After about Fifteen minutes of talking and walking, Brock, Tracy, and Pikachu made it to Ash's house. They couldn't wait to tell everyone the news and show them Tracy's sketches. As they opened the door, everyone was waiting for them in the kitchen. ''Pipipi!'', Piakchu said as he ran towards Togepi. ''Pikapi chu Pikachupi, Pikachupi chu Pikapi!'', He said when he reached her. Togepi then chirped in happiness. ''What did Pikachu tell Togepi to get her so excited?'', Delia asked. ''Well I'm not sure, but I bet it has something to do with this!'', Tracy said holding his sketches. As Tracy and Brock showed them the sketches, They became surprised at what they saw. Most of the pictures Tracy made were of the Water Pokemon, but two of them stood out, these were the ones with Ash and Misty. One was the one he made when they first got to the beach, Ash and Misty playing on the beach, ( with Water Pokemon around them ). But the next one shocked them the most. This was the one with Ash and Misty's first kiss. Delia sniffled after seeing them.

''Oh my Ashy's growing up and in love with his best friend!'', Delia asid joyfully. Gary then quietly snickered at this remark. Pikachu then threatened the defenseless Gary, ( who left his Pokeon at Prof. Oak's lab ), so he stopped. Prof.Oak, ( though happy for Ash and Misty ), was amazed at the other pictures.''My what wonderful pictures! I'll have to see these Water Pokemon later, I forgot about them coming here every year'', Prof.Oak said. Just then, Ash and Misty walked through the kitchen door, ( where Brock, Tracy, and Pikachu came through ). Everyone then looked at them in a happy, proud way. Delia then hugged the surprised couple. ''Oh I'm so proud of you two getting together, oh I'm going to be a grandmother!'', Delia said. Ash and Misty, ( who were alittle embarrased at the grandmother part ), were wondering how they found out.

''WHAT!? How did you guys find out!?'', Ash asked in a surprised yell. ''So much for keeping it a secret, or a surprise for that matter'', Misty said sighing. ''Brock and Tracy showed us these'', Gary said showing them the sketches.Brock and Tracy then tried to sneak out the kitchen door when... ''BROCK, TRACY!'', Ash yelled. Misty then continued it. ''YOU TWO WERE SPYING ON US!?'', Misty asked yelling and holding her mallet. Brock and Tracy then ran out of the house, Ash and Misty following. After alot of noise, Ash and Misty came back in, Misty holding her mallet. "They won't be up for awhile!'', Misty said triumphantly. Ash mearly laughed.

Misty then picked up the two sketches and looked at them.''You know, these sketches are really beautiful'', Misty said. She then gave them to Ash to look at. ''Wow, even though I'd have preferred to be alone with Misty there, I'm glad Tracy made these'', Ash said. ''So when did you plan on telling us?'', Delia asked. ''I wanted to keep it a secret, but Misty sugested having it a surprise, so we were going to surprise you before we left'', Ash said. ''Leave, were are you going now?'', Delia asked. ''Well, we were going to go to Cerulean City to tell Misty's sisters personaly, but don't worry, we'll be back in less than a week'', Ash said now holding hands with Misty. ''OK, oh I'm still so happy! What do you plan on naming your children?'', Delia asked knowing that Ash and Misty didn't want to talk abou it.

Soon Tracy and Brock came in with lumps on their heads. Everyone then entered the living room to talk, except Ash, Misty, Pikachu, and Togepi. ''Well now that everyone knows, what do we do now?'', Misty asked holding Togepi. Togepi then chirped. ''Togi, Togi, Pprriii!'', Togepi said cheerfully. Misty then blushed perfushly. ''What did she say?'', Ash asked.''Oh...nothing!'', Misty said obviously trying to hide something. ''That was not nothing! You better tell me what Togepi said!'', Ash said slightly annoyed. Misty then toyed with him more. ''Or what!?'', Misty asked playfully. ''Well let's just say I have ways of making you talk!'', Ash said. He then grabbed Misty and started ticklig her. Misty, ( who is very ticklish ), fell to the floor with laughter. ''Hahah, Ash! hahhaah, stop aahhah it!'', Misty said while laughing uncontrolibley. Ash of course didn't. He tickled her for awhile longer until she cracked. ''OK, I'll tell!'', Misty finally said.

