Note: When reading this, focus on the first episode.

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This is purely for humor and fun.

Um...What Does That Mean Again?

Heero was confused. Heero didn't like being confused.

He tried again, his voice cold, but with the barest hint of uncertainty. "So… tell me what it means again."

Quatre bit his bottom lip and looked at the other boy sideways. He sensed his usually bright friend was having trouble with this concept, so he spoke slowly. "Omae o korosu. It means 'I will kill you.'"

Heero seemed worried. "You... you sure about that?"

Quatre nodded carefully. "Yes…. I'm sure."



The boy looked up, almost nervously. This must really be getting to him, Quatre thought; I've never seen him nervous before. "Um… how much Japanese do you know?"

The once perfect soldier shuffled his feet.

"Um… some…"

"How much is some?"

"A…..aaaaaaaaaaa…..… little."

Quatre held back long, deep sigh he was dying to get out. He looked at his friend crossly, like he was child. Surprisingly, that's exactly what Heero did look like at the moment. "Heero. Is 'Omae o korosu' the only thing you know in Japanese?"

There was a long silence, and then finally, a petulant little, "…maybe."

Quatre let the sigh out. It was long, and told of much suffering on his behalf. It was a sigh that said, 'kill me now, please.' "Heero, can you tell me what you THOUGHT it meant?"

The blond boy heard not a word. He frowned, curiosity, annoyance, and a little pity influencing his expression. "Heero, what did you think it meant?"

Heero closed his eyes, muttered what might have been a prayer but was probably a curse, and said really fast, "IthoughtitmeantIthinkyou'recute."

"What? You thought it meant something about truth?"

Heero groaned, and looked up at the sky. If Quatre didn't believe it a completely impossible reaction, he would have sworn there was red on Heero's cheeks. The boy looked ready to melt into the carpet. "You're cute."

Quatre choked on his soda, and start hacking.

Heero's eyes widened. He wasn't having a good day. And he really didn't want to top it off by accidentally killing Quatre. "…Quatre?"

The blond pilot grabbed at his throat, leaned over, and took gasping breaths. When he finally stopped and looked up again, his aqua eyes looked a little blurry. His voice cracked slightly, and he gasped out, "You thought it meant 'You're cute'?!"

There was that red again… yep, he was blushing. Quatre sat up, leaned back, took another deep breath, and started to laugh. "Who--who god's name...HA!..told you--it meant--'you're cute'?"


"Dr. J."

"I had no idea," he blurted between hysterical laughter, "that old psycho had such a horrible sense of humor."

Heero frowned. "Stop laughing."

Quatre looked at the boy's face, but that sent him into another fit of giggles.

"Stop LAUGHING Quatre!"


"It's not funny!"

"Oh yes it is," he gasped.

"This is embarrassing!"

"No," Quatre burbled, "this is RICH." He suddenly stopped laughing. He turned one wide eyeball to Heero Yuy. "Hey… does Relena speak Japanese?"

"How should I know?" Heero snapped. Quatre's grin reminded Heero creepily of Duo's.

"Poor thing. No wonder she was always so confused."