in their chest match the tone of the song in which it is sung, a memory of a love being portrayed through lyrics in such a deafening amount of emotion they can't help but identify with the song and its story.

"Kira…" but a whisper.

"Are you really here, Cagalli? Here in my arms?" He holds her just a bit tighter, an affirmation. "After all this time?" His voice is about to crack, he can't keep it low much longer and she grips his back, searching for something to hold on to as he presses her closer and sways rhythmically to the tune before them.

Others have joined them in their dance and he's angry at this. This is their time and their moment and all he wants to do is run away with her, hand and hand and forget any of this has happened. Forget the truth and their moment of confrontation, his nasty words and her tear shed eyes, the rescue and the start of peace for the world yet the deterioration of theirs. He wants to go back to the time when she had lain with him, lust slated and love at a high and he wants to hold her blissfully naked body within his arms and kiss the length of her curvaceously, work toned body and delve into her in any and every way possible and hear her moan his name-

He stops himself for it's too much, she's gasping softly because she feels what such thoughts has done to his body and he needs to cover it and excuse himself. She's left standing there awkwardly and everyone is questioning silently as to why he had left so abruptly during the dance.

Laughing uncomfortably she backs away only to crash into Athrun who holds her steady.

"Cagalli." She looks up and she wants to cry because his grip on her is like a barbwire fence that is posing as an obstacle between her and her Kira. "What's wrong? What happened to Kira? I know you didn't want to come and I know having him as your brother now has been difficult to take in but what did you say to make him rush out of here like that?"

"What! You think I said something to make him leave?" Pushing herself out of his grasp she falters somewhat in her hasty retaliation against his harsh words when she realizes the dancing has stopped and everyone is looking at them.

Deep breaths.

Deep…calming breaths.

Her voice is booming. "OUT!"

A few people do not hesitate to scurry away, some of them making pit stops to say thanks to Lacus- it was wonderful while it lasted. She spins on Athrun and the few that ventured to stay are brave.

"How dare you assume that I caused this? You are the one that dragged me here despite my protests and you surprise me with him, how would you feel if you found out that you had a long lost twin and that-"

"Oh, enough already!" She jumps back in shock.

"Enough….Cagalli….enough. We get it, I get it Cagalli, it's been horrible, I've lost loved ones too, you know. We are just trying to help you and instead of denying the little family you have left you should be embracing this and thanking the gods that be that you still have someone to love!"

Silence ensues and they are staring at one another deathly still. Lacus makes move to stop them but then Cagalli's eyes drop and she's laughing darkly and low, tears gracing her face ever flowing.

"Yes, I should thank the gods alright."

Pushing pass him she goes in the direction that Kira leaves in and Lacus watches her form before it disappears before turning to look at Athrun with such defeat she doesn't know where to start.

He shrugs in response before turning to smile at the remaining guest.


The halls are dark but she makes her way eventually. She's been through the orphanage a couple of times, mostly when Kira was not around, maybe once or twice when he was, but they've never made contact and never spoke about what had transpired between them and the sins they held within their hands.

She hears some grunting and wanders over to the room occupying the sound and then she hears her name being called out in a rasp voice and instantly she knows who the owner of that voice is.

She's about to call out his name and ask him if she could talk with him but he hears her name again and curiosity gets the best of her as she leans against the door between them and listens attentively hearing more grunts and a small smacking noise filling the otherwise empty and silent room.

Slowly, she opens the door and she winces when a small creak is the result of it besides the narrow view. At first all she continues to hear is the moaning and then as she scans what's little left for her to search within the room she comes to see the hunched form of her brother, his back the only thing truly in view.

Daring to open the door more she does so effortlessly and is rewarded this time without a creak but the soft gasp that comes from her was enough noise to make up for that lost as she sees her twin, face now aimed towards the ceiling with his eyes closed, eyebrows drawn together in concentration, his hands drawn down low massaging himself to her name.

Her eyes widen and her body is shock still.

"Cagalli…" his voice is soft and pleading and his hands are moving quickly, deftly in charge of the ministrations towards his length and almost at bruising speed he finishes, exploding around his digits and although satisfaction seems to be at hand he is restless and falls back upon the bed in anguish.

He curses lightly, damning himself, she makes note that he's saying her name again only this time he's damning her, damning her for being his twin sister, damning her for being the one constant thought plaguing him, damning her for making his heart soar only to be pierce right in the middle and to plummet fast, fast down low to ground.


