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Anko Mitarashi gave a hard sigh. The usually energetic special-jounin was truly bored of the waiting required of her mission. She had been part of a team assigned the task of finding the cause of a recent outbreak of disease in some harbor town on the western coast of the Land of Fire. She had originally been hopeful that this would be something exciting, but it seemed her only charge would be to sit around while medical experts performed some sort of tests on the food, air and water. In her boredom, Anko began to question why shinobi were even needed for a mission like this. She reminded herself of this town's relative proximity to the border with the Land of Sound; in its weakened state there was little defense against an attack. Yes, Anko, could see the Hokage's wisdom, in sending them to such a vulnerable spot, but as she thought about the skilled shinobi all around her, silently biding their time with looks of boredom equal to her own, she began to wonder if this wasn't pushing things just a little too far.

It appeared that the Hokage would have several of her best shinobi sit around here in hopes of preventing an attack that might not happen. Including Anko there were two jounin and four chunin stationed in the town's defense. The chunin she had charge over were fairly familiar to her, an assortment of the elite and more recently promoted: Shikamaru Nara, Kotetsu Hagane, Iruka Umino, and Kiba Inuzuka. Leading this mismatched group along with her, was jounin Kurenai Yuhi, a beautiful genjutsu specialist. It was this kunoichi whom she had spent most of her time in the company of. She was only four years her elder and the only other woman on this mission and was someone Anko regarded as a friend.

"So do you think something interesting will happen this month?" Anko asked sarcastically to the other woman.

"There's no guarantee this will last the whole month, as soon as the medical crew finds any sort of possible cause, we will be able to head home." Kurenai said coolly, though her boredom was evident as well.

"Like Hell! You know just as well as me that as soon as they find out what this thing is, their gonna ask us to stay and 'protect them' until they find a cure." Anko snapped back angrily.

"You don't seem to be taking this all that seriously, Anko, people have died you know." Kurenai said with a bored sigh.

"I know that, but that's not something I can change; me being here won't save one life. The Hokage should have sent a medical squad rather than a ninja team if the only enemy is disease." Anko continued as before.

"Anko, this town has doctors, what it needs in a moment of weakness is defense." Kurenai spoke rationally.

"Yeah, a defense against terminable boredom…" Anko replied jokingly.

"You sound like you want this town to get attacked." Kurenai said with a condescending smile.

"Of course not… it's just, when I was assigned an 'A rank' mission I had assumed I would be doing something dangerous." The younger woman said in an irritated voice.

"Well, disregarding the possibility of an attack by Sound ninja at any time and the prospect of catching some deadly unknown disease I'd have to agree with you about the danger level of this mission." Kurenai retorted, sarcasm now evident in her words.

"Yeah but what are the possibilities of this place actually being attacked? I doubt the Sound ninja even know about this outbreak." Anko said indignantly.

"True, but we can't rule out the possibility, that the Sound ninja may even be responsible for this outbreak, in which case a raid of some sort is almost guaranteed… After the incident in the village last year I wouldn't put anything past someone like that." Kurenai deduced calmly.

"Orochimaru… I guess all we can do is wait and see what happens." Anko seemed to quell her emotions at the thought of the ultimate target of her scorn.

"It seems the medical team has found something, the two of you should come receive the report." A somewhat energetic Iruka called out to the two women before rushing off on his own.

"See, with all your complaining, it was only a matter of time before we got our analysis." Kurenai spoke with a laugh as the two walked toward their fellow shinobi.

"So what's the conclusion?" Anko asked a man dressed in medical gear.

"It's a virus. Origin unknown. It travels through the air and seems inherently drawn to bodies possessing larger amounts of chakra. Though victims are varied. It drains the body of it's energy but it doesn't seem to be fatal to a healthy body. A vaccine is currently being developed and should be completed in a month's time if all goes accordingly. We beseech you to stay on as our protection till then but you all should, refrain from entering the village directly." The medical expert said with a serious professional tone.

"Ha, sounds just like some bio-weapon test. This is a new direction for those sound bastards." Kotetsu said with a hateful smirk.

"Damn Straight. Looks like this'll turn out fun after all." Kiba said with a certain enthusiasm.

"Now Kiba, there is still the possibility this is natural occurrence, or that someone else is to blame. Manipulating a virus requires scientific research, something it is doubtful our enemy possesses." Kurenai replied in a reasonable tone to her student.

"Whatever, this whole thing really is a bother. Makes me wonder why I signed up for such a troublesome mission in the first place." Shikamaru said with his usual lack of enthusiasm.

"So Kurenai, looks like someone was correct in her assumptions." Anko bragged half-heartedly.

