Author's Note: Okay, so here's the dish on this. A few days ago, heronite (many of you may know her as Mizura) published a brilliant NaruSaku manifesto on LJ. I admit, my adoration of the pairing was taking a backseat to my current DeiTobi infatuation, but reading the manifesto made me remember why I am such an avid NaruSaku supporter. So. I asked people to shoot me keywords. All told, I recieved fourteen. XD At Miz's encouragement, I've decided to share the resulting drabbles here. They are quite short, some shorter (or longer), than others, and I'll be posting a new one each day. One particular keyword is being turned into a story (so look out for that soon).

Anyhow, I hope everybody enjoys!


I. Peas

Sakura plunked the plate down in front of him. He saw her smile before he saw what was on the plate, and that alone was enough to make him want to shove it away fast.

He wasn't going to like this. The smile had a slightly sinister edge to it, and he feared that it had something to do with the pair of dirty boxers he'd left on the bathroom floor earlier in the day.

Sakura always paid him back for his little domestic misdemeanors.

"What's wrong, Naruto?" She said sweetly. "Aren't you going to look at what I made for you?"

He could say he had a stomachache, and he was sorry, but he'd have to beg off on dinner tonight, however he knew he wouldn't make it very far before Sakura whalloped him and called him out as a liar (because even when Naruto was sick, he still stuffed his face).

It'd just be safer if he looked.

" Nuh uh. I'm not...Sakura-chan!"

The plate was loaded with vegetables. Naruto didn't really care for vegetables. Especially not the green ones. And...

"Peas? Why did it have to be peas?"

Sakura's smile became a smirk. "This is only the first course," she said, patting his cheek. "Now eat it all up."

Naruto was never changing in the bathroom again.