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"Huh? Braig, is that you? You look different," Ienzo said, kneeling next to his colleague. It was true that the older male looked unlike he had previously. His once graying-black hair was now a cross between black and blue, tied at the back in a long ponytail. As Braig opened his eyes to look at his younger associate, Ienzo noticed that one of Braig's eyes, his right one, was pale.

"Ienzo," Braig said frankly as he stared up at said boy, "I can't see through one of my eyes. I must have gotten glass into it or something. Funny part is, it doesn't hurt at all."

Ienzo looked at Braig's eye but not knowing anything about blindness could only shrug. "Even will know what happened."

"Aren't you worried about me kid?" Braig asked as he stood up along with Ienzo. "I mean seriously, you could at least show a little concern for your old friend."

"A friend? Hardly. And no I don't care," Ienzo informed Braig with a bored look. "I'm not trying to be rude, but it's the truth. For some reason, I just don't care about your meaningless eye."

"Humph, well thanks a lot kid," Braig said shaking his head at the boy in what one might think was disappointment. "I just lost half of my vision and you don't care one bit. That's real nice. By the way, why do you look so different?"

"Different?" Ienzo echoed and looked at some of the shattered glass on the ground. Staring back at him was his own familiar face, but something different had occurred to his hair. It had grown to completely cover his left eye and was now a light lilac color. "Hmm, it is different. But I think it looks okay."

"Ienzo! Braig! Good, you are both awake! Get over here!" called out the familiar voice of Xehanort. The two turned and saw their head scientist with their colleagues, though all looked a little different. Elaeus no longer had short blonde hair but now short orange-colored hair, along with some new, strong muscles. Even's long brown hair and turned to a dull blonde, and Dilan's hair had grown and was tied into braids but still had the same black color, though he looked quite a deal paler and a bit sickly. Xehanort's hair was still white but was now spiky on the top but long and strait below that. A tan he hadn't had previously was apparent on his once-pale skin.

The two walked over to the aforementioned group without a trace of emotion on their faces. As they neared, Xehanort said, "Now that you are all awake, I suppose I should inform you that when we were sucked into the darkness, which I assume we all were?" Here he paused while the others thought of there just recent experience with the darkness. When all nodded, he continued, "And may I assume that it seemed as if you all died in someway?"

"Yeah," Braig replied as he stepped forward slightly. "I remember quite well, after all, choking on blood isn't something you soon forget. So, how is it that I'm here, alive?"

Xehanort paused a moment before finally admitting, "My friends, I regret to inform you that we are not truly alive. We have become what we have been researching for so long. Beings existing without a heart, doomed to darkness. We are nobodies."

All the others simply stared at him in what might have been shock. No heart? How could that be possible? Ienzo frowned. He most certainly did have a heart. If he didn't, how could he feel emotions? He tried thinking of emotions and feelings he had felt just recently. When Braig revealed his blinded eye, Ienzo had felt…nothing. No, that couldn't be! What about just now when Xehanort had told them all of their lack of hearts? He had felt…shock? No. Surprise? No, he hadn't felt that either. Now that he thought of it, shouldn't he be afraid? Angry? He wasn't sure.

"No hearts? So, what are we to do now Xehanort?" Even asked breaking the long silence. All looked to the lead-scientist expectantly.

"Ansem will be missed," Xehanort stated suddenly. Looks were exchanged throughout the group. What did that have to do with anything at the moment? Xehanort cleared his throat and continued, "I think first we should change our names and find a different place to continue research. If our research becomes advanced enough, than eventually we should be able to find a way to return our hearts. We mustn't give up our studies. It is more important now than ever before. Agreed?"

Muttered responses of agreement ran throughout the group and Xehanort nodded. "Good, I am assuming we're sticking together since we are all in the same unfortunate predicament. Our organization should have specific names." He then lowered his eyes, thinking of possibilities for their names. He looked up with a triumphant look. "To find your new names, you will all rearrange the letters of your names and add an X within it somewhere. Make them creative, something you'll like. Until we get our hearts back, we're stuck with whatever name you all decide on. The less attention we bring to ourselves the better. We don't want anyone else to know of our…predicament. If it is all right with you all, I shall be the leader of our new group, are there any objections?"

No responses came. Everyone there knew how well Xehanort did with leading; it was how their research and experiments kept being pushed forward. Xehanort smiled. "Good, now think up some good names. I'll be seeing if the darkness left anything behind."

