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Reimei Bouyaku's heated battle against the Konoha chunin had maintained its ferocity. Her three shinobi opponents had all suffered extensive burns in the wake of her powerful explosions and she doubted they would last much longer. Shikamaru Nara also doubted this bout would go much further. This child was brash and unyielding; they had yet to lay a physical blow on her frame. It was obvious that her body had been altered to reaccept the exploded chakra, but it seemed that it was not without cost, as portions of her body, visible though her all but lack of clothing now appeared raw and damaged. Her instability was her weakness, and with time she would make herself vulnerable.

"It's starting to hurt again. Master why is it starting to hurt again." Reimei started with a angry hate filled cry, though she knew her master was preoccupied.

"He doesn't care about you. You are a tool, something disposable." Kotetsu said coolly.

"No, Master has use for me. He can't carry out his plan if I don't keep you three busy. I'm supposed to use my full power to destroy you… but when I do that it hurts." Reimei cried on having lost her usual enthusiasm.

"You really are weak. You beat us good last time, but being able to endure is a big part of being a shinobi." Kiba added fiercely.

"Shut up! I can still win… I'll show you!" Reimei charged forward destructively, jumping the Inuzuka child in a hold and charging her explosion in his direction. With a fierce jolt his loyal dog charged to his aid, forcing his master free by taking a vicious bite at the girl's stomach, but enduring the greater part of the blast.

"Akamaru! Dammit! You'll pay for that." Kiba rushed to the side of the injured dog.

The purple haired girl moved swiftly and silently to her next target, pulling off some desperate acrobatics in order to lad a glancing blow at Kotetsu's arm thought taking some collateral damage herself. Now, Shikamru decided to make his move landing his opponent suddenly in his trademark jutsu.

"This again, you can try all you want but you won't escape unharmed." Reimei yelled angrily through signs of pain.

"This time neither will you…" Shikamaru replied simply as his opponent took on her usual purple aura. Timing it just right Shikamru released his hold in just enough time to avoid the explosion being lethal yet the damage would prove to prohibit any more immediate movement.

As the smoke cleared, Reimei clenched her body in pain, much of the skin of her fragile frame was charred and burnt. She fell to her knees and coughed up a great deal of blood before attempting speech.

"Why does it hurt so much?" Reimei cried helplessly.

"The second you let us damage you, was the second your defense fell apart. You're technique left your skin increasingly irritated, so it was safe to assume that you would have little protection in areas that had already been physically damaged. I just had to wait till you had suffered enough damage, and then just wait till you did yourself in." Shikamaru, wounded but still conscious managed to say with a stagger.

"No I can't lose." Reimei Bouyaku cried out childishly before suffering a finishing blow at the end of Kiba's blade.

Shikamaru managed to straddle himself against a tree and offered to watch the equally injured Akamaru, while his more healthy comrades raced to the aid of their jounin comrades. Anko was currently facing down the evil mastermind. Kaizo Karyuudomi had a look of total rage and hatred now as he tried to spread his poison via some clearly coated senbon. Anko used her agility and skill to avoid all incoming attacks, while her and Kurenai made their own attempts to find a hit. It soon was obvious to the evil man that he would need to unleash his full power.

"Now it is time you die." Kaizo called before allowing his curse seal to open, once more distorting his form in dark markings.

"So you finally decided to show us your full power. I've been waiting for this." Anko said with an eager laugh before unleashing a large snake upon the newly empowered Kaizo.

Kaizo slew the animal quite readily before it had reached his flesh, but Kurenai had used the opportunity to make an attack from behind with a painful stab to the detestable man. Despite the incredible power associated with the curse seal, he seemed to have little chance of defeating two skilled jounin at once, and as the chunin made their way onto the scene, his odds of winning seemed even less likely.

"We took care of ours' so now we can help you with this guy, Sensei." Kiba called fiercely.

"Be on your guard Kiba, he's got a curse seal, which means he isn't an easy foe." Kurenai instructed.

"I've fought guys like that before. I'm not scared." Kiba responded simply.

"Ha, so now we got you there's no where for you to hide now that you have four opponents." Anko boasted enthusiastically.