And she's saying his name before it even registers in her brain.

"Cagalli!" he's struggling to pull up his pants and he falls over and she's laughing because this scene is so unbelievable she knows if she doesn't laugh she'll cry. "I-What-How long was you standing there?!" He gets up now and walks briskly towards her, pulling her from the door frame in and then slams the door.

"Kira…I came to check up on you." She's still laughing and gasping for breath somewhat and he's flushed red faced from embarrassment and anger all mixed into one, sighing he grips her by the shoulder to cease her giggles and when she stops he looks at her seriously.

"You shouldn't have seen that." She nods stiffly while watching him and he is searching her face for any ridicule itching to come out of her that's left and when he finds there isn't he lets her loose and calmly suggests that she should go.

"No. I came here to talk to you and that's what I plan to do."

"I don't think that's really such a good idea, Cagalli. I have to take a shower and get cleaned up; I'm leaving early tomorrow morning." He pauses briefly. "Business." He says as way of explanation.

"I do, too, but who knows when's the next time I'm going to see you Kira…and what's happened to us is obviously still not yet buried, we need to get this out in the open, I don't think I can live this lie anymore, I don't think I can stand another second without having you-"

Her breath is taken away and her feet are dangling in mid-air as he picks her up and spins her with the initiation of the kiss. The room is spinning and her life is out of control, spinning along with it, she's dazzled by the blurry beauty of it all, the darkness around them encasing them in their own little world as though nothing can touch them, and then, they fall upon the bed beside them in a heap of exhaustion and he's looking at her, asking her, fall back now, because I won't be able to.

She lifts her hands up slowly and encases his face within them. Her touch is different from Lacus'-he notes this silently, and as she cradles his pleading form she's consenting to this, she's in need of this, just as much as he is in need of her, there's no stopping it now.

There's no going back.

Slowly her hands fall away and down his neck, languidly she is touching every inch of his skin and she's leaning her head up so damn leisurely he's growling in impatience. Wrapping her arms around him she pulls him into the kiss they both need to start their sinful pleasuring of one another and his hands quickly and softly make way to tear off her jacket and unbutton her blouse. He's already exposed and hard and she's unwrapping her hold on his neck to trace the little hairs around his belly button until they reach the point of entrance to his manhood.

She's grinning and he's groaning and her blouse is off now and she gasps softly as he instantaneously rip away the bra that was left of his obstacles and takes a pert nipple into his mouth.

Moaning in bliss she almost doesn't remember to pleasure him on the side but his little thrust against her shaking hand gives to spark her memory and with eyes closed she glides her hand across his member and starts massaging the tip gently as he continues to suck briskly, lapping and licking and tongue darting upon and around her right tit before moving to do the same to the left.

Her whole hand covers his member now and her deft hands is pumping up and down, up and down, faster and faster and he's thrusting against her hand trying to reach maximum satisfaction and soon enough, his cum is dressing her fingers and he's accidentally bit her left nipple and they both cry out in unison.

The pleasure of the pain is commanding them.

Harsh breaths drown out the noise on the outside of people leaving and saying their goodbye's, the window's slightly ajar and he's looking at her eager and ready to please, to reclaim what they had lost even if the baggage of their actions would ultimately destroy them in the end.

He kisses her softly and his tongue isn't even begging for entrance as he gently places pecks and little soft buds of tap kisses all around and on her lips before gently touching her nose with his own.

"Cagalli…I've missed you."

She nods and tries to hold back the tears that are threatening to come out. Bringing her hands up to entangle them within his brunette locks she gently massages the bundle of hair as his face starts to sink and slink down her body stopping at her mid section to tickle and breathe slowly whispering breaths along her tummy and kiss gently what he can't help but hope one day, a new life would be born within it and maybe, it would be in some little way, caused by him.

He hesitates a little, knowing, hating, the fact that that can never happen.

"Kira…" she begs and he doesn't need asking or pleading another time around. He continues his pursuit and arrives to his destination; slowly unbuckling her pants he pulls them off smoothly and he can't make out her panty design but he knows it's something plain now, because his Cagalli had become plain without him. They had both lost their personalities when they lost each other and now, now they had to regain everything they lost within this one moment.

Pulling them down and helping her to shrug out of them his eyes glaze over when he sees the part of her that he will soon be merging with, but for now, he delves in-face first, and as his hands reach up for her own and they unite, dependence upon one another and support within that union, his tongue darts inside of her and her wet folds and he starts his pleasure.