And with that, they were left alone to think up new names. Ienzo slid down the wall, with his back against it, to the floor and frowned. He rested his head on his hands. He had to think up a new name, with an X? Xehanort was weird. Let's see… "Nixeoz… Nezixo… Zienxo… Zexino… Zexion…"

"Zexion? I like it," Braig said sitting down next to the younger boy. Ienzo looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"You can't like it, you don't have a heart," Ienzo pointed out. Braig smiled and shook his head.

"Yeah, yeah. I know, but I can pretend right?" Braig asked. He tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Now let's see, what shall I be? There's Graxib…Grabix…Bixgar…Xibgar…Xigbar..."

"They all suck," Ienzo informed Braig. Braig looked at him and smiled as he said, "You sure? I quite like Xigbar. Has a ring to it, no?"

"No," Ienzo told him truthfully. He shrugged and said, "But do what you want. You don't need my permission to pick your name."

"Precisely. Xigbar it is!" Braig said happily, showing another smile to Ienzo. A few feet away from them, Even, Dilan, and Elaeus were talking about the concept of their new names.

"I think Vexen is a fine name," Even argued, sticking up for his decision. It hadn't taken long, but Vexen sounded pretty cool in Even's opinion. Elaeus shook his head.

"Whatever…but I'm going to name myself…" Elaeus trailed off, thinking up something halfway decent. "Exleaus…Selexua…Lexusea… Lexaeus…yeah, I like that, Lexaeus."

"Well, as for me, I've chosen Xaldin," Dilan said in what might have once been proudly. "It's perfect."

"Have you all decided?" Xehanort asked as he came back. He stood there with a paper placed on a clipboard and a pen in his hand. "Please inform me of your new names so that I may now record them. In order of your age please, oldest to youngest. Also, if you would tell me how you passed away in the darkness, it would be most helpful."

Braig, being the oldest among them, stepped forward and said, "Xigbar, died by choking on my blood."

"Xigbar, number two. Element: Space," Xehanort muttered, writing it down on his clipboard paper. It went on like that for what seemed like forever. Dilan was Xaldin, number three. His element was wind. Even was now known as Vexen and he was number four with the element of ice. Elaeus now had the name Lexaeus, was number five, and had the element of earth. Ienzo now bore the name Zexion, number six, with the element of shadows.

"Interesting names, I must say," Xehanort said rereading the list. He cleared his throat and turned away from them. "Now where to set up our new lab? Hallow Bastion is no good…perhaps Twilight Town?"

"Wait a second Xehanort! You didn't tell us your new name," Dilan, now known as Xaldin informed the older man, cutting off his thoughts of the lab. Xehanort smiled and turned back to them.

"Xemnas, I'm sure it won't matter now that Ansem is out of the picture," Xehanort said with a smirk. "Although, if you wish, you may refer to me as the Superior. I have also been thinking about our groups name and came to the conclusion that Organization XIII would be the best."

"Thirteen? But there are only six of us," Braig/Xigbar pointed out as his eye passed over each of them quickly, resting back on their leader, now known as Xemnas. "So why such a high number?"

"Do you really think finding our hearts will be that easy? We'll need more help," Xemnas explained, nodding to himself as he continued. "So I figured that we could add more. Seven seemed a good number; enough people to be useful, but not enough for rebellion if such a thing was thought up."

"But why would they help us? What would they have to gain?" Even, or Vexen, asked as he tapped his chin thoughtfully.

"They'll be searching for their hearts too. You shouldn't worry too much about the details now my friends, everything will become clear in time."

Zexion, formally Ienzo, nodded with a sigh. "Fine, more people to suffer with. That's just great."

"Aw, come on Zexion, be a bit more excited. We'll get our hearts back for sure," Xigbar exclaimed, patting Zexion on the back a few times until he recieved a glare from the boy, then stopped immediantly. "Just smile emo kid."

"I'm not emo," Zexion growled out. "Get the hell away from me."

He turned and walked away, leaving a grumbling Xigbar behind with the other four males. Xigbar turned to Xemnas and asked, "Hey, about those new members, there are going to be some girls right? I've been down her so long I've forgotten what they look like!"

Xemnas sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Yes, yes. Fine, at least one girl."

"Awesome," Xigbar said with a smile. He nodded and said, "Organization XIII, this is going to be great!"

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