"So Reimei is dead as well. I'm cornered and trapped, and facing death. But I will not lose. I cannot lose. I have something stored away just for that. You see this drug this will give me the power I need to defeat you." Kaizo's speech was the clear rant of a madman, as he took a small vial from his waist.

"Nothing can save you now. Don't you see you're through." Kotetsu said with a slight smile.

"No! I will not lose. It's imperfect. It's liable to drive me insane! No even kill me! But with this my curse seal can achieve power maybe even beyond what Orochimaru is capable of." With that Kaizo Karyuudomi ingested the liquid in the vial.

Rapidly his body began to change. He became even thinner and shorter than he already was, shriveling to a point where his skeleton was clearly visible. His blonde hair grew several lengths, each more disturbingly pale than the last. His skin turned an off, harsh red-brown, while his hands grew several sizes, his fingernails becoming as talons that seemed to drip poison. The entirety of his eyes now glowing with the illuminated color of blood, Kaizo Karyuudomi had become a monster.

"Watch out. This looks bad. We don't know what this thing is capable of." Anko called out trying not to lose her cool.

"DIEEEEEEEEE" Kaizo gave an inhuman shriek that seemed to echo many times before reaching the group's ears. He drew forth an encased bubble of green liquid from his hands. He whirled around a few times shrieking at high pitch before dislodging the orb in Kotetsu's direction. The chunin dodged the attack swiftly but was splashed with some of the toxin as the bubble burst against a tree. The group watched in horror as the tree immediately rotted and died, whilst their effected companion fell to the ground paralyzed by unconsciousness.

"Kiba you get him out of here. We'll take care of this." Kurenai ordered fiercely.

"B-but you saw that, if you so much as get touched by enough of that stuff you're as good as dead." Kiba said in panic.

"I know, but don't worry. I-, no we, are not about to die. It may look bad, but I have faith in a certain promise I made, and I'm not about to back down for anything." Kurenai said without flinching, the hideous monster before her leaving no shadow of fear in her words.

"Right." Kiba said reluctantly as he carried his comrade and himself to safety.

"God, I wish I was as confident about this as you were, Kurenai." Anko said shaking her head in distraught.

"While seeing as how you're the source of my confidence, I see no reason to worry." Kurenai remarked coolly.

"This really isn't the time for sarcastic remarks..." Anko responded harshly.

"No I'm serious. I trust you. I love you. As long as you're beside me I see no reason to be afraid." Kurenai spoke devotedly.

"Yeah… We can still do this." Anko said as she recovered her vigor.

Kaizo gave them no more time for discussion as he charged forth bearing his claws at the younger woman. Anko struggled successfully to avoid direct contact with the poison coated talons, yet watched as the fabric of her coat would disintegrate immediately with even the slightest contact. From a range, Kurenai threw a volley of shuriken at the monster who responded by dislodging a blast of poison from his throat that ate away at the metal blades until there was nothing left. Kaizo proceeded to lash out another wave of his venom, this time in the form of short spurts. Anko avoided most of them and burnt the others off with a well-timed fire jutsu. Anko followed that by summoning a large snake, which immediately lept forward, rapping itself up the monster's arm biting him hard at the neck. Kaizo bared his evil smile as the two women watched the snake hiss and writhe about before falling to the ground dead. Kurenai took the opportunity to make a few more long-range attempts to damage him, all of which had the same results.

"Dammit! If only I could activate this seal again… Then I could protect you." Anko called out in frustration.

"Even if you could, I doubt it would do much good. That seal doesn't give you any real extra protection, if it did become active you'd just charge in without thinking and die. Besides we have him outnumbered, if we keep at it it's just a matter of time before we've won this." Kurenai explained reasonably.

"No you can say that, but do we really stand a chance against this guy. Maybe we should just get away…"Anko said in a depressed manner.

"Go ahead if you want to. I'm going to stay here and fight. I'm not going to let anyone die by this thing's hands." Kurenai said strongly.

"You really do have a way of forcing me to do stupid things. I guess I have no choice now." Anko said forcing a smile, unsure of her next move.