Her head falls back and she grips his hand tight, moaning, her hips go up on their own-animalistic nature, and she's wanting him to go as far in as he can and he smiles into her and continues his ministrations while nipping and licking every now and then at the corners. Her wet folds are clutching around his darting tongue and each time she gasps and thrusts he dives in further and further reaching the point where she breaks hold of his hand and places her own needy, clawing fingers on to his head and mop of hair in an act of guidance. Pushing and directing and urging him to fill her in every way possible he concedes with her wishes and licks and tongues and ravishes her insides until-'Kira!'-and with that final push she's over the edge and into him and he pulls back with a serene smile on his face for pleasing her.

The panting is only ceased as he hungrily searches for her lips and she only mildly thinks about the weird taste of herself as her lips make contact with his but all thoughts are far, far away as he's brushing up against her and his length is rock hard and throbbing and asking her, begging her, please, please let me be one with you.

For without you, I am nothing.

For without you, I am twin only half completed.

She nods against his silent inquiry and kisses him in finality to seal the deal, for when in commencement they know they won't be able to think properly as their senses reach their peak and they fight for anything to cling to, to steady themselves.

And then, he's inside her.

An opening of such wonderment fills their bodies and he's stiff for a moment, as is she, as their gazes meet and his grip upon her thigh, upholding it for their union to be even further within one another, grows tighter.

He doesn't know when the tears begin or where they end because, she too, is crying endlessly now.

Not another word goes by as he starts to move, in and out, and there is silence aside from the smacking as one meets another before separating again.

Small sobs come from her end and her hands are not wrapped neatly around his neck, or hip bone, or torso but placed delicately upon her face instead-covering the tears that he can see even if had his eyes closed for he feels them and shares them alongside her regardless.

He always wondered why their connection was so strong and, despite himself, he can't help but attribute it to their twin bond.

They're going slow and only a few seconds have passed and he's losing even more momentum, seeing her cry beneath him. Slowly, he lifts his hand up from her hip and gently caresses her face, still plummeting inside her but directing all his focus on this soft touch.

She looks up at him with watery eyes and leans her cheek into his touch in understanding.

"I love you."

And he knows she does too, possibly even more than the word can justify.

With a burning flame swirling in her lower belly she arches her back and presses her chest to him, fruitfully causing him to groan in acknowledgement that this is there time and nothing is going to ruin it.

Dropping his hand back to its previous position, a tender, ephemeral kiss after, he's livid with lust again.

"Kira…Ki-" he thrusts hard.

Joining together she presses her body smack against his and he pulls away, leaving her sanctuary only a little before opening the doors again and endowing his member with the bask glow of her womanhood.

She's about to climax and so is he, so, when he starts to shudder he tries to hold, just a little bit longer, because she is his twin and he wants to do this together.

Another smack, his hand falling down to her naked round buttock and he pushes her up to meet him halfway and then, the final smack as- "KIRA!"

And she falls back, him falling after and she laughs in disbelief and joviality that this can happen after all that has happened. "Cagalli…Cagalli…" he murmurs and she sighs blissfully, humming a tune she knows not the name of while playing with his hair, fingers becoming ever entangled.

She gives him a moment to rest but as she hears the quiet of the house, the walls watching them and whispering their little secret to one another she remembers there isn't much time and she wants him, needs him, and tonight was the only night until who knows will be the next time-if such a time was fated to exist.

As his face takes comfort in the valley of her breasts, snuggling and blowing hot air teasingly at her nipples, she grins and lowers her head, her teeth nipping at his ear before whispering…

"Take me, Kira. Right here, right…" She gasps as he deftly rises and flips her over. Long, slender, efficient fingers trail down the curve of her back and she looks behind her to see him, kneeling wonderfully naked, touching her soothingly and watching her with such a blend of love she feels compelled to flip right back over and kiss him for an eternity.

But the vixen inside of her takes over and she, like a feline in heat, stretches her body and sticks her rear end out for him to view in all its glory and he, taking the hint, grips the sides and positions himself.

"Oh, Kira…" She pleas and he laughs softly, kissing each cheek only once, and briefly before he straightens again.

