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Chapter 1.

Karen Walker was sitting in her limo, on her way to her monthly lunch with her husband Stanley. It was a rainy day in New York City. People were rushing by on the sidewalks and the cars hurried to their destinations, black, blue, red, white cars mixed with the yellow cabs and an occasional blue and white police car.

Suddenly Driver had to break and he hit it fast, causing Karen to fall forward, spilling out her entire martini that she held in her hand.

"Hey Driver, watch it or I'll have to make you push the car instead of driving it" she yelled at him.

"I'm sorry mrs Walker" Driver said looking at her in the rearview mirror and touched his hat.

"I gotta fire him" she muttered to herself and poured herself a new martini.

Five minutes later they arrived at the restaurant and Driver stopped the car and Karen got out and went inside. The restaurant was Belthazor which Stan and she used to visit for their lunches.

"Karen, I'm here" Stan greeted her from a table just close to the entrance by the window.

She hurried over to his table, took her coat off, put it on a chair next to her and sat down.

"Stan, we've got to fire Driver" she said after kissing him.
"What has he done now?" Stan said and giggled quietly.

"He hit the breaks so hard that I spilled my martini in the limo. It's gonna take forever for me to get that martini out of the leather and down my throat."

They sat and ate a nice lunch, drank some more and talked. A couple of hours later they went back to their workplaces. Karen went inside her limo and sat down. As Driver pulled out she saw Stanley walking across the street to get into his limo, when all of a sudden she saw a car drive by fast and it hit him. It was like the car had run straight toward a wall or a tree as Stanley was a big, big man. The driver flew out through the front window and out on the street. Stanley was laying on the ground.

"Driver stop!" Karen yelled and flew forward as he hit the breaks fast again.

She hurried out of the limo and to Stanley's side. He was unconscious, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

"Someone, dial 911" she screamed at by-passers.

A few people had stopped to see if they could help and someone made the call.

"Stanley?" Karen said gently and softly caressed his cheek.

The rain was still pouring down, Driver stood over Karen and Stanley with an umbrella to try and keep them as dry as he could. He himself was getting soaked.

"Stanley?" Karen said again, still no response. "Where is the ambulance?" she yelled.

"It will come any second m'am" one of the strangers, who made the call, said.

Soon enough the sirens was heard and the ambulance made its way to a stop next to the small crowd. The paramedics rushed outside and started working on Stanley. They had to be several people to get him into the ambulance, who was considerably leaning back and almost caused a flat tyre on both back tyres.

Karen got inside and sat down next to the guerney, which also had to be strenghtened with a couple of more guerneys underneath it.

At the hospital they got Stanley inside the Emergency room and worked on him. Karen was sitting in the waitingroom, nervously twisting her hands in her lap. There were several other people sitting in the room together with her. For once she paid no attention to them.

"Mrs Walker?"

She looked up and saw a doctor stand in front of her dressed in his green scrubs with some blood on them. She clasped her mouth with her hand.

"Mrs Walker?"

"Yes I'm Karen Walker" she said, shivering in her voice.

"I'm doctor Sam Field" he greeted. "I was one of the doctors who was working on your husband."

She drew a sharp breath as he said "was working".

"Your husband has no internal bleeding or injuries so that is good. His lungs and heart sounds good, and all the tests are fine."

"That's good" she said.

"Yes, but he must have hit his head on the asphalt, because he's got a small swelling of the brain and he's ... he's unconscious mrs Walker" the doctor said.

"Unconscious? When will he wake up?" she asked nervously.

"We don't know mrs Walker" the doctor said honestly. "He could wake up in five minutes, or in five years. There is no way of telling how long he's going to be in a coma."

Suddenly the doctors beeper went off and he looked at it.

"Excuse me, I have to go, but if you have any questions the nurses can answer them. You can go and see your husband for five minutes, the nurse will show you" the doctor said and called a nurse to them.

The doctor took off towards another patient as the nurse took Karen with her to Stanley's room. He had a private room and he was laying in a big bed with a nosemask for oxygen and an iv-needle inserted in his right hand.

"Oh Stanley" Karen said and burst into tears. It had just dawned on her that her husband was seriously injured.

Headinjuries are the kind of injuries that the doctors feared most because they are so unpredictable.


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