'Well, what did Togepi say?'', Ash asked letting Misty breath. Misty then blushed again and started poking her two fingers together. ''Well, Togepi said...Mommy and Daddy should get married'', Misty said blushing even more than when Togepi talked. Ash then blushed alot too, but then talked. ''Well I've never been one not to listen to a Pokemon and I don't plan on stopping now'', Ash said lovingly. Misty then looked at him, with nothing but joy in her face. ''Ash! Do you mean!?'', Misty asked excitedly. ''Yes, Misty Waterflower, will you marry me...when we're old enough?'', Ash asked kneeling on one knee. Misty then cried out happily. ''Yes I will...when we're old enough'', Misty said. Ash then got and took Misty into his arms. They then met in yet anouther passionet kiss. Pikachu and Togepi mearly watched in happiness. But now it was time to tell everyone.

Ash and Misty, ( with their Pokemon in their arms ), then walked into the living room. ''Well it took you guys long enough!'', Brock said joyfully. It was aparant that Brock and Tracy had healed from their beating earlier. Though for some weird reason, Brock seemed rather happy, as though as he just found out something that he planned on happening for a long time now. Ash and Misty took notice to this and wondered, he had known that they have been a couple for at least a hour or so now so the excitement from that has sure to have died down since then, yet he still seemed happy. They wondered for a moment and thought of a solution, did he happen to hear the proposal earlier? It seems odd that he wouldn't have blurted it out had he did, so this confused them, but they shook it off to tell everyone the news.

''OK guys, since you are the closest family we've got, I feel that you should be the first to find out'', Ash said blushing. Everyone then looked at them confused and curious. ''Well, even though our relationship just started, some people, or should I say Pokemon, ( as Ash and Misty held up Pikachu and Togepi ), believe that...well...'', Misty said to shy to continue the rest. ''Yeah, well, out with it'', Brock said encouraging them to continue, as though as he wanted everyone else to hear. ''Well... ( Ash then held Misty's hand ), were getting married!'', Ash said happily. At this, everyone was in total shock, ( except Gary, who fell over laughing and Brock, who seemed shocked, but mostly from suspense ). ''You two can't get married!'', Tracy said shocked. ''You two are too young to do that!'', he continued. Most everyone nodded, ( except Brock and Gary, I think you know why ).

''I said we were, I didn't say we were now'', Ash said correcting himself. Tracy then acknowledged this and smiled for the to be couple. Prof.Oak just sat there, not moving an inch with his mouth open slightly wide in shock. Gary was still laughing on the ground, and Tracy was still thinking of this new couple. Finally, Delia spoke up. ''Oh my Ashy's getting married! Oh I can't wait till you grow up now!'', Delia said. Ash and Misty blushed. Delia thn thought of something. ''Oh my, you two will need something!'', she said. She then pulled off her wedding ring and gave it to Misty. "Your wedding ring!? Mrs.Ketchum, I can't take this!'', Misty said sincerely. ''Oh don't worry, you need it more than I do'', Delia said. She then pulled off anouther ring, this one on her other hand. ''Here Ash'', she said handing it to her son.

''Wait, isn't this...'', Ash said. Delia simply ''Your father's wedding ring. Ever since he died, I never took it off, untill need it now'', Delia said sincerely. Ash mearly nodded and hugged her. ''Thanks mom'', Ash said. Everyone just looked at them happily, ( even Gary, who finally stopped laughing ), while Ash and Misty put on their new wedding rings and took each other hand in hand. Brock then seemed sad and pouted when everyone noticed. ''Ohhh, the younger kids get together and married on the same day before I even get a girl!'', brock said. Everyone laughed. Just then, their was a knock at the front door. Delia opened the door when smoke filled the whole room.