"Yeah, looks like you got another month of terminal boredom, just as you predicted." Kureani said with a slight laugh.

"Shut up." Anko said with a deep sigh as the group dispersed back to the campsite they had set up.

Days passed slowly as the ninja group continued to guard a foreign town that they were barred from even entering directly. If it weren't for Kurenai's company Anko figured she would just die from boredom. Much to her surprise on one night of her impatient waiting a new danger would approach.

"So are you and Asuma still at it?" Anko asked out of nowhere, being forced to turn to personal questions, now to consume her time.

"Oh… I suppose it's off and on, although for the most part it's off at the moment. How about you, I don't see you out with guys all that often." Kurenai said with a slightly embarrassed laugh.

"Well, I've never found anything that lasts. I guess I'm just too much for them to handle." Anko replied with a smile.

"That seems about right. I doubt there's anyone out there who could handle the full force of your personality…" Kurenai said coolly, slightly under her breath.

"That's not nice; you make it sound like no one likes me." Anko laughed.

"I like you." Kurenai replied half-mockingly.

"Somehow, I don't think that counts for much." Anko said with a sigh.

"Not to change the subject from your lack of a love life, but I've been giving this virus some serious thought and I'm kind of concerned." Kurenai said in a new more serious tone.

"What, you think there's backing to the thought that it's Orochimaru's new weapon." Anko said slightly disappointed at the new tone.

"I'd say there's a good chance that it's manmade. It doesn't seem to fit their profile, not now. They suffered extensive losses in the invasion attempt a year ago as well, it's unlikely they would commit a crime that would lead to full on war so readily. Besides, medical research requires both facilities and experts. Our spies would have noticed large scale facilities being constructed, and according our data on the enemy, only a few people of sufficient medical knowledge claim loyalty to Orochimaru." Kurenai speculated.

"Then this is an isolated occurrence, caused by someone working independently. That's a pretty solid deduction." Anko responded casually, feeling kind of stupid.

"Exactly. In which case we just need to locate this perpetrator to complete our mission." Kurenai said in a somewhat determined manner.

"No need, I'll save you the trouble, Miss Yuhi." An unfamiliar voice called out to her, at it's sound the full group began to assemble quickly.

"Who are you!" Anko yelled at the direction of the sound, soon three figures appeared at the night skies edge.

"Ahh, Miss Anko Mitarashi, allow me to introduce myself, I am called Kaizo Karyuudomi, and these are my lovely assistants, Musouka Seijo and Reimei Bouyaku." A strange man spoke these words, he was short and thin, with white-blonde hair, gray eyes and a sad smile. He wore a black robe and looked to be about thirty years of age. He was flanked on either side by a young woman. The first designated as Musouka, looked about twelve, she had brown hair, cut short, her eyes had a red glow to them, and she was similarly dressed to the man. The other girl was a few years older and dressed similarly, except her hair was a vibrant purple that matched her eyes. All three figures wore Sound ninja headbands.

"How do you know our names?" An excited Kiba Inuzuka called fiercely, his loyal dog Akamaru barking equally as fiercely by his side.

"Well, Chunin Kiba Inuzuka, my cohort, Mr. Yakushi, is adept at gathering information, I just happen to be quite skilled at remembering it." The man named Kaizo spoke in a tone that mixed bitterness, intelligence, and insanity.

"So you do work for Orochimaru." Anko snapped angrily.

"Well yes, I suppose in technicality, I do, but lately I've found it more enjoyable to keep to myself. With his record of failure, Orochimaru's attention has shifted from his shinobi village and his war, onto bending that child to be his vessel. It's more fitting someone of my caliber to engage in his work regardless of orders." The Sound ninja continued in his disturbed tone, the children next to him staring forward motionless.

"What do you get out of this? What are you planning?" An aggravated Iruka asked.

"Well I suppose the reason I do what I do is, I'm a homicidal maniac." He replied unassumingly.

"Well at least this guy's honest." Shikamaru said with a sigh.

"You see I wish to see mankind die. The obliteration of this pathetic race is something I feel I must accomplish, so I've ran my little test here, to see what I can do. The level to which I can control my fellow man's thought patterns, drain him of his strength, cause his death. I f my tests go accordingly I might end up not needing Orochimaru to bring about the level of death I desire." Kaizo's words seemed to alter his speech to a crazed rant.

"You bastard, that's not something we're just going to sit back and allow!" Anko called angrily.

"That's why I'm here, Miss Mitarashi, Your presence here disturbs my research. I feel you all must be eliminated if I am to have my way with this sample." The psychopath said with a twisted smile as the two creepy girls moved forward glaringly.

"In that case let's see what you can do." Anko called fiercely assuming a battle stance, unsure of who her opponent would be.

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