Kaizo gave another hard shriek as he charged Kurenai fiercly. He made several swipes at the woman as she evaded with quick back steps. Anko jumped forward slashing at the monster from the back with a kunai, taking care not to let the poisonous blood of the monster to reach her. Kaizo gave a furious howl as he averted his attention to Anko, pushing her back further and further. Kurenai fired a kunai with deadly aim, forcing the beast to avert his attention momentarily before returning his attention to the one who wounded him, slowly cornering Anko against a tree. Kurenai watched from afar, as Kaizo's claws ripped through the illusion of Anko she had created. Satisfied at the distorted death-form at his feet, Kaizo turned to his other opponent but was despaired to find nothing.

"You looking for me… I'm sorry but it seems you lose after all." Kurenai spoke as the lifeless body at the ground warped into her own.

She grabbed at the legs of the monster holding them hard with all her strength. Suddenly from the shadows Anko, emerged from behind the beast. At full speed, she charged forth with a jump before forcing a kunai through Kaizo's eye, pushing it hard until she heard the sound of his skull shattering. She flipped back in an attempt to avoid the ensuing torrent of blood, before turning to her lover with a smile. The two watched as Kaizo Karyuudomi died painfully, blood rushing from his wound.

"Even touching his skin, seems to have made my hands numb." Kurenai said with a sigh.

"And my gloves aren't going to be much use anymore." Anko added as she removed and threw the blood soaked gloves to the ground watching as they disintegrated in the process.

"It seems we really did make it out of there all right… And I was certain at least one of us would die…" Kurenai spoke smugly.

"But didn't you just say that you trusted we'd be okay and that we had no reason to be afraid." Anko said with an irritated smirk.

"Well yeah, but if I hadn't said that you never would have been motivated to fight your best." Kurenai laughed.

"You're crazy… you know that… But I am glad we're both safe." Anko replied softly.

"I'm just surprised you managed to get so in synch with my strategies without a word, not once but twice today. Maybe it is true love." Kurenai said with a mocking smile.

"It wasn't hard to tell. Just now I figured you had something like that up you're sleave since it worked so well before, I just needed to wait until you gave me the right signals. And well… the first time… when I kissed you, I knew you had returned to yourself, and from the way you reacted, I just sorta knew what you were planning." Anko explained with a smug look.

"Yes, but I never would have imagined you'd actually stab me. I mean you must have been pretty sure of yourself." Kurenai sighed once more.

"Something like that, I guess…" Anko nodded slightly.

"In that case let's go regroup with the others." Kurenai said softly as the two left to join their injured comrades.

"Kiba, we've gotten that taken care of. Is everyone holding out okay." Kurenai started unassumingly as she looked around at the huddled figures about, Kotetsu was still unconscious, Shikamaru had fallen asleep, and the injured dog, Akamrau, now panted softly at Kiba's side.

"We should take everyone into the village for treatment immediately. The villagers will be happy to hear they're in no more danger as well. Then we'll finally be out of here." Anko added excitedly.

"Well damn. I was certain you'd both be dead by now, and that I'd be next after that." Kiba looked surprised as he spoke.

"Don't you know better than to doubt me, Kiba?" Kurenai added proudly.

"Well… yeah… but that looked hopeless to me. I can't see how you were able to win that one." Kiba responded disjointedly.

"Well, you see, the power of love can crush any evil." Kurenai exclaimed sarcastically.

"Wait love… but there's no… unless… but that's… her… you're not… or maybe… but when did you… I-I don't…" Kiba failed to make a coherent response.

"Well you see Kiba, sometimes we have to make adult decision on who we let into our lives, and I think I made a good one." Kurenai said in a deeply patronizing voice at Kiba's blank look.

"I on the other hand am still up in the air on this one." Anko replied with a deep irritated sigh.

"Oh come on, you know you love me." Kurenai responded cheerfully as she gave Anko a slight kiss on her cheek. Kiba, still unable to speak, turned from the scene in embarrassment.

"I guess you're right. I don't think there's any other explanation." Anko said before going in for another kiss, this time a passionate one on the lips. For there was really no other explanation for her strength this time. It wasn't any latent power or skill that allowed her to savor the sweet kiss of this woman she loved, but simply the strength of that love.

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