"Cagalli…" she's slightly annoyed, she admits mentally, she wants to be taken, brutally yet lovingly-her emotions confused and in an array of wanting so much and everything he can possibly offer and give and here he is, calling out her name and not performing and shit she might as well start it-

Pushing back she impales herself upon his long, already harden member and she moans in gratification and delight and the pure ecstasy of the pain from it all. He chuckles deeply, yet oh ever so innocent like, just like the Kira she knew before all this had happened between them and she doesn't think it possible, but she's falling in love all over again, five-ten times over, and she knows, her heart couldn't possibly ever belong to anyone else.

"Cagalli…you little…" He grunts as he thrusts in again, pulling out just a tip before pushing his own body in, full force. She moves and the bed creaks and she's about to fall down and lose her balance while on all fours but he holds her steady at each side and continues to plow into her, hard strokes in and out, in and out and she yells and yells and she knows she should be quiet but she can't possibly do something as incredulous as that at the moment.

"Kira! Kira!"

Meeting each other, falling in a rhythmic tune, she explodes in orgasmic delight, her body and limbs losing strength and as she begins to fall upon the bed he catches her because he isn't done yet and with a small sobbing protest of fatigue and overwhelming pleasure she's picked up and pressed against him as he continues to bury himself inside her.

In, in, further in-harder, faster and she's whimpering in enjoyment and he's calling out her name gruffly and then finally, he climaxes soon after but he doesn't let go as his body strains to give rest, instead, he's still inside her and now just a little bit slowly and smoothly, he strokes her.


"I love you, Cagalli…"

They fall slowly to the bed and he releases her and leaves her domain and she's panting, out of breath, her hand reaching for him on their own accord and when he grips her she shimmies close to him and rests her head and blotchy face upon his chest and breathes out…

"I love you, Kira. I love you…so…so, unbelievably much."

And he nods because he knew this all along and she didn't have to say it, but why not say it when you have the chance?

You never know when it will be your last.


The soft hue of the sky filled with sunrays highlight the room and surrounding areas and a soft knock on the door awakens the co-ordinator and wearily he looks over to the side of him.

It's to be expected.

She's gone.

For a moment he thinks it a dream but his naked form under the covers prove to negate that possibility and as he covers his form he answers as the second knock calls out. "Come in."

His voice is soft yet throaty, strained. Recalling the numerous times he called out her name, the times he cried, it's to be expected so he tries to mask the problem when Lacus walks in cheerfully and asks him how he is this fine morning.

He nods.


She understands. He catches her soft blush as she eyes his obvious naked form under the covers and when she turns, back to him, he sighs. "The guests cleared out shortly after you left, Kira. I wanted to see what was wrong but thought you might not have wanted to be disturbed. I do trust you slept well?" She inclines her head toward him, her back still facing his and he knows he must speak to acknowledge her words.

"Ye-Yes, I did." He coughs to relieve tension and he sees her shoulders tense slightly.

"Oh my, it seems like you might be coming down with something Kira, why don't you get dressed and I'll make you breakfast, Athrun had stood the night and is down there now…I'm sure you two have a lot of catching up to do." She turns back around to face the tired boy briefly, enough time to bedazzle him with a smile full of ignorance and then she walks away, securely locking the door behind her.

Falling back upon the bed, sighing he brings his hands up to his face to wipe away whatever sleep is left. Getting up, putting on the closest pair of clothes he can find, he has a mind to take a shower but is stopped by a piece of parchment on his desk.

-a note-


By the time you read this, or even possibly before you wake up, you should know I would be gone. This isn't a letter asking for forgiveness or understanding of any kind, for I am sure you are well aware of…the situation we are putting ourselves in.

Let me tell you this now.

I do not regret it. Nor will I ever.

I love you Kira, and I meant it with all my heart but I don't know if we can continue to do this anymore without putting ourselves in…such…incredible despair.

I had to return to my nation and I have to continue to be strong and do the right thing. There are talks of treaties and joining of alliances, there was even a message on the wind that they plan an arranged marriage, for political benefits.

I don't know what your reaction to all of this will be, and I honestly can't say I am hoping for a certain kind…but, you have Lacus, Kira, and she loves you, an un-sinful type of love. Embrace it, while you have it.

As for me? My nation comes first and I will do whatever I can and must to preserve it the way my father had wanted it to be.

There is no one in the world but you for me, Kira.

Just know that and I think I can live.


"Kira! Breakfast is ready! You coming? The kids don't want to eat without you!"

A moment passes before he folds the paper into four squares, tiny enough to fit his pants pocket and then he rises and walks to the door. Looking back only once, he lingers before he smiles.

"Yeah, I'm coming…"


End of Story One.

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