''What the!?'', Ash yelled when evil laughing began to be heard. ''Oh great!'', he continued sarcastically. Team Rocket then could be seen through the smoke. As the smoke cleared, Jessie, James, and Meowth tried to do their motto, when everyone stopped them. Everyone then went into defense when Team Rocket reached for their Pokeballs, but suddenly stopped. They saw Ash and Misty's hands and rings. ''Wait a minute! Twerps hand in hand with wedding rings...'', Jessie said stopping to think. ''YOU TWO ARE MARRIED!?'', James yelled in shock. ''Jeez, it's been two hours and your already married! What happened in two hours for all dis to happin!?'', Meowth asked. Gary and Tracy sort of snickered at this.

Ash and Misty then looked at each other and blushed. So Team Rocket, ( promising not to cause anymore trouble...for the moment ), sat and listened to the story. Jessie and James, after hearing the story, had a tear in their eyes, with the old glassy anime eye look. ''That was so romantic!'', James said sniffling. ''Talk about a happy ending!'', Jessie said just as sad. They then looked at Tracy's sketches and cried even more. Meowth then looked at these and shrugged. ''Eh, who'd a thunk it?'', Meowth asked in his usual way. Everyone then sweatdropped. ''Well now dat that'ssettled with!'', Meowth continued as they ran, grabbed Pikachu, then ran out the door. But before anyone could chase them, they heard Pikachu yell, an explosion, and ''Looks like Team Rockets blasting off again!''. Moments later, Pikachu walked through the door, holding a bouquet of flowers. Misty picked up the flowers as Ash read the card that was attached to it.

''TO THE NEWLY WEDS, SINCERELY, TEAM ROCKET'', Ash read aloud. ''Well that was nice of them'', Brock said. Ash then continued reading the card. ''P.S- THIS IS NOT NICE OF US!'', Ash finished. Everyonr then laughed. Delia then took the bouquet and put it in a vass. After about 4 hours, it was late and Gary, Tracy, and Prof.Oak left to return to the lab. Delia went to bed as well, so it was just Ash, Misty, and Brock, ( and their Pokemon as well ). ''So you guys heading off tomorrow?'', Brock asked. They nodded. Ash then remembered something. ''Hey Brock, when we told everyone about our engagement, you seemed... I don't know, like you already knew, did you?'', Ash asked Brock. Brock then smirked and answered. ''Yes I did. You see, I was going to go into the kitchen to get you guys so that we all could talk, but then I heard you guys talking about a secret and Togepi, so I listened. I then heard laughing so I figured you guys were fooling around, so I peeked in and I saw you guys on the floor. Then I over heard your conversation from when Misty told you about what Togepi said, so I already knew your surprise'', Brock answered in great detail.

''You realize that you'll have to come with us'', Ash said. Brock the looked at him confused. ''The journey wouldn't be the same without you! And besides, I'm sure you'd love to see my sisters again'', Misty said sarcastically as Brock blushed. ''Well I guess I'm in charge of watching you two!'', Brock said. Ash and Misty then got the joke and hit Brock with a pillow as a reply.

The next morning, they woke up, said their goodbyes, and headed off towards Cerulean City. Ash and Misty hand in hand again, with their wedding rings on. They then thought of their future...together. hat was untill they spotted Team Rocket stealing some Pokemon from the Pokemon Center. So as usual, Ash, ( and Misty ), took care of Team Rocket, thanking them for the bouquet before they did, while Brock flirted with the Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny who tried to help stop Team Rocket. It was obviously going to be a long wait before marriage, but they could wait, for they couldn't be happier...not even the slightest. Things were certainly going